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Park, Jung Ki (박정기)
교수, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering(생명화학공학과)
Research Area
Lithium Secondary Batteries, Polymer Fuel Cells, Organic Solar Cells, Polymer Nanophotonics
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    Structural modulation of lithium metal-electrolyte interface with three-dimensional metallic interlayer for high-performance lithium metal batteries

    Lee, Hongkyung; Song, Jongchan; Kim, Yun-Jung; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.6, 2016-08

    Lanthanum-catalysed synthesis of microporous 3D graphene-like carbons in a zeolite template

    Kim, Kyoungsoo; Lee, Taekyoung; Kwon, Yonghyun; et al, NATURE, v.535, no.7610, pp.131 - +, 2016-07

    Homogeneously Dispersed Silver Nanoparticles in EVA Laminating Film for Efficiency Enhancement of Silicon Photovoltaic Cells

    Son, Chang Kyu; Kang, Hong Suk; Kim, Jin Woo; et al, MACROMOLECULAR RESEARCH, v.24, no.5, pp.436 - 440, 2016-05

    Sustainable Redox Mediation for Lithium-Oxygen Batteries by a Composite Protective Layer on the Lithium-Metal Anode

    Lee, Dong Jin; Lee, Hongkyung; Kim, Yun-Jung; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.28, no.5, pp.857 - 863, 2016-02

    Light-Induced Surface Patterning of Silica

    Kang, Hong-Suk; Lee, Seungwoo; Choi, Jaeho; et al, ACS NANO, v.9, no.10, pp.9837 - 9848, 2015-10

    A new insight on capacity fading of lithium-sulfur batteries: The effect of Li2S phase structure

    Noh, Hyungjun; Song, Jongchan; Park, Jung-Kiresearcher; et al, JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES, v.293, pp.329 - 335, 2015-10

    Ionomer-Liquid Electrolyte Hybrid Ionic Conductor for High Cycling Stability of Lithium Metal Electrodes

    Song, Jongchan; Lee, Hongkyung; Choo, Min-Ju; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.5, 2015-09

    Effects of Electron Beam Irradiation on the Electrospinning of Polyacrylonitrile

    Jeun, Joon Pyo; Kim, Hyun-Bin; Oh, Seung-Hwan; et al, JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.15, no.8, pp.5942 - 5945, 2015-08

    Reduction of Charge and Discharge Polarization by Cobalt Nanoparticles-Embedded Carbon Nanofibers for Li-O-2 Batteries

    Kim, Yun-Jung; Lee, Hongkyung; Lee, Dong Jin; et al, CHEMSUSCHEM, v.8, no.15, pp.2496 - 2502, 2015-08

    An irradiation-alkaline pretreatment of kenaf core for improving the sugar yield

    Jeun, Joon Pyo; Lee, Byoung-Min; Lee, Jin-Young; et al, RENEWABLE ENERGY, v.79, pp.51 - 55, 2015-07

    Stabilizing effect of 2-(triphenylphosphoranylidene) succinic anhydride as electrolyte additive on the lithium metal of lithium metal secondary batteries

    Jeong, Jiseon; Lee, Je-Nam; Park, Jung-Kiresearcher; et al, ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, v.170, pp.353 - 359, 2015-07

    A simple composite protective layer coating that enhances the cycling stability of lithium metal batteries

    Lee, Hongkyung; Lee, Dong-Jin; Kim, Yunjung; et al, JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES, v.284, pp.103 - 108, 2015-06

    Interlocking Membrane/Catalyst Layer Interface for High Mechanical Robustness of Hydrocarbon-Membrane-Based Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells

    Oh, Keun-Hwan; Kang, Hong-Suk; Choo, Min-Ju; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.27, no.19, pp.2974 - 2980, 2015-05

    Directional Superficial Photofluidization for Deterministic Shaping of Complex 3D Architectures

    Lee, Seungwoo; Kang, Hong-Suk; Ambrosio, Antonio; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.7, no.15, pp.8209 - 8217, 2015-04

    Analysis of Oxygen Transport in Cathode Catalyst Layer of Low-Pt-Loaded Fuel Cells

    Choo, Min-Ju; Oh, Keun-Hwan; Park, Jung-Kiresearcher; et al, CHEMELECTROCHEM, v.2, no.3, pp.382 - 388, 2015-03

    Complete magnesiothermic reduction reaction of vertically aligned mesoporous silica channels to form pure silicon nanoparticles

    Kim, Kyoung-Hwan; Lee, Dong-Jin; Cho, Kyeongmin; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.5, 2015-03

    The Effect of Solvent Casting Condition on the Electrochemical Properties of Nafion/Polyvinylidene Fluoride Copolymer Blends for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell

    Cho, Ki-Yun; Park, Jung-Kiresearcher; Jung, Ho-Young, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING COMMUNICATIONS, v.202, no.5, pp.593 - 599, 2015

    Polysulfide rejection layer from alpha-lipoic acid for high performance lithium-sulfur battery

    Song, Jong-Chan; Noh, Hyungjun; Lee, Hongkyung; et al, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, v.3, no.1, pp.323 - 330, 2015

    Perfluorinated Ionomer-Enveloped Sulfur Cathodes for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

    Song, Jong-Chan; Choo, Min-Ju; Noh, Hyungjun; et al, CHEMSUSCHEM, v.7, no.12, pp.3341 - 3346, 2014-12

    Light-Powered Healing of a Wearable Electrical Conductor

    Kang, Hong-Suk; Kim, Hee-Takresearcher; Park, Jung-Kiresearcher; et al, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, v.24, no.46, pp.7273 - 7283, 2014-12

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