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Lee, Sang Yup (이상엽)
교수, (생명화학공학과)
Research Area
Metabolic engineering, Systems and synthetic biotechnology, Industrial biotechnology, Biorefinery, Systems biology
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    Superior anodic electro-fermentation by enhancing capacity for extracellular electron transfer

    Gu, Liuyan; Xiao, Xinxin; Lee, Sang Yup; et al, BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY, v.389, 2023-12

    Recent advances in systems metabolic engineering

    Han, Taehee; Nazarbekov, Alisher; Zou, Xuan; et al, CURRENT OPINION IN BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.84, 2023-12

    Functional annotation of enzyme-encoding genes using deep learning with transformer layers

    Kim, Gi Bae; Kim, Ji Yeon; Lee, Jongan; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.14, no.1, 2023-11

    Deep learning for metabolic pathway design

    Ryu, Gahyeon; Kim, Gi Bae; Yu, Taeho; et al, METABOLIC ENGINEERING, v.80, pp.130 - 141, 2023-11

    Genome-wide identification of overexpression and downregulation gene targets based on the sum of covariances of the outgoing reaction fluxes

    Kim, Won Jun; Lee, Youngjoon; Kim, Hyun Uk; et al, CELL SYSTEMS, v.14, no.11, pp.990 - 1001, 2023-11

    Systems metabolic engineering of microorganisms for food and cosmetics production

    Choi, Kyeong Rok; Lee, Sang Yup, Nature Reviews Bioengineering, v.1, pp.832 - 857, 2023-11

    Sustainable production and degradation of plastics using microbes

    Choi, Soyoung; Lee, Youngjoon; Yu, Hyeeun; et al, NATURE MICROBIOLOGY, v.8, no.12, pp.2253 - 2276, 2023-11

    Enhanced production of difficult-to-express proteins through knocking down rnpA gene expression

    Chung, Hannah; Kim, Jiyong; Lee, Yong Jae; et al, BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL, v.18, no.10, 2023-10

    Metabolic engineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum for the high-level production of valerolactam, a nylon-5 monomer

    Han, Taehee; Lee, Sang Yup, METABOLIC ENGINEERING, v.79, pp.78 - 85, 2023-09

    Protein engineering and iterative multimodule optimization for vitamin B6 production in Escherichia coli

    Liu, Linxia; Li, Jinlong; Gai, Yuanming; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.14, no.1, 2023-08

    A synthetic cell-free 36-enzyme reaction system for vitamin B12 production

    Kang, Qian; Fang, Huan; Xiang, Mengjie; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.14, no.1, 2023-08

    Systems Analysis of Highly Multiplexed CRISPR-Base Editing in Streptomycetes

    Whitford, Christopher M.; Gren, Tetiana; Palazzotto, Emilia; et al, ACS SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY, v.12, no.8, pp.2353 - 2366, 2023-07

    Rewiring the respiratory pathway of Lactococcus lactis to enhance extracellular electron transfer

    Gu, Liuyan; Xiao, Xinxin; Zhao, Ge; et al, MICROBIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.16, no.6, pp.1277 - 1292, 2023-06

    Biobased Production of Succinic Acid and Its Derivatives Using Metabolically Engineered Microorganisms

    Kim, Ji Yeon; Lee, Jongan; Lee, Sang Yup, Industrial Biotechnology, v.19, no.3, pp.125 - 137, 2023-06

    Factors affecting the competitiveness of bacterial fermentation

    Lee, Jongan; Kim, Hyun Uk; Na, Jeong-Geol; et al, TRENDS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.41, no.6, pp.798 - 816, 2023-06

    Efforts to install a heterologous Wood-Ljungdahl pathway in Clostridium acetobutylicum enable the identification of the native tetrahydrofolate (THF) cycle and result in early induction of solvents

    Jang, Yu-Sin; Kim, Won Jun; Im, Jung Ae; et al, METABOLIC ENGINEERING, v.77, pp.188 - 198, 2023-05

    Targeted and high-throughput gene knockdown in diverse bacteria using synthetic sRNAs

    Cho, Jae Sung; Yang, Dongsoo; Prabowo, Cindy Pricilia Surya; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.14, no.1, 2023-04

    Recent advances in the production of platform chemicals using metabolically engineered microorganisms

    Kim, Ji Yeon; Ahn, Yeah-Ji; Lee, Jongan; et al, CURRENT OPINION IN GREEN AND SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY, v.40, 2023-04

    Computational prediction of interactions between Paxlovid and prescription drugs

    Kim, Yeji; Ryu, Jae Yong; Kim, Hyun Uk; et al, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.120, no.12, 2023-03

    Improved terephthalic acid production from p-xylene using metabolically engineered Pseudomonas putida

    Luo, Ziwei; Choi, Kyeong Rok; Lee, Sang Yup, METABOLIC ENGINEERING, v.76, pp.75 - 86, 2023-03

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