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Lee, Young-suk (이영석)
조교수, Department of Bio and Brain Engineering(바이오및뇌공학과)
Research Area
Bioinformatics, Functional genomics, RNA biology
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    RNA demethylation by FTO stabilizes the FOXJ1 mRNA for proper motile ciliogenesis

    Kim, Hyunjoon; Lee, Young-sukresearcher; Kim, Seok-Min; et al, DEVELOPMENTAL CELL, v.56, no.8, pp.1118 - +, 2021-04

    Noncanonical immune response to the inhibition of DNA methylation by Staufen1 via stabilization of endogenous retrovirus RNAs

    Ku, Yongsuk; Park, Joo-Hwan; Cho, Ryeongeun; et al, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.118, no.13, pp.e2016289118, 2021-03

    Viral hijacking of the TENT4-ZCCHC14 complex protects viral RNAs via mixed tailing

    Kim, Dongwan; Lee, Young-sukresearcher; Jung, Soo-Jin; et al, NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, v.27, no.6, pp.581 - +, 2020-06

    MS1-Level Proteome Quantification Platform Allowing Maximally Increased Multiplexity for SILAC and In Vitro Chemical Labeling

    Choi, Yeon; Jeong, Kyowon; Shin, Sanghee; et al, ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, v.92, no.7, pp.4980 - 4989, 2020-04

    Molecular Basis for the Single-Nucleotide Precision of Primary microRNA Processing

    Kwon, S. Chul; Baek, S. Chan; Choi, Yeon-Gil; et al, MOLECULAR CELL, v.73, no.3, pp.505 - +, 2019-02

    A Computational Framework for Genome-wide Characterization of the Human Disease Landscape

    Lee, Young-sukresearcher; Krishnan, Arjun; Oughtred, Rose; et al, CELL SYSTEMS, v.8, no.2, pp.152 - +, 2019-02

    Interpretation of an individual functional genomics experiment guided by massive public data

    Lee, Young-sukresearcher; Wong, Aaron K.; Tadych, Alicja; et al, NATURE METHODS, v.15, no.12, pp.1049 - +, 2018-12

    Mixed tailing by TENT4A and TENT4B shields mRNA from rapid deadenylation

    Lim, Jaechul; Kim, Dongwan; Lee, Young-sukresearcher; et al, SCIENCE, v.361, no.6403, pp.701 - +, 2018-08

    IFN gamma-Dependent Tissue-Immune Homeostasis Is Co-opted in the Tumor Microenvironment

    Nirschl, Christopher J.; Suarez-Farinas, Mayte; Izar, Benjamin; et al, CELL, v.170, no.1, pp.127 - +, 2017-06

    Tissue-aware data integration approach for the inference of pathway interactions in metazoan organisms

    Park, Christopher Y.; Krishnan, Arjun; Zhu, Qian; et al, BIOINFORMATICS, v.31, no.7, pp.1093 - 1101, 2015-04

    Ontology-aware classification of tissue and cell-type signals in gene expression profiles across platforms and technologies

    Lee, Young-sukresearcher; Krishnan, Arjun; Zhu, Qian; et al, BIOINFORMATICS, v.29, no.23, pp.3036 - 3044, 2013-12

    Defining cell-type specificity at the transcriptional level in human disease

    Ju, Wenjun; Greene, Casey S.; Eichinger, Felix; et al, GENOME RESEARCH, v.23, no.11, pp.1862 - 1873, 2013-11

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