Study on the miscibility and properties of PVC and SAN blends = PVC/SAN 브렌드의 상용성 및 물성에 관한 연구

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In this thesis, PVC/SAN blends, PVC/αMSAN blends and PVC/αMSAN/SAN blends were prepared by melt extrusion via miscibility and properties of the blends were investigated. In chapter 2, we studied the rheological, mechanical and physical properties based on PVC DP variables and contents of CPVC. It had been determined that equilibrium torque and degradation time from PVC DP 1,000 is a guideline for good processing property. High DP PVC and high contents of CPVC were predicted that very difficult to process. However, high DP PVC gives excellent improvement on flexural strength and modulus and CPVC make excellent improvement on tensile strength and thermal resistance property, but adverse effects on specific gravity. In chapter 3, we investigated the rheological properties of the PVC/SAN blends and $PVC/\alpha MSAN$ blends prepared by melt extrusion. The PVC/SAN and $PVC/\alpha MSAN$ blends have good processing properties. The miscibility of PVC/SAN blends and $PVC/\alpha MSAN$ blends were studied by DSC, DMTA, SEM, and ARES. The SAN series are immiscible with PVC, whereas aMSAN having 31wt% AN is miscible with PVC, even if blended by the melt extrusion due to the strong interaction between PVC and $\alpha MSAN$ . In chapter 4, we studied the miscibility and properties of $PVC/\alpha MSAN$ blends by changing blends ratio and also studied the miscibility and properties of $PVC/\alpha MSAN$ blends by changing PVC. The $PVC/\alpha MSAN$ blends by changing blend ratios have good processing properties, good properties, and show good miscibility over all blend ratios. Due to the strong interaction between PVC and $\alpha MSAN$, the high DP $PVC/\alpha MSAN$ blends have good rheological properties and the mechanical and physical properties of the blends are highly improved as PVC DP increased. In chapter 5, we studied the miscibility of $PVC/\alpha MSAN/SAN$ blends using DSC, DMTA, SEM and ARES. The results indicate that the blends of $PVC/\alpha MSAN/...
Park, O-Okresearcher박오옥researcher
한국과학기술원 : 생명화학공학과,
Issue Date
263446/325007  / 020015827

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 생명화학공학과, 2007.2, [ xi, 115 p. ]


Property; Blends; SAN; PVC; Miscibilty; 상용성; 물성; 브렌드; SAN; PVC

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