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Ye, Jong Chul (예종철)
교수, Department of Bio and Brain Engineering(바이오및뇌공학과)
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    Deep learning STEM-EDX tomography of nanocrystals

    Han, Yoseob; Jang, Jaeduck; Cha, Eunju; et al, Nature Machine Intelligence, v.3, pp.267 - 274, 2021-03

    AdaIN-Based Tunable CycleGAN for Efficient Unsupervised Low-Dose CT Denoising

    Gu, Jawook; Ye, Jong Chulresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTATIONAL IMAGING, v.7, pp.73 - 85, 2021-01

    Unpaired Training of Deep Learning tMRA for Flexible Spatio-Temporal Resolution

    Cha, Eunju; Chung, Hyungjin; Kim, Eung Yeop; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MEDICAL IMAGING, v.40, no.1, pp.166 - 179, 2021-01

    Deep learning for tomographic image reconstruction

    Wang, Ge; Ye, Jong Chulresearcher; De Man, Bruno, NATURE MACHINE INTELLIGENCE, v.2, no.12, pp.737 - 748, 2020-12

    Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: Current Applications and Issues

    Park, Chan-Woo; Seo, Sung Wook; Kang, Noeul; et al, JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE, v.35, no.42, pp.1 - 11, 2020-11

    Improving the Reliability of Pharmacokinetic Parameters at Dynamic Contrast-enhanced MRI in Astrocytomas: A Deep Learning Approach

    Choi, Kyu Sung; You, Sung-Hye; Han, Yoseob; et al, RADIOLOGY, v.297, no.1, pp.178 - 188, 2020-10

    Editorial: Introduction to the Issue on Domain Enriched Learning for Medical Imaging

    Monga, Vishal; Acton, Scott T.; Seghouane, Abd-Krim; et al, IEEE JOURNAL OF SELECTED TOPICS IN SIGNAL PROCESSING, v.14, no.6, pp.1068 - 1071, 2020-10

    Unpaired Deep Learning for Accelerated MRI Using Optimal Transport Driven CycleGAN

    Oh, Gyutaek; Sim, Byeongsu; Chung, HyungJin; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTATIONAL IMAGING, v.6, pp.1285 - 1296, 2020-08

    Development of digital breast tomosynthesis and diffuse optical tomography fusion imaging for breast cancer detection

    Chae, Eun Young; Kim, Hak Hee; Sabir, Sohail; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.10, no.1, 2020-08

    Deep Learning COVID-19 Features on CXR Using Limited Training Data Sets

    Oh, Yujin; Park, Sangjoon; Ye, Jong Chulresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MEDICAL IMAGING, v.39, no.8, pp.2688 - 2700, 2020-08

    Adaptive and Compressive Beamforming Using Deep Learning for Medical Ultrasound

    Khan, Shujaat; Huh, Jaeyoung; Ye, Jong Chulresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ULTRASONICS FERROELECTRICS AND FREQUENCY CONTROL, v.67, no.8, pp.1558 - 1572, 2020-08

    CycleGAN With a Blur Kernel for Deconvolution Microscopy: Optimal Transport Geometry

    Lim, Sungjun; Park, Hyoungjun; Lee, Sang-Eun; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTATIONAL IMAGING, v.6, pp.1127 - 1138, 2020-07

    Understanding Graph Isomorphism Network for rs-fMRI Functional Connectivity Analysis

    Kim, Byung-Hoon; Ye, Jong Chulresearcher, FRONTIERS IN NEUROSCIENCE, v.14, 2020-06

    Deep Learning Diffuse Optical Tomography

    Yoo, Jaejun; Sabir, Sohail; Heo, Duchang; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MEDICAL IMAGING, v.39, no.4, pp.877 - 887, 2020-04

    Quantitative susceptibility map reconstruction using annihilating filter-based low-rank Hankel matrix approach

    Ahn, Hyun-Seo; Park, Sung-Hongresearcher; Ye, Jong Chulresearcher, MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE, v.83, no.3, pp.858 - 871, 2020-03

    Computational MRI: Compressive Sensing and Beyond

    Jacob, Mathews; Ye, Jong Chulresearcher; Ying, Leslie; et al, IEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING MAGAZINE, v.37, no.1, pp.21 - 23, 2020-01

    Assessing the importance of magnetic resonance contrasts using collaborative generative adversarial networks

    Lee, Dongwook; Moon, Won-Jin; Ye, Jong Chulresearcher, Nature Machine Intelligence, v.2, no.1, pp.34 - 42, 2020-01

    Structured Low-Rank Algorithms: Theory, Magnetic Resonance Applications, and Links to Machine Learning

    Jacob, Mathews; Mani, Merry P.; Ye, Jong Chulresearcher, IEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING MAGAZINE, v.37, no.1, pp.54 - 68, 2020-01

    MumfordShah Loss Functional for Image Segmentation With Deep Learning

    Kim, Boah; Ye, Jong Chulresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON IMAGE PROCESSING, v.29, pp.1856 - 1866, 2020-01

    Image Reconstruction: From Sparsity to Data-Adaptive Methods and Machine Learning

    Ravishankar, Saiprasad; Ye, Jong Chulresearcher; Fessler, Jeffrey A., PROCEEDINGS OF THE IEEE, v.108, no.1, pp.86 - 109, 2020-01

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