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Unavailability Analysis of Digital Engineered Safety Feature Actuation System

Kang, Hyun Gookresearcher; Jang, Seung-Cheol; Wiharjo, Sudarno, 한국원자력학회 2003년도 춘계학술발표대회 , pp.89 - 89, 한국원자력학회, 2003-05-29


Unavailability Analysis of Dynamic Systems of which the Configuration Changes with Time

SHIN, Seung Ki; Seong, Poong-Hyunresearcher, ICI 2011 (ISOFIC + CSEPC +ISSNP), 2011-08-23


Unavailability and spurious operation probability of k-out-of-n reactor protection systems in consideration of CCF

Kang, Hyun Gookresearcher; Kim, Hee Eun, ANNALS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY, v.49, pp.102 - 108, 2012-11


Unavailability of k-out-of-n Reactor Protection Systems in Consideration of CCF

김희은; 김보경; 강현국researcher, KNS 2012 춘계 학술발표대회, 한국원자력학회, 2012-05-18


Unavoidable induced subgraphs in large graphs with no homogeneous sets

Chudnovsky, Maria; Kim, Ringi; Oum, Sang-ilresearcher; Seymour, Paul, JOURNAL OF COMBINATORIAL THEORY SERIES B, v.118, pp.1 - 12, 2016-05


Unavoidable induced subgraphs in large graphs with no homogeneous sets

엄상일researcher, 2017 대한수학회 봄 연구발표회, 조선대학교, 2017-04-29


Unavoidable vertex-minors in large prime graphs

Kwon, O-Joung; Oum, Sang-ilresearcher, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF COMBINATORICS, v.41, pp.100 - 127, 2014-10


Unbalance Response Analysis of Rotor Bearing Systems with Spin Speed Dependent Parameters

Hong, S.W.; Lee, Chong-Wonresearcher, Fourth International Conference on Vibrations in Rotating Machinery, pp.539 - 546, 1988-09


Unbalance Response Control in High-speed Gas Turbine System Using Magneto-rheological Fluid Based Semi-active Squeeze Film Damper

Kim, K. J.; Lee, Chong-Wonresearcher, The 3rd International Symposium on Stability Control of Rotating Machinery (ISCORMA-3), International Symposium on Stability Control of Rotating Machinery (ISCORMA-3), 2005-09-19


Unbalance Response Control in Rotor-Bearing System Using Semi-active Fluid Bearing

Kim, K. J.; Seo, J. H.; Lee, Chong-Wonresearcher; Park, J. B.; Lim, J. S., The 11th World Congress in Mechanism and Machine Science, World Congress in Mechanism and Machine Science, 2004-04


Unbalance response control of rotor by magneto-rheological fluid based squeeze film damper

Kim, K.-J.; Lee, Chong-Wonresearcher, DETC2005: ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, pp.1053 - 1060, ASME IDETC/CIE, 2005-09-24


Unbiased biocatalytic solar-to-chemical conversion by FeOOH/BiVO4/perovskite tandem structure

Lee, Yang Woo; Boonmongkolras, Passarut; Son, Eun Jin; Kim, Jinhyun; Lee, Sahng Ha; Kuk, Su Keun; Ko, Jong Wan; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.9, 2018-10


Unbiased Estimation of Transition Probabilities in a 2x2 Markov Chain

Bai, D.S.; Kim, S.-I., 대한산업공학회지, v.3, no.1, pp.61 - 62, 1977-06


Unbiased Mining Tool of Repetitive Elements and Their Arrangement Structure for Large Size Genomes

Cho, Dong-Horesearcher; Kim, WC, ICTC 2010, 2010-11


Unbiased Sunlight-Driven Artificial Photosynthesis of Carbon Monoxide from CO2 Using a ZnTe-Based Photocathode and a Perovskite Solar Cell in Tandem

Jang, Youn Jeong; Jeong, Inyoung; Lee, Jaehyuk; Lee, Jinwooresearcher; Ko, Min Jae; Lee, Jae Sung, ACS NANO, v.10, no.7, pp.6980 - 6987, 2016-07


Unbounded solutions for a periodic phase transition model

Byeon, Jaeyoungresearcher; Rabinowitz, Paul H., JOURNAL OF DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS, v.260, no.2, pp.1126 - 1153, 2016-01


Unbounded solutions for periodic nonlinear elliptic problems

Byeon, Jaeyoungresearcher, The mathematics of materials science: Ginzburg-Landau theory and related topics, NIMS, 2015-08-17


UNC93B1 delivers nucleotide-sensing toll-like receptors to endolysosomes

Kim, You-Meresearcher; Brinkmann, Melanie M.; Paquet, Marie-Eve; Ploegh, Hidde L., NATURE, v.452, no.7184, pp.234 - U80, 2008-03


UNC93B1 is essential for the plasma membrane localization and signaling of Toll-like receptor 5

Huh, Ji-Won; Shibata, Takuma; Hwang, Misun; Kwon, Eun-Hye; Jang, Min Seong; Fukui, Ryutaro; Kanno, Atsuo; et al, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.111, no.19, pp.7072 - 7077, 2014-05


Uncaria rhynchophylla ameliorates amyloid beta deposition and amyloid beta-mediated pathology in 5XFAD mice

Shin, S.J.; Jeong, Y.; Jeon, S.G.; Kim, S.; Lee, S.-K.; Choi, H.S.; Im, C.S.; et al, NEUROCHEMISTRY INTERNATIONAL, v.121, pp.114 - 124, 2018-12



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