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Choi, Yang-Kyu (최양규)
교수, School of Electrical Engineering(전기및전자공학부)
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    A flutter-driven triboelectric nanogenerator for harvesting energy of gentle breezes with a rear-fixed fluttering film

    Tcho, Il-Woong; Kim, Weon-Guk; Kim, Jin-Ki; et al, NANO ENERGY, v.98, 2022-07

    A triboelectric nanogenerator implemented with an acoustic foam for a self-driven silent tire

    Kim, Weon-Guk; Kim, Jin-Ki; Kim, Do-Wan; et al, NANO ENERGY, v.96, 2022-06

    A Steep-Slope Phenomenon by Gate Charge Pumping in a MOSFET

    Kim, Myung-Su; Yun, Gyeong-Jun; Kim, Wu-Kang; et al, IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, v.43, no.4, pp.521 - 524, 2022-04

    Self-powered Artificial Mechanoreceptor based on Triboelectrification for a Neuromorphic Tactile System

    Han, Joon-Kyu; Tcho, Il-Woong; Jeon, Seung-Bae; et al, ADVANCED SCIENCE, v.9, no.9, 2022-03

    Curing of 1-Transistor-DRAM by Joule Heat From Punch-Through Current

    Kim, Hyun-Jung; Lee, Geon-Beom; Han, Joon-Kyu; et al, IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, v.43, no.3, pp.370 - 373, 2022-03

    Mnemonic-Opto-Synaptic Transistor for In-sensor Vision System

    Han, Joon-Kyu; Chung, Young-Woo; Sim, Jaeho; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.12, no.1, 2022-02

    Ultra-fast Data Sanitization of SRAM by Back-biasing to Resist a Cold Boot Attack

    Han, Seong-Joo; Han, Joon-Kyu; Yun, Gyeong-Jun; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.12, no.1, 2022-01

    Reliability Improvement of Gate-All-Around SONOS Memory by Joule Heat From Gate-Induced Drain Leakage Current

    Lee, Jung-Woo; Han, Joon-Kyu; Yu, Ji-Man; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES, v.69, no.1, pp.115 - 119, 2022-01

    Power Reduction in Punch-Through Current-Based Electro-Thermal Annealing in Gate-All-Around FETs

    Kim, Min-Kyeong; Choi, Yang-Kyuresearcher; Park, Jun-Young, MICROMACHINES, v.13, no.1, 2022-01

    A Vertical Silicon Nanowire Based Single Transistor Neuron with Excitatory, Inhibitory, and Myelination Functions for Highly Scalable Neuromorphic Hardware

    Han, Joon-Kyu; Oh, Jungyeop; Yu, Ji-Man; et al, SMALL, v.17, no.49, 2021-12

    Improved Self-Curing Effect in a MOSFET with Gate Biasing

    Lee, Geon-Beom; Jung, Jin-Woo; Kim, Choong-Ki; et al, IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, v.42, no.12, pp.1731 - 1734, 2021-12

    Lateral profiling of gate dielectric damage by off-state stress and positive-bias temperature instability

    Lee, Geon-Beom; Kim, Choong-Ki; Bang, Tewook; et al, MICROELECTRONICS AND RELIABILITY, v.127, pp.114383, 2021-12

    Investigation of Leaky Characteristic in a Single-Transistor-Based Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Neuron

    Han, Joon-Kyu; Kim, Myung-Su; Kim, Seung-Il; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES, v.68, no.11, pp.5912 - 5915, 2021-11

    Strategy to enhance entropy of random numbers in a wind-driven triboelectric random number generator

    Kim, Moon-Seok; Tcho, Il-Woong; Choi, Yang-Kyuresearcher, NANO ENERGY, v.89, pp.106359, 2021-11

    A Temperature Sensor With a Thermillator

    Lee, Mun-Woo; Han, Joon-Kyu; Yun, Gyeong-Jun; et al, IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, v.42, no.11, pp.1654 - 1657, 2021-09

    Off-state leakage in MOSFET considering source/drain extension regions

    Hur, Jae; Jeong, Woo Jin; Shin, Mincheolresearcher; et al, SEMICONDUCTOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.36, no.8, pp.085018, 2021-08

    Cointegration of single-transistor neurons and synapses by nanoscale CMOS fabrication for highly scalable neuromorphic hardware

    Han, Joon-Kyu; Oh, Jungyeop; Yun, Gyeong-Jun; et al, SCIENCE ADVANCES, v.7, no.32, 2021-08

    Gateless and Capacitorless Germanium Biristor with a Vertical Pillar Structure

    Bae, Hagyoul; Lee, Geon Beom; Hur, Jae; et al, MICROMACHINES, v.12, no.8, 2021-07

    Hybrid Gate Dielectric of MoS2 Transistors for Enhanced Photo-Electronic Stability

    Park, Hamin; Oh, Dong Sik; Hong, Woonggi; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES, v.8, no.14, pp.2100599, 2021-07

    Data Sanitization of SRAM by Thermal Distortion

    Han, Joon-Kyu; Han, Seong-Joo; Yu, Ji-Man; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES, v.68, no.7, pp.3706 - 3710, 2021-07

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