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Lee, Heung Kyu (이흥규)
부교수, Graduate School of Medical Science and Engineering(의과학대학원)
Research Area
Immunology, Virus immunology, Oncoimmunology
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    NO Title, Author(s) (Publication Title, Volume Issue, Page, Issue Date)
    Delivery Routes for COVID-19 Vaccines

    Park, Jang Hyun; Lee, Heung Kyuresearcher, VACCINES, v.9, no.5, 2021-05

    Immune Networks in Health and Disease

    Lee, Heung Kyuresearcher; Chung, Doo Hyun, MOLECULES AND CELLS, v.44, no.5, pp.279 - 280, 2021-05

    The Role of Gut Microbiota in Modulating Tumor Growth and Anticancer Agent Efficacy

    Kim, Jaeho; Lee, Heung Kyuresearcher, MOLECULES AND CELLS, v.44, no.5, pp.356 - 362, 2021-05

    Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition)

    Klionsky, Daniel J.; Abdel-Aziz, Amal Kamal; Abdelfatah, Sara; et al, AUTOPHAGY, v.17, no.1, pp.1 - 382, 2021-05

    Function of gamma delta T cells in tumor immunology and their application to cancer therapy

    Park, Jang Hyun; Lee, Heung Kyuresearcher, EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE, v.53, no.3, pp.318 - 327, 2021-03

    Tumor hypoxia represses gamma delta T cell-mediated antitumor immunity against brain tumors

    Park, Changhyun; Kim, Hyunjin; Kim, Chaewon; et al, NATURE IMMUNOLOGY, v.22, no.3, pp.336 - 346, 2021-02

    Single Cell Transcriptomic Re-analysis of Immune Cells in Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluids Reveals the Correlation of B Cell Characteristics and Disease Severity of Patients with SARS-CoV-2 Infection

    Kim, Chae Won; Oh, Ji Eunresearcher; Lee, Heung Kyuresearcher, IMMUNE NETWORK, v.21, no.1, 2021-02

    The role of dendritic cells in tumor microenvironments and their uses as therapeutic targets

    Kim, Chae Won; Kim, Kyun-Do; Lee, Heung Kyuresearcher, BMB REPORTS, v.54, no.1, pp.31 - 43, 2021-01

    Vaccines against Genital Herpes: Where Are We?

    Kim, Hyeon Cheol; Lee, Heung Kyuresearcher, VACCINES, v.8, no.3, 2020-09

    Re-analysis of Single Cell Transcriptome Reveals That the NR3C1-CXCL8-Neutrophil Axis Determines the Severity of COVID-19

    Park, Jang Hyun; Lee, Heung Kyuresearcher, FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY, v.11, pp.2145, 2020-08

    Immunophenotyping of COVID-19 and influenza highlights the role of type I interferons in development of severe COVID-19

    Lee, Jeong Seok; Park, Seongwan; Jeong, Hye Won; et al, SCIENCE IMMUNOLOGY, v.5, no.49, 2020-07

    Host Protective Immune Responses against Influenza A Virus Infection

    Jung, Hi Eun; Lee, Heung Kyuresearcher, VIRUSES-BASEL, v.12, no.5, 2020-05

    Flagellin-Stimulated Production of Interferon-beta Promotes Anti-Flagellin IgG2c and IgA Responses

    Kang, Wondae; Park, Areum; Huh, Ji-Won; et al, MOLECULES AND CELLS, v.43, no.3, pp.251 - 263, 2020-03

    Contribution of Dendritic Cells in Protective Immunity against Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection

    Jung, Hi Eun; Kim, Tae Hoon; Lee, Heung Kyuresearcher, VIRUSES-BASEL, v.12, no.1, 2020-01

    Autophagy protein ATG5 regulates CD36 expression and anti-tumor MHC class II antigen presentation in dendritic cells

    Oh, Dong Sun; Lee, Heung Kyuresearcher, AUTOPHAGY, v.15, no.12, pp.2091 - 2106, 2019-12

    Exogenous Interleukin-33 Contributes to Protective Immunity via Cytotoxic T-Cell Priming against Mucosal Influenza Viral Infection

    Kim, Chae Won; Yoo, Hye Jee; Park, Jang Hyun; et al, VIRUSES-BASEL, v.11, no.9, 2019-09

    Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells Contribute to the Production of IFN-beta via TLR7-MyD88-Dependent Pathway and CTL Priming during Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection

    Kim, Tae Hoon; Oh, Dong Sun; Jung, Hi Eun; et al, VIRUSES-BASEL, v.11, no.8, 2019-08

    The autophagy Protein Atg5 Plays a Crucial Role in the Maintenance and Reconstitution Ability of Hematopoietic Stem Cells

    Jung, Hi Eun; Shim, Yeri; Oh, Ji Eunresearcher; et al, IMMUNE NETWORK, v.19, no.2, pp.1 - 13, 2019-04

    Sustained Type I Interferon Reinforces NK Cell-Mediated Cancer Immunosurveillance during Chronic Virus Infection

    Oh, Ji Hoon; Kim, Myeong Joon; Choi, Seong Jin; et al, CANCER IMMUNOLOGY RESEARCH, v.7, no.4, pp.584 - 599, 2019-04

    Single mucosal vaccination targeting nucleoprotein provides broad protection against two lineages of influenza B virus

    Kim, Myung Hee; Kang, Jung-Ok; Kim, Joo-Young; et al, ANTIVIRAL RESEARCH, v.163, pp.19 - 28, 2019-03

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