Joint optimization of cache server deployment and request routing with cooperative content replication

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Content delivery network (CDN) with a high quality-of-service (QoS) requirement deals with three challenging problems: 1) a cache server deployment problem to determine where to locate cache servers, 2) a request routing problem to settle which cache server serves a user request, and 3) a content replication problem to decide which content is stored in a cache server. Cooperation among cache servers significantly improves the user QoS by increasing the cached content diversity of the network. Since the aforementioned problems are tightly coupled, we formulate a new CDN model which jointly considers all the three problems under the cooperative content replication with optimal solutions using integer linear programming. As the joint optimization problem is an NP-hard problem, we propose a greedy heuristic algorithm which is close to the optimal solution. We consider two scenarios for application of the algorithm, where the popularities of contents are identical and are different among nodes. The performance of the algorithm is investigated on the actual topology sampled from the Level 3 CDN network. By increasing the cached content diversity in the network, the joint optimization problem under the cooperative content replication shows higher performance than that of the non-cooperation case.
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ICC 2014

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