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Lee, Jae Woo (이재우)
교수, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering(생명화학공학과)
Research Area
Reactive Distillation, Hydrogen storage, Methane/CO2 hydrates, Gas/oil flow assurance, Chemical & biological CO2 conversion, Green engineering
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    NO Title, Author(s) (Publication Title, Volume Issue, Page, Issue Date)
    Plastic waste residue-derived boron and nitrogen co-doped porous hybrid carbon for a modified separator of a lithium sulfur battery

    Gim, H; Park, Jae Hyun; Choi, Wonyeong; et al, ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, v.380, pp.138243, 2021-06

    Ni-Fe-Al mixed oxide for combined dry reforming and decomposition of methane with CO2 utilization

    Kim, Yikyeom; Lim, Hyun Suk; Lee, Minbeom; et al, CATALYSIS TODAY, v.368, pp.86 - 95, 2021-05

    Confined tetrahydrofuran in a superabsorbent polymer for sustainable methane storage in clathrate hydrates

    KANG, DONG WOO; Lee, Wonhyeong; Ahn, Yun-Ho; et al, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, v.411, pp.128512, 2021-05

    Ni-exsolved La1-xCaxNiO3 perovskites for improving CO2 methanation

    Lim, Hyun Suk; Kim, Gunjoo; Kim, Yikyeom; et al, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, v.412, pp.127557, 2021-05

    Depolymerization of polystyrene over Mgx-Aly-O catalysts derived from hydrotalcites: Effect of Mg/Al ratio on the basicity and catalytic performance

    Park, Sung Joon; Kang, SH; Min, HK; et al, MOLECULAR CATALYSIS, v.506, pp.111546, 2021-04

    Low-temperature CO2 hydrogenation to CO on Ni-incorporated LaCoO3 perovskite catalysts

    Lim, Hyun Suk; Lee, Minbeom; Kim, yikyeom; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY, v.46, no.29, pp.15497 - 15506, 2021-04

    Nitrogen-rich hierarchical porous carbon paper for a free-standing cathode of lithium sulfur battery

    Park, Jae Hyun; Choi, Wonyeong; Yang, Jeongwoo; et al, CARBON, v.172, pp.624 - 636, 2021-02

    Adsorptive removal of cesium by electrospun nanofibers embedded with potassium copper hexacyanoferrate

    Kim, Yonghwan; Eom, Ho hyeon; Kim Do Hyeun; et al, SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY, v.255, pp.117745, 2021-01

    Unfavorable energy integration of reactive dividing wall column for simultaneous esterification reactions

    Mo, Haeri; Lee, Heecheon; Jang, Wonjoon; et al, KOREAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, v.38, no.1, pp.195 - 203, 2021-01

    Evolving surface properties of stirred wet milled aluminum-doped titanium dioxide: A discretely heterogeneous system

    Austin, David; Hassanpour, Ali; Hunter, Timothy N.; et al, POWDER TECHNOLOGY, v.377, pp.966 - 973, 2021-01

    Improved H-2 utilization by Pd doping in cobalt catalysts for reductive amination of polypropylene glycol

    Kim, Kyungjun; Kang, Dong Woo; Choi, Youngheon; et al, RSC ADVANCES, v.10, no.73, pp.45159 - 45169, 2020-12

    Production of levulinic acid from wet microalgae in a biphasic one-pot reaction processs

    Kim, Minji; Yang, Jeongwoo; Kim, Bora; et al, KOREAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, v.37, no.11, pp.1933 - 1941, 2020-11

    Effects of Propylene Oxide End Capping on Amination of Polyalkylene Glycols

    Kim, Kyungjun; Kang, Dong Woo; Im, Hyun Gyu; et al, ACS OMEGA, v.5, no.41, pp.26545 - 26550, 2020-10

    Reverse Water-Gas Shift Chemical Looping Using a Core-Shell Structured Perovskite Oxygen Carrier

    Lee, Minbeom; Kim, Yikyeom; Lim, Hyun Suk; et al, ENERGIES, v.13, no.20, pp.5324, 2020-10

    Electrically Conductive Oxidation-Resistant Boron-Coated Carbon Nanotubes Derived from Atmospheric CO2 for Use at High Temperature

    Kim, Gi Mihn; Choi, Won Yeong; Park, Jae Hyun; et al, Acs Applied Nano Materials, v.3, no.9, pp.8592 - 8597, 2020-09

    Mesoporous Fe2O3-CeO2-Al2O3 Oxygen Carrier for Chemical Looping Dry Reforming with Subsequent Water Splitting

    Kang, Dohyung; Lim, Hyun Suk; Lee, Jae Wooresearcher, INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH, v.59, no.36, pp.15912 - 15920, 2020-09

    Entrainer effect of n-hexanol reactant on coproducing n-butyl and n-hexyl acetate in energy-efficient reactive distillation

    Namgung, Kwon; Lee, Heecheon; Jang, Wonjoon; et al, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING AND PROCESSING-PROCESS INTENSIFICATION, v.154, pp.108048, 2020-08

    Energy-Efficient Design of a Novel Double Annular Separation Column Using Pinch Pressure

    Lee, Heecheon; Mo, Haeri; Namgung, Kwon; et al, INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH, v.59, no.32, pp.14398 - 14409, 2020-08

    CO2-Oxidized Ti3C2Tx-MXenes Components for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries: Suppressing the Shuttle Phenomenon through Physical and Chemical Adsorption

    Lee, Dong Kyu; Chae, Yoonjeong; Yun, Hwajin; et al, ACS NANO, v.14, no.8, pp.9744 - 9754, 2020-08

    Bio-Inspired Preparation of Clay-Hexacyanoferrate Composite Hydrogels as Super Adsorbents for Cs+

    Zhang, Huagui; Hodges, Chris S.; Mishra, Prashant Kumar; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.12, no.29, pp.33173 - 33185, 2020-07

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