To open, share, and disseminate research outputs

KAIST Institutional Repository Open Access Policy

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) aims to foster advanced scientific and technological talent, and conduct basic and applied research for medium to long-term research and development in accordance with national policies, as well as cultivation of national science and technology capabilities. In addition, KAIST provides research support for other research institutes and industries, promotes technology transfer and commercialization, and supports start-ups.
KAIST’s research outputs refer to publications such as journal articles authored by KAIST members. The more widely these achievements are utilized as public assets for scientific and technological development, the higher their value becomes.
KAIST Library adopts the following institutional repository open access policy, supporting the value of open access to open, share, and disseminate research outputs.

  1. 1KAIST Library collects KAIST’s research outputs through institutional repository operation and provides public access to copyright-permitted full texts worldwide
  2. 2KAIST Library endeavors to ensure fair use of KAIST's research outputs, which are made openly accessible through the institutional repository, in accordance with copyright usage permissions.
  3. 3Research outputs published after the approval of this policy shall be subject to this policy, and materials that have not obtained copyright permissions for public release shall be exempted. However, research outputs prior to the policy approval may also be made openly accessible if copyright restrictions have been lifted.
  4. 4Detailed matters regarding open access not specified in this policy shall be governed by the “Guidelines for KAIST Institutional Repository Operation.”
August 2023

Vice President of Information Service for Knowledge and Culture,
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

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