Wind induced nonlinear behavior of reinforced concrete hyperboloid shell with shape imperfection = 형상불완전을 가진 철근콘크리트 쌍곡쉘의 바람하중에 의한 비선형거동

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In this dissertation, the nonlinear behavior of the reinforced concrete shell structures, especially the cooling tower shell, is investigated through the static and dynamic analyses considering the material, geometrical and physical nonlinearities. The special regard is paid to the wind pressure that must be handled with the greatest possible care in simulation and application to the structures. The formation and the propagation of tension cracks and furthermore the closing and reopening of the cracks are also taken into account. The nonlinear behavior of concrete material is modeled using the plasticity model with flow rule. Investigating the hardening rule adopted in the plasticity model, the model is modified to accommodate the possibility of reproduction of the ductility increase effect in the biaxial stress state. The cracks in concrete are determined to be formed when the stress exceeds the tensile strength of concrete. The smeared crack model with the capability of rotation is embedded into the analysis programs. The explicit expressions for constitutive matrix including the effect of crack rotation is given for cracked element in one and two directions. Adopting the tension stiffening model, the stiffness contribution in the cracked concrete due to the bond effect between the concrete and reinforcing steel is taken into consideration. The geometrical nonlinearity is also included regarding the nonlinear second order terms in the Green-Lagrange strain tensor. Using the implicit layering scheme, the through thickness penetration of cracks and/or the plastification of material is represented. In case of the cooling tower shell, one of the crucial loads is wind pressure. As contrary to the quasi-static assumption on the wind pressure in the static analysis, the actual form of wind load belongs to the dynamic domain. In this study, therefore, the wind load is modeled as a stochastic time process that satisfies the requirements in time and spatial domains in ...
Choi, Chang-Koon최창근
한국과학기술원 : 토목공학과,
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155976/325007 / 000935116

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 토목공학과, 1999.8, [ xiii, 211 p. ]

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