Delay guaranteed bandwidth-efficient multicast routing in wireless multi-hop networks = 무선 다중 홉 네트워크에서의 효율적 대역폭 사용을 위한 지연시간 보장 라우팅 알고리즘

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Recently, static wireless multi-hop networks such as wireless mesh networks(WMN), wireless sensor networks have been risen due to their simplicity to deploy and cheap install cost. Multicast service in those networks has an advantage for sending data to multiple destinations by one broadcasting cost. This advantage is called wireless multicast advantage and many papers have solved the multicast routing problem with the advantage. Also, there are two key measures to evaluate performance of a multicast tree algorithm or protocol, end-to-end delay and the number of transmissions. End-to-end delay is the most important measure in QoS manner and it affects total throughput in wireless networks. Delay is same as hop count or path length from source to each destination and that is directly related to the packet success ratio. In wireless networks, each node use air medium for transmitting data, so bandwidth consumption problem is just same as the number of transmissions. If there are many transmitting nodes in network, there would have a lot of collisions and queues caused by congestions. In this paper, we optimize two metrics by guaranteed delay scheme. We will provide IP formulation for minimization of the number of transmissions with guaranteed hop count and preprocessing to solve that problem. Also, we extend this scheme not just with guaranteed minimum hop count, but 1 or more guaranteed delay bound to compromise two key metrics. We will explain the proposed heuristic algorithm for that and show the performance and result in the later part of this paper.
Lee, Chae-Youngresearcher이채영researcher
한국과학기술원 : 산업및시스템공학과,
Issue Date
308703/325007  / 020074162

학위논문(석사) - 한국과학기술원 : 산업및시스템공학과, 2009.2, [ iii, 28 p. ]


Delay; Bandwidth; Multicast Routing; Wireless Multihop; 지연시간; 대역폭; 멀티캐스트 라우팅; 무선 다중홉; Delay; Bandwidth; Multicast Routing; Wireless Multihop; 지연시간; 대역폭; 멀티캐스트 라우팅; 무선 다중홉

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