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Yoon, Dong Ki (윤동기)
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry(화학과)
Research Area
Soft Nanomatters; Liquid crystals, supramolecules, polymers, particles, Nanofabrication of soft materials, Orientation control of nanostructures by topographic confinement
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    Molecular Orientation Control of Liquid Crystal Organic Semiconductor for High-Performance Organic Field-Effect Transistors

    Han, Moon Jong; Lee, Don-Wook; Lee, Eun Kyung; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.13, no.9, pp.11125 - 11133, 2021-03

    Nanoscratch-Directed Self-Assembly of Block Copolymer Thin Films

    Kim, Dong Hyup; Suh, Ahram; Park, Geonhyeong; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.13, no.4, pp.5772 - 5781, 2021-02

    Security use of the chiral photonic film made of helical liquid crystal structures

    Park, Wongi; Ha, Taewoo; Jung, Taek Sun; et al, NANOSCALE, v.12, no.42, pp.21629 - 21634, 2020-11

    Orientation Control of Semiconducting Polymers Using Microchannel Molds

    Han, Moon Jong; Kim, Junkyu; Kim, Bomi; et al, ACS NANO, v.14, no.10, pp.12951 - 12961, 2020-11

    Fabrication of Bilayer Dichroic Films Using Liquid Crystal Materials for Multiplex Applications

    Park, Geonhyeong; Choi, Yun-Seok; Yun, Hee Seong; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.12, no.40, pp.45315 - 45321, 2020-10

    Dendritic growth in a two-dimensional smectic E freely suspended film

    Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher; Zhu, Chenhui; Kim, Yun Ho; et al, MOLECULAR SYSTEMS DESIGN & ENGINEERING, v.5, no.4, pp.815 - 819, 2020-05

    Highly Oriented and Ordered Water-Soluble Semiconducting Polymers in a DNA Matrix

    Han, Moon Jong; McBride, Michael; Risteen, Bailey; et al, CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, v.32, no.2, pp.688 - 696, 2020-01

    Direct Visualization of Optical Activity in Chiral Substances Using a Helical Nanofilament (B4) Liquid Crystal Phase

    Park, Wongi; Wolska, Joanna M.; Pociecha, Damian; et al, ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS, v.7, no.23, 2019-12

    Self-Regulated Smectic Emulsion with Switchable Lasing Application

    Kim, Dae Seok; Lee, Wonsuk; Lopez-Leon, Teresa; et al, SMALL, v.15, no.49, pp.1903818, 2019-12

    Reconfigurable Periodic Liquid Crystal Defect Array via Modulation of Electric Field

    You, Ra; Choi, Yun Seok; Shin, Min Jeong; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS TECHNOLOGIES, v.4, no.11, pp.1900454, 2019-11

    Supramolecular Nanopumps with Chiral Recognition for Moving Organic Pollutants from Water

    Bao, Sihan; Wu, Shanshan; Huang, Liping; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.11, no.34, pp.31220 - 31226, 2019-08

    Directed self-assembly of a helical nanofilament liquid crystal phase for use as structural color reflectors

    Park, Wongi; Ha, Taewoo; Kim, Teun-Teun; et al, NPG ASIA MATERIALS, v.11, 2019-08

    The Renewable and Sustainable Conversion of Chitin into a Chiral Nitrogen-Doped Carbon-Sheath Nanofiber for Enantioselective Adsorption

    Hoang-Linh Nguyen; Ju, Sungbin; Hao, Lam Tan; et al, CHEMSUSCHEM, v.12, no.14, pp.3236 - 3242, 2019-07

    Nanoconfinement of the Low-Temperature Dark Conglomerate: Structural Control from Focal Conics to Helical Nanofilaments

    Foley, Lee; Park, Wongi; Yang, Minyong; et al, CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, v.25, no.31, pp.7438 - 7442, 2019-06

    Optoelectrical and mechanical properties of multiwall carbon nanotube-integrated DNA thin films

    Kesama, Mallikarjuna Reddy; Dugasani, Sreekantha Reddy; Cha, Yun Jeong; et al, NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.30, no.24, 2019-06

    Microstructure arrays of DNA using topographic control

    Cha, Yun Jeong; Park, Soon Mo; You, Ra; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.10, 2019-06

    Topological defects and geometric memory across the nematic-smectic A liquid crystal phase transition

    Suh, Ahram; Gim, Min-Jun; Beller, Daniel; et al, SOFT MATTER, v.15, no.29, pp.5835 - 5841, 2019-05

    Nanoconfined heliconical structure of twist-bend nematic liquid crystal phase

    You, Ra; Park, Wongi; Carlson, Eric; et al, LIQUID CRYSTALS, v.46, no.2, pp.316 - 325, 2019-04

    Manipulation of Supramolecular Columnar Structures of H-Bonded Donor-Acceptor Units through Geometrical Nanoconfinement

    Park, Wongi; Feringan, Beatriz; Yang, Minyong; et al, CHEMPHYSCHEM, v.20, no.6, pp.890 - 897, 2019-03

    Controllable liquid crystal defect arrays induced by an in-plane electric field and their lithographic applications

    Suh, Ahram; Ahn, Hyungju; Shin, Tae Joo; et al, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C, v.7, no.6, pp.1713 - 1719, 2019-01

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