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Fully Integrated High-Speed Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography/Near-Infrared Fluorescence Structural/Molecular Imaging In Vivo Using a Clinically Available Near-Infrared Fluorescence-Emitting Indocyanine Green to Detect Inflamed Lipid-Rich Atheromata in Coronary-Sized Vessels

Lee, Sunki; Lee, Min Woo; Cho, Han Saem; Song, Joon Woo; Nam, Hyeong Soo; Oh, Dong Joo; Park, Kyeongsoon; et al, CIRCULATION-CARDIOVASCULAR INTERVENTIONS, v.7, no.4, pp.560 - 569, 2014-08

Impact of Longitudinal Lesion Geometry on Location of Plaque Rupture and Clinical Presentations

Lee, Joo Myung; Choi, Gilwoo; Hwang, Doyeon; Park, Jonghanne; Kim, Hyun Jinresearcher; Doh, Joon-Hyung; Nam, Chang-Wook; et al, JACC-CARDIOVASCULAR IMAGING, v.10, no.6, pp.677 - 688, 2017-06

Progress in Intracoronary Optical Coherence Tomography

Suter, Melissa Jane; Tearney, Guillermo J.; Oh, Wang-Yuhlresearcher; Bouma, Brett E., IEEE JOURNAL OF SELECTED TOPICS IN QUANTUM ELECTRONICS, v.16, no.4, pp.706 - 714, 2010



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