Study on high power density and high efficiency power supply utilizing half-bridge structured PFC stage = 하프-브리지 구조의 PFC단을 활용한 고밀도.고효율 전원장치에 관한 연구

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Power supplies, which are essential to electronic devices, have been required to achieve higher power density and higher efficiency for miniaturization and environmental conservation. Accordingly, many researchers have tried to obtain high-power-density and high-efficiency power supply by reducing the volume and power loss of power supply components. Meanwhile, the power supply for electronic devices above 75W using single phase is composed of three power stages. 1) Power factor correction (PFC) stage for meeting the harmonics regulation, 2) DC/DC stage for regulating the output voltage and output current precisely, 3) Standby stage for supplying power to standby power and control power. Therefore, to achieve high power density and high efficiency, these three power stages should have minimized volume and power loss. In this dissertation, to obtain high-power-density and high-efficiency power supply, the reasons of large power loss and volume of the conventional power supply are analyzed for each power stage. Then, conventional researches are discussed. Finally, a new power supply utilizing half-bridged structured PFC stage is proposed and applied to the data center power supply which has become more important in the recently big data era. Since the proposed research not only reduces the power loss of all power stages but also minimizes the volume of the standby stage, the proposed research can achieve high-power-density and high-efficiency data center power supply. Moreover, the concept of the proposed research can be applied to all power supplies with the PFC stage as well as data center power supply.
Moon, Gun-Wooresearcher문건우researcher
한국과학기술원 :전기및전자공학부,
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학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 전기및전자공학부, 2018.8,[iv, 100 p. :]


data center▼adc/dc stage▼ahalf-bridge structure▼ahigh efficiency▼ahigh power density▼apower factor correction (PFC) stage▼apower supply▼astandby stage; 고밀도▼a고효율▼a대기 전원단▼a데이터센터▼a역률 보상 전원단▼a전원장치▼a직류/직류 전원단▼a하프-브리지 구조

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