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2-dimensional magnetization exchange spectroscopy of Anabaena 7120 ferredoxin- Nuclear Overhauser effect and electron self-exchange cross peaks from amino acid residues surrounding the 2Fe-2S-star cluster

SKJELDAL, L; WESTLER, WM; Oh, Byung-Haresearcher; KREZEL, AM; HOLDEN, HM; JACOBSON, BL; RAYMENT, I; et al, BIOCHEMISTRY, v.30, no.30, pp.7363 - 7368, 1991-07

Chemical structures of hydrazine-treated graphene oxide and generation of aromatic nitrogen doping

Park, Sung-Jin; Hu, Yi-Chen; Hwang, Jin-Ok; Lee, Eui-Sup; Casabianca, Leah B.; Cai, Wei-Wei; Potts, Jeffrey R.; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.3, pp.638, 2012-01

Construction of surfaces of general type from elliptic surfaces via -Gorenstein smoothing

Keum, JongHae; Lee, Yongnamresearcher; Park, Heesang, MATHEMATISCHE ZEITSCHRIFT, v.272, no.3-4, pp.1243 - 1257, 2012-12



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