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Comparable Immune Function Inhibition by the Infliximab Biosimilar CT-P13: Implications for Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Lim, Ki Jung; Lee, So Jung; Kim, Sunghwan; Lee, Su Yeon; Lee, Min Seob; Park, Yoon A.; Choi, Eun Jin; Lee, Eun Beom; Jun, Hwang Keun; Cho, Jong Moon; Lee, Soo Young; Kwon, Ki Sung; Lim, Byung Pil; Jeon, Myung-Shin; Shin, Eui Cheolresearcher; Choi, Yong Sung; Fudim, Ella; Picard, Orit; Yavzori, Miri; Ben-Horin, Shomron; Chang, Shin Jae, JOURNAL OF CROHNS & COLITIS, v.11, no.5, pp.593 - 602, 2017-05

Extremely Fast Self-Healable Bio-Based Supramolecular Polymer for Wearable Real-Time Sweat-Monitoring Sensor

Yoon, Jo Hee; Kim, Seon-Mi; Eom, Youngho; Koo, Jun Mo; Cho, Han-Won; Lee, Tae Jae; Lee, Kyoung G.; Park, Hong Jun; Kim, Yeong Kyun; Yoo, Hyung-Jounresearcher; Hwang, Sung Yeon; Park, Jeyoung; Choi, Bong Gill, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.11, no.49, pp.46165 - 46175, 2019-12

Dissection of SNARE-driven membrane fusion and neuroexocytosis by wedging small hydrophobic molecules into the SNARE zipper

Yang, Yoosoo; Shin, Jae Yoon; Oh, Jung-Mi; Jung, Chang Hwa; Hwang, Yunha; Kim, Sehyun; Kim, Jun-Seob; Yoon, Kee-Jung; Ryu, Ji-Young; Shin, Jaeil; Hwang, Jae Sung; Yoon, Tae-Youngresearcher; Shin, Yeon-Kyun; Kweon, Dae-Hyuk, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.107, no.51, pp.22145 - 22150, 2010-12

Effects of Oxidative-type Abdominal Curl Training on Body Composition in 30s Men

Yong-Seok, Jee; Jae-hyeng, Imresearcher; Cha-Yong, Kim; Tae-Kuy, Choi; Kwang-Yeon, Hwang; Hyun, Lee; Eun-Joo, Jun; Hyun-Doo, Seo; Seung-Gun, Im; Dong-jin, Kim; Hyun-Min, Lee; Pil-Byung, Choi; Hae-Chan, park; Sung-Chul, Kim; Joon-Young, Park, 코칭능력개발지, v.6, no.3, pp.375 - 387, 2004-12

Analytical study on the 3D-printed structure and mechanical properties of basalt fiber-reinforced PLA composites using X-ray microscopy

Yu, Siwon; Hwang, Yun Hyeong; Hwang, Jun Yeon; Hong, Soon Hyungresearcher, COMPOSITES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.175, pp.18 - 27, 2019-05

ApCPEB4, a non-prion domain containing homolog of ApCPEB, is involved in the initiation of long-term facilitation

Lee, Seung-Heeresearcher; Shim, Jaehoon; Cheong, Ye-Hwang; Choi, Sun-Lim; Jun, Yong-Woo; Lee, Sue-Hyunresearcher; Chae, Yeon-Su; Han, Jin-Heeresearcher; Lee, Yong-Seok; Lee, Jin-A; Lim, Chae-Seok; Si, Kausik; Kassabov, Stefan; Antonov, Igor; Kandel, Eric R.; Kaang, Bong-Kiun; Jang, Deok-Jin, MOLECULAR BRAIN, v.9, 2016-10

Glutamate Signaling in Hepatic Stellate Cells Drives Alcoholic Steatosis

Choi, Won-Mook; Kim, Hee-Hoon; Kim, Myung-Ho; Cinar, Resat; Yi, Hyon-Seung; Eun, Hyuk Soo; Kim, Seok-Hwan; Choi, Young Jae; Lee, Young-Sun; Kim, So Yeon; Seo, Wonhyo; Lee, Jun-Hee; Shim, Young-Ri; Kim, Ye Eun; Yang, Keungmo; Ryu, Tom; Hwang, Jung Hwan; Lee, Chul-Ho; Choi, Hueng-Sik; Gao, Bin; Kim, Won; Kim, Sang Kyum; Kunos, George; Jeong, Won-Ilresearcher, CELL METABOLISM, v.30, no.5, pp.877 - 889, 2019-11


Jung, Yeon Sikresearcher; Lee, Keonjaeresearcher; Jeong, Jae Won; Choi, Jae Suk; Hwang, Geon Tae; Mun, Beom Ho; You, Byoung Kuk; Kim, Seung Jun, 2014-09-02

Plasmonic Chromatic Electrode with Low Resistivity

Moon, Young Gyu; Do, Yun Seon; Lee, Min Ho; Hwang, Bo Yeon; Jeong, Dong Jun; Ju, Byeong-Kwon; Choi, Kyung Cheolresearcher, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.7, 2017-11

Differences in Utilization Patterns among Medications in Children and Adolescents with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: a 36-Month Retrospective Study Using the Korean Health Insurance Review and Assessment Claims Database

Bhang, Soo-Young; Hwang, Jun-Won; Kwack, Young-Sook; Joung, Yoo Sook; Lee, Soyoung; Kim, Bongseog; Sohn, Seok Han; Chung, Un Sun; Yang, Jaewon; Hong, Minha; Bahn, Geon Ho; Choi, Hyung Yun; Oh, In-Hwan; Lee, Yeon Jung, JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE, v.31, no.8, pp.1284 - 1291, 2016-08

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