Fabrication and characterization of spring-type piezoelectric energy harvesters스프링 형태 압전 에너지 하베스터의 제조 및 특성분석

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Piezoelectric energy harvesting systems (PEHSs) have received great attention as an enabling technology for use as sustainable and clean electric power supplies for wireless sensor networks that enable health monitoring of important infrastructures. However, PEHSs are facing challenges such as low output power and high resonance frequency because of their structural limitations which stem from that almost PEHs were 2-d structures such as beam, plate and film. We came up with an idea of a spring-type structure, which can significantly decrease the resonance frequency toward 1 kHz or less as compared with a beam-type with the same weight. Herein, we developed a three-dimensional spring-type piezoelectric energy harvester (SPEH) using dip-coating method and multi-directional electrode deposition. The SPEH consists of a bi-layer structure of surface electrode and ferroelectric polymer on a conventional spring which has two roles of the core electrode and the mechanical substrate for the ferroelectric polymer. The initially designed SPEH generated output voltage of up to 88 mV as a function of cycling compression stress. We analyzed the main reason behind the low efficiency of the initial design using finite element models and proposed a selective current collecting design that can considerably improve the electrical conversion efficiency of the energy harvester. We found that the newly designed energy harvester increases the output voltage by 8.22 times leading to an output power of 2.21 μW under impulsive load of 2.18 N, which is in a good agreement with the simulation results. Since spring structure significantly decreases the resonance frequency of the harvester, the spring-type energy harvester can effectively generate electricity using low-frequency vibration energy abundant in the nature. We envision that our simple and effective recipe toward piezoelectric energy harvester coated on a typical spring structure serve as a processing platform for SPEH and enco...
No, Kwang-Sooresearcher노광수
한국과학기술원 : 신소재공학과,
Issue Date
591794/325007  / 020115030

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 신소재공학과, 2014.8, [ ix, 94 p. ]


piezoelectric; 센서; 스프링구조; 3차원; 에너지수확; 압전; energy harvesting; 3-dimensional; spring-type; active sensor

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