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Yoon, Jun-Bo (윤준보)
교수, School of Electrical Engineering(전기및전자공학부)
Research Area
MEMS fabrication, 3D Microdevices, Nanowire devices
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    NO Title, Author(s) (Publication Title, Volume Issue, Page, Issue Date)
    An investigation of surficial conduction heat loss in perfectly aligned micro-wire array

    Seo, Min-Ho; Park, Jae Hyeon; Choi, Kwang-Wook; et al, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.115, no.13, 2019-09

    Stress-engineered palladium nanowires for wide range (0.1%-3.9%) of H-2 detection with high durability

    Lee, Jae Shin; Seo, Min-Ho; Choi, Kwang-Wook; et al, NANOSCALE, v.11, no.35, pp.16317 - 16326, 2019-09

    Batch-fabricated CO gas sensor in large-area (8-inch) with sub-10 mW power operation

    Choi, Kwang-Wook; Lee, Jae Shin; Seo, Min-Ho; et al, SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL, v.289, pp.153 - 159, 2019-06

    Integration of a Carbon Nanotube Network on a Microelectromechanical Switch for Ultralong Contact Lifetime

    Jo, Eunhwan; Seo, Min-Ho; Pyo, Soonjae; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.11, no.20, pp.18617 - 18625, 2019-05

    High-Performance Copper Oxide Visible-Light Photodetector via Grain-Structure Model

    Song, Hyeon-Joo; Seo, Min-Ho; Choi, Kwang-Wook; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.9, 2019-05

    Mass-producible structural design and fabrication method for a slim light-guide plate having inverse-trapezoidal light out-couplers

    Lee, Yong-Bok; Yoon, Gun-Wook; Yoon, Jun-Boresearcher, JOURNAL OF MICROMECHANICS AND MICROENGINEERING, v.29, no.3, 2019-03

    A Proactive Plastic Deformation Method for Fine-Tuning of Metal-Based MEMS Devices After Fabrication

    Yoon, Yong Hoon; Han, Chang-Hoon; Lee, Jae Shin; et al, JOURNAL OF MICROELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEMS, v.27, no.6, pp.1124 - 1134, 2018-12

    First Lateral Contact Probing of 55-μm Fine Pitch Micro-Bumps

    Kim, Chang-Keun; Yoon, Yong Hoon; Kwon, Donguk; et al, JOURNAL OF MICROELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEMS, v.27, no.6, pp.1114 - 1123, 2018-12

    Industrial Grade, Bending-Insensitive, Transparent Nanoforce Touch Sensor via Enhanced Percolation Effect in a Hierarchical Nanocomposite Film

    Yoo, Jae-Young; Seo, Min-Ho; Lee, Jae Shin; et al, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, v.28, no.42, 2018-10

    Edge-lit LCD backlight unit for 2D local dimming

    Yoon, Gun-Wook; Bae, Seok-Won; Lee, Yong-Bok; et al, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.26, no.16, pp.20802 - 20812, 2018-08

    A Low Contact Resistance 4-Terminal Mems Relay: Theoretical Analysis, Design, and Demonstration

    Yoon, Yong Hoon; Jin, Yun Su; Kim, Chang-Keun; et al, JOURNAL OF MICROELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEMS, v.27, no.3, pp.497 - 505, 2018-06

    Material-Independent Nanotransfer onto a Flexible Substrate Using Mechanical-Interlocking Structure

    Seo, Min-Ho; Choi, Seon-Jin; Park, Sang Hyun; et al, ACS NANO, v.12, no.5, pp.4387 - 4397, 2018-05

    1000-Fold Lifetime Extension of a Nickel Electromechanical Contact Device via Graphene

    Seo, Min-Ho; Ko, Jae Hyeon; Lee, Jeong-Oen; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS INTERFACES, v.10, no.10, pp.9085 - 9093, 2018-03

    Investigation of the Nanoparticle Electrical Contact Lubrication in MEMS Switches

    Ko, Seung-Deok; Seo, Min-Ho; Yoon, Yong Hoon; et al, JOURNAL OF MICROELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEMS, v.26, no.6, pp.1417 - 1427, 2017-12

    Nanotransplantation Printing of Crystallographic-Orientation-Controlled Single-Crystalline Nanowire Arrays on Diverse Surfaces

    Han, Hyeuk Jin; Jeong, Jae Won; Yang, Se Ryeun; et al, ACS NANO, v.11, no.11, pp.11642 - 11652, 2017-11

    Linear frequency tuning in an LC‑resonant system using a C-V response controllable MEMS varactor

    Han, Chang-Hoon; Yoon, Yong Hoon; Ko, Seung-Deok; et al, Micro and Nano Systems Letters, v.5, no.25, 2017-09

    Nanomechanical Encoding Method Using Enhanced Thermal Concentration on a Metallic Nanobridge

    Lee, Jeong-Oen; Choi, Kwang-Wook; Choi, Seon-Jin; et al, ACS NANO, v.11, no.8, pp.7781 - 7789, 2017-08

    Performance-enhanced triboelectric nanogenerator enabled by wafer-scale nanogrates of multistep pattern downscaling

    Wang, Hee Seung; Jeong, Chang Kyu; Seo, Min-Ho; et al, NANO ENERGY, v.35, pp.415 - 423, 2017-05

    Versatile Transfer of an Ultralong and Seamless Nanowire Array Crystallized at High Temperature for Use in High-Performance Flexible Devices

    Seo, Min-Ho; Yoo, Jae-Young; Choi, So-Young; et al, ACS NANO, v.11, no.2, pp.1520 - 1529, 2017-02

    Stepwise Actuation of an Electrostatic Bimorph Cantilever Actuator Using a Patterned Bottom Electrode

    Lim, Keun Seo; Yoon, Jun-Boresearcher, JOURNAL OF MICROELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEMS, v.25, no.5, pp.909 - 915, 2016-10

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