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A Cost Analysis of Microalgal Biomass and Biodiesel Production in Open Raceways Treating Municipal Wastewater and under Optimum Light Wavelength

Kang, Zion; Kim, Byung-Hyuk; Ramanan, Rishiram; Choi, Jong-Eun; Yang, Ji-Wonresearcher; Oh, Hee-Mock; Kim, Hee-Sik, JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.25, no.1, pp.109 - 118, 2015-01

Unique binding mode of Evogliptin with human dipeptidyl peptidase IV

Lee, Hyung Ki; Kim, Mi-Kyung; Kim, Ha Dong; Kim, Heung Jae; Kim, Ji Won; Lee, Jie-Ohresearcher; Kim, Chan-Wha; Kim, Eunice EunKyeong, BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS, v.494, no.3-4, pp.452 - 459, 2017-12

Fabrication of Na0.7MnO2/C composite cathode material by simple heat treatment for high-power na-ion batteries

Sohn, Dongrak; Lim, Sung-Jin; Nam, Do-Hwan; Hong, Kyung-Sik; Kim, TaeHee; Oh, Se-Kwon; Eom, Ji-Yong; Cho, Eun Aeresearcher; Kwon, HyukSangresearcher, ELECTRONIC MATERIALS LETTERS, v.14, no.1, pp.30 - 36, 2018-01

Pore-Aligned Graphene Aerogel for CDI Electrode

Kim, Ji-Eun; Oh, Jung-Hwan; Kortal, Momita; Oh, Il-Kwonresearcher, ACCM-10: The 10th Asian-Australasian Conference on Composite Materials, The Korean Society for Composite Materials, 2016-10-17

Conservation of the Sapsaree (Canis familiaris), a Korean Natural Monument, using Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer

Jang, Goo; Hong, SoGun; Kang, JungTaek; Park, JungEun; Oh, HyunJu; Park, Chankyuresearcher; Ha, JiHong; Kim, DaeYong; Kim, MinKyu; Lee, ByeongChun, JOURNAL OF VETERINARY MEDICAL SCIENCE, v.71, no.9, pp.1217 - 1220, 2009-09

Regulation of Synaptic Rac1 Activity, Long-Term Potentiation Maintenance, and Learning and Memory by BCR and ABR Rac GTPase-Activating Proteins

Oh, Dae-Young; Han, Seung-Nam; Seo, Jin-Soo; Lee, Jae-Ran; Choi, Jeong-Hoon; Groffen, John; Kim, Ka-Ram; Cho, Yi-Sul; Choi, Han-Saem; Shin, Hye-Won; Woo, Joo-Yeon; Won, Hye-Jung; Park, Soon-Kwon; Kim, Soo-Young; Jo, Ji-Hoon; Whitcomb, Daniel J.; Cho, Kwang-Wook; Kim, Hyun; Bae, Yong-Chul; Heisterkamp, Nora; Choi, Se-Young; Kim, Eun-Joonresearcher, JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, v.30, no.42, pp.14134 - 14144, 2010-10

Autophagy in Innate Recognition of Pathogens and Adaptive Immunity

Oh, Ji Eun; Lee, HeungKyuresearcher, YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL, v.53, no.2, pp.241 - 247, 2012-03

Immunogenomic landscape of hepatocellular carcinoma with immune cell stroma and EBV-positive tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes

Kang, Hyo Jeong; Oh, Ji-Hye; Chun, Sung-Min; Kim, Deokhoon; Ryu, Yeon-Mi; Hwang, Hee Sang; Kim, Sang-Yeob; An, Jihyunresearcher; Cho, Eun Jeong; Lee, Hyeonjin; Shim, Ju Hyun; Sung, Chang Ohk; Yu, Eunsil, JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY, v.71, no.1, pp.91 - 103, 2019-07

The autophagy Protein Atg5 Plays a Crucial Role in the Maintenance and Reconstitution Ability of Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Jung, Hi Eun; Shim, Yeri; Oh, Ji Eun; Oh, Dong Sun; Lee, Heung Kyuresearcher, IMMUNE NETWORK, v.19, no.2, pp.1 - 13, 2019-04

Efficient extracellular production of type I secretion pathway-dependent Pseudomonas fluorescens lipase in recombinant Escherichia coli by heterologous ABC protein exporters

Eom, Gyeong Tae; Lee, Seung Hwan; Oh, Young Hoon; Choi, Ji Eun; Park, Si Jae; Song, Jae Kwang, BIOTECHNOLOGY LETTERS, v.36, no.10, pp.2037 - 2042, 2014-10

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