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Lee, Wonhee (이원희)
부교수, Department of Physics(물리학과)
Research Area
Development of Microfluidic calorimeters and applications for cell biology, High-throughput self-assembly of nano-, microparticles using inertial microfluidics, Fluid dynamics
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    Editorial for the Special Issue on Inertial Microfluidics

    Hur, Soojung Claire; Lee, Wonheeresearcher, MICROMACHINES, v.12, no.6, 2021-06

    Surface Modification of Parylene C Film via Buchwald-Hartwig Amination for Organic Solvent-Compatible and Flexible Microfluidic Channel Bonding

    Satheeshkumar, Chinnadurai; Jung, Bum-Joon; Jang, Hansol; et al, MACROMOLECULAR RAPID COMMUNICATIONS, v.42, no.8, pp.2000520, 2021-04

    Changes of Inertial Focusing Position in a Triangular Channel Depending on Droplet Deformability and Size

    Choi, Yo-han; Kim, Jeong-ah; Lee, Wonheeresearcher, MICROMACHINES, v.11, no.9, 2020-09

    Enhancement of inflection point focusing and rare-cell separations from untreated whole blood

    Lee, Dongwoo; Choi, Yo-han; Lee, Wonheeresearcher, LAB ON A CHIP, v.20, no.16, pp.2861 - 2871, 2020-06

    Micromirror-Embedded Coverslip Assembly for Bidirectional Microscopic Imaging

    Lee, Dongwoo; Kim, Jihye; Song, Eunjoo; et al, MICROMACHINES, v.11, no.6, 2020-06

    Development and application of chip calorimeter as an X-ray detector

    Kim, Jonghyun; Nam, Sung Min; Jang, Heejun; et al, CURRENT APPLIED PHYSICS, v.20, no.2, pp.337 - 343, 2020-02

    Parylene based thin-film microfluidic lens array fabricated by iCVD nano-adhesive bonding

    Seo, Sumin; Kim, Jihye; Choi, Yo-han; et al, POLYMER, v.181, pp.121763, 2019-10

    Reaction-volume dependent chemistry of highly selective photocatalytic reduction of nitrobenzene

    Jang, Seungwook; Jung, Bum-Joon; Kim, Mi-Jeong; et al, REACTION CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING, v.4, no.10, pp.1752 - 1756, 2019-10

    Generation of 3D Microparticles in Microchannels with Non-rectangular Cross Sections

    Nam, Sung Min; Kim, Kibeom; Kang, Il-Suk; et al, BIOCHIP JOURNAL, v.13, no.3, pp.223 - 235, 2019-09

    Profiling protein-protein interactions of single cancer cells with in situ lysis and co-immunoprecipitation

    Ryu, Ji Young; Kim, Jihye; Shon, Min Ju; et al, LAB ON A CHIP, v.19, no.11, pp.1922 - 1928, 2019-05

    Gold Binding Peptide Identified from Microfluidic Biopanning: An Experimental and Molecular Dynamics Study

    Lee, Dong Jae; Park, Hyun Su; Koo, Kunmo; et al, LANGMUIR, v.35, no.2, pp.522 - 528, 2019-01

    Multiphoton structured thin-plane imaging with a single optical path

    Yu, Jiun-Yann; Kim, Jonghyun; Holland, Daniel B.; et al, OPTICS LETTERS, v.43, no.21, pp.5271 - 5274, 2018-11

    Enhancement of optical resolution in three-dimensional refractive-index tomograms of biological samples by employing micromirror-embedded coverslips

    Shin, Seungwoo; Kim, Jihye; Lee, Je-Ryung; et al, LAB ON A CHIP, v.18, no.22, pp.3484 - 3491, 2018-10

    PDMS-Parylene Hybrid, Flexible Microfluidics for Real-Time Modulation of 3D Helical Inertial Microfluidics

    Jung, Bum-Joon; Kim, Jihye; Kim, Jeong-ah; et al, MICROMACHINES, v.9, no.6, pp.255 - 266, 2018-06

    Active Control of Inertial Focusing Positions and Particle Separations Enabled by Velocity Profile Tuning with Coflow Systems

    Lee, Dongwoo; Nam, Sung Min; Kim, Jeong Ah; et al, ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, v.90, no.4, pp.2902 - 2911, 2018-02

    Size-Dependent Inertial Focusing Position Shift and Particle Separations in Triangular Microchannels

    Kim, Jeong Ah; Lee, Je-Ryung; Je, Tae-Jin; et al, ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, v.90, no.3, pp.1827 - 1835, 2018-02

    Nanofluidic chip for liquid TEM cell fabricated by parylene and silicon nitride direct bonding

    Jang, Heejun; Kang, Il-Suk; Kim, Jihye; et al, NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.28, no.37, pp.1361 - 6528, 2017-09

    Rollable Microfluidic Systems with Microscale Bending Radius and Tuning of Device Function with Reconfigurable 3D Channel Geometry

    Kim, Jihye; You, Jae Bem; Nam, Sung Min; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.9, no.12, pp.11156 - 11166, 2017-03

    Direct transfer of multilayer graphene grown on a rough metal surface using PDMS adhesion engineering

    Jang, Heejun; Kang, Il-Suk; Lee, Youngbok; et al, NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.27, no.36, 2016-09

    High-sensitivity chip calorimeter platform for sub-nano watt thermal measurement.

    Koh, Joonyoung; Lee, Wonheeresearcher; Shin, JungHoonresearcher, SENSORS AND ACTUATORS A-PHYSICAL, v.241, pp.60 - 65, 2016-04

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