Gold Rhombic Dodecahedra with Controllable Sizes: Synthesis and Their Tunable Optical Properties

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In this poster, we present the synthesis of Au rhombic dodecahedra with controllable sizes and uniform in size and shape, in high yield via seed-mediated growth. In brief, uniform single-crystalline Au nanospheres with the diameter of 10-nm were prepared and then were allowed to grow into Au rhombic dodecahedra by reduction of HAuCl4 with N,N-dimethylformamide and water in the presence of poly (vinyl pyrrolidone) and trisodium citrate. It was found that the concentration of trisodium citrate played a key role to form Au rhombic dodecahedra by its selective capping on the {110} facets of Au. Size of the Au rhombic dodecahedra could be easily controlled in the range from 30 nm to 120 nm by adjusting the number of the Au seed, the concentration of HAuCl4 added in the growth solution, the reaction time, or these combinations.
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