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Yoon, Sung-Eui (윤성의)
교수, School of Computing(전산학부)
Research Area
Computer Graphics, Visualization, Geometric Problems
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    RCIK: Real-Time Collision-Free Inverse Kinematics Using a Collision-Cost Prediction Network

    Kang, Min Cheul; Cho, Yoon Ki; Yoon, Sung-Euiresearcher, IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LETTERS, v.7, no.1, pp.610 - 617, 2022-01

    Weakly-Supervised Contrastive Learning in Path Manifold for Monte Carlo Image Reconstruction

    Cho, In-Young; Huo, Yuchi; Yoon, Sung-Euiresearcher, ACM TRANSACTIONS ON GRAPHICS, v.40, no.4, pp.1 - 14, 2021-07

    A survey on deep learning-based Monte Carlo denoising

    Huo, Yuchi; Yoon, Sung-euiresearcher, COMPUTATIONAL VISUAL MEDIA, v.7, no.2, pp.169 - 185, 2021-06

    Instant Panoramic Texture Mapping with Semantic Object Matching for Large-Scale Urban Scene Reproduction

    Park, Jinwoo; Jeon, Ik-Beom; Yoon, Sung-euiresearcher; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VISUALIZATION AND COMPUTER GRAPHICS, v.27, no.5, pp.2746 - 2756, 2021-05

    Physically-inspired Deep Light Estimation from a Homogeneous-Material Object for Mixed Reality Lighting

    Park, Jinwoo; Park, Hunmin; Yoon, Sung-Euiresearcher; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VISUALIZATION AND COMPUTER GRAPHICS, v.26, no.5, pp.2002 - 2011, 2020-03

    Adaptive Incident Radiance Field Sampling and Reconstruction Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

    Huo, Yuchi; Wang, Rui; Zheng, Ruzahng; et al, ACM TRANSACTIONS ON GRAPHICS, v.39, no.1, 2020-02

    Simultaneous planning of sampling and optimization: study on lazy evaluation and configuration free space approximation for optimal motion planning algorithm

    Kim, Donghyuk; Yoon, Sung-Euiresearcher, AUTONOMOUS ROBOTS, v.44, no.2, pp.165 - 181, 2020-01

    Distance Encoded Product Quantization for Approximate K-Nearest Neighbor Search in High-Dimensional Space

    Heo, Jae-Pil; Lin, Zhe; Yoon, Sung-Euiresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PATTERN ANALYSIS AND MACHINE INTELLIGENCE, v.41, no.9, pp.2084 - 2097, 2019-09

    Gradient Outlier Removal for Gradient‐Domain Path Tracing

    Ha, Saerom; Oh, Sojin; Back, Jonghee; et al, COMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM, v.38, no.2, pp.245 - 253, 2019-05

    Super Rays and Culling Region for Real-Time Updates on Grid-Based Occupancy Maps

    Kwon, Youngsun; Kim, Donghyuk; An, Inkyu; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ROBOTICS, v.35, no.2, pp.482 - 497, 2019-04

    Feature Generation for Adaptive Gradient-Domain Path Tracing

    Back, Jonghee; Yoon, Sung-Euiresearcher; Moon, Bochang, COMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM, v.37, no.7, pp.65 - 74, 2018-10

    Rank-based voting with inclusion relationship for accurate image search

    Cho, Jaehyeong; Heo, Jae-Pil; Kim, Taeyoung; et al, VISUAL COMPUTER, v.33, no.6-8, pp.1049 - 1059, 2017-06

    Physically inspired, interactive lightning generation

    Yun, Jeongsu; Son, Myungbae; Choi, Byungyoon; et al, COMPUTER ANIMATION AND VIRTUAL WORLDS, v.28, no.3-4, 2017-05

    Memory-efficient NBNN image classification

    Lee, Yoon Seok; Yoon, Sung Euiresearcher, Journal of Computing Science and Engineering, v.11, no.1, pp.1 - 8, 2017-03

    Optimally Redundant, Seek-Time Minimizing Data Layout for Interactive Rendering

    Chen, Jia; Jiang, Shan; Destefano, Zachary; et al, VISUAL COMPUTER, v.33, no.2, pp.139 - 149, 2017-02

    TSS BVHs: Tetrahedron Swept Sphere BVHs for Ray Tracing Subdivision Surfaces

    Du, P.; Kim, Y. J.; Yoon, Sung-Euiresearcher, COMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM, v.35, no.7, pp.279 - 288, 2016-10

    몬테카를로 렌더링을 위한 슈어기반 실시간 에이트러스 웨이블릿 필터

    Moon, Bo-Chang; Kim, Soomin; Yoon, Sung-Euiresearcher, 정보과학회논문지, v.43, no.08, pp.835 - 840, 2016-08

    물리적 특성을 고려한 빠른 번개 렌더링

    윤성의researcher; 윤정수, 한국컴퓨터그래픽스학회논문지, v.22, no.3, pp.53 - 61, 2016-07

    Relation Based Bayesian Network for NBNN

    Mingyang Sun; Lee, Yoonseok; Yoon, Sung-Euiresearcher, Journal of Computing Science and Engineering, v.9, no.4, pp.204 - 213, 2015-12

    Spherical Hashing: Binary Code Embedding with Hyperspheres

    Heo, Jaepil; Lee, Youngwoon; He, Junfeng; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PATTERN ANALYSIS AND MACHINE INTELLIGENCE, v.37, no.11, pp.2304 - 2316, 2015-11

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