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Shin, Seungwon (신승원)
부교수, School of Electrical Engineering(전기및전자공학부)
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    GapFinder: Finding Inconsistency of Security Information From Unstructured Text

    Jo, Hyeonseong; Kim, Jinwoo; Porras, Phillip; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITY, v.16, no.1, pp.86 - 99, 2021-12

    Formullar: An FPGA-based network testing tool for flexible and precise measurement of Ultra-Low Latency networking systems

    Park, Taejune; Shin, Seungwonresearcher; Shin, Insikresearcher; et al, COMPUTER NETWORKS, v.185, 2021-02

    Mobius: Packet Re-processing Hardware Architecture for Rich Policy Handling on a Network Processor

    Park, Taejune; Shin, Seungwonresearcher, JOURNAL OF NETWORK AND SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT, v.29, no.1, 2021-01

    Dynamic Control for On-demand Interference-managed WLAN Infrastructures

    Kim, Seokhyun; Lee, Kimin; Kim, Yeonkeun; et al, IEEE-ACM TRANSACTIONS ON NETWORKING, v.28, no.1, pp.84 - 97, 2020-02

    Automated permission model generation for securing SDN control-plane

    Kang, Heedo; Yegneswaran, Vinod; Ghosh, Shalini; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITY, v.15, pp.1668 - 1682, 2020-01

    Guest Editors' Introduction: Special Section on Security in Emerging Networking Technologies

    Ahn, Gail-Joon; Gu, Guofei; Hu, Hongxin; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON DEPENDABLE AND SECURE COMPUTING, v.16, no.6, pp.913 - 914, 2019-11

    SODA: A software-defined security framework for IoT environments

    Kim, Yeonkeun; Nam, Jaehyun; Park, Taejune; et al, COMPUTER NETWORKS, v.163, 2019-11

    MC-SDN: Supporting Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Communication Using Software-Defined Networking

    Lee, Kilho; Kim, Minsu; Park, Taejune; et al, IEEE INTERNET OF THINGS JOURNAL, v.6, no.4, pp.6325 - 6344, 2019-08

    Operator-Defined Reconfigurable Network OS for Software-Defined Networks

    Nam, Jaehyun; Jo, Hyeonseong; Kim, Yeonkeun; et al, IEEE-ACM TRANSACTIONS ON NETWORKING, v.27, no.3, pp.1206 - 1219, 2019-06

    ASTRAEA: Towards an effective and usable application permission system for SDN

    Kang, Heedo; Yoon, Changhoon; Shin, Seungwonresearcher, COMPUTER NETWORKS, v.155, pp.1 - 14, 2019-05

    국방 사이버-물리 시스템을 위한 신속한 전송 정책 관리를 지원하는 소프트웨어 정의 네트워킹 기술

    이길호; 박태준; 김민수; et al, 정보과학회논문지, v.46, no.4, pp.291 - 298, 2019-04

    Bypass rewiring and extreme robustness of Eulerian networks

    Park, Junsang; Shin, Seungwonresearcher; Han(Hahn), Sang-Geunresearcher, PHYSICA A-STATISTICAL MECHANICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS, v.515, pp.324 - 331, 2019-02

    NOSArmor: Building a Secure Network Operating System

    JO, HYEONSEONG; NAM, JAEHYUN; Shin, Seungwonresearcher, SECURITY AND COMMUNICATION NETWORKS, v.2018, 2018-03

    Duo: Software Defined Intrusion Tolerant System Using Dual Cluster

    Lee, Yongjae; Lee, Seunghyeon; Seo, Hyunmin; et al, SECURITY AND COMMUNICATION NETWORKS, 2018-01

    Flow Wars: Systemizing the Attack Surface and Defenses in Software-defined Networks

    Yoon, Changhoon; Lee, Seungsoo; Kang, Heedo; et al, IEEE/ACM Transaction on Networking, v.25, no.6, pp.3514 - 3530, 2017-12

    A collaborative approach on host and network level android malware detection

    Bae, Chanwoo; Shin, Seungwonresearcher, SECURITY AND COMMUNICATION NETWORKS, v.9, no.18, pp.5639 - 5650, 2016-12

    Vulnerabilities of network OS and mitigation with state-based permission system

    Noh, Jiseong; Lee, Seunghyeon; Park, Jaehyun; et al, SECURITY AND COMMUNICATION NETWORKS, v.9, no.13, pp.1971 - 1982, 2016-09

    A First Step Toward Network Security Virtualization: From Concept To Prototype

    Shin, Seungwonresearcher; Wang, Haopei; Gu, Guofei, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITY, v.10, no.10, pp.2236 - 2249, 2015-10

    Enabling security functions with SDN: A feasibility study

    Yoon, Changhoon; Park, Taejune; Lee, Seungsoo; et al, COMPUTER NETWORKS, v.85, pp.19 - 35, 2015-07

    Designing Secure IoT (Internet of Things) Environments with SDN and NFV

    Kim, Yeonkeun; Shin, Seungwonresearcher, 정보와 통신 (한국통신학회지), v.32, no.7, pp.27 - 33, 2015-06

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