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Kim, Joon (김준)
부교수, Graduate School of Medical Science and Engineering(의과학대학원)
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    Identification of FES as a Novel Radiosensitizing Target in Human Cancers

    Kim, Byoung Hyuck; Kim, Yong Joon; Kim, Myung-Ho; et al, CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH, v.26, no.1, pp.265 - 273, 2020-01

    ESCRT subunit CHMP4B localizes to primary cilia and is required for the structural integrity of the ciliary membrane

    Jung, Eunji; Choi, Tae-Ik; Lee, Ji-Eun; et al, FASEB JOURNAL, v.34, no.1, pp.1331 - 1344, 2020-01

    MK5 Regulates YAP Stability and Is a Molecular Target in YAP-Driven Cancers

    Seo, Jimyung; Kim, Min Hwan; Hong, Hyowon; et al, CANCER RESEARCH, v.79, no.24, pp.6139 - 6152, 2019-12

    Therapeutic perspectives for structural and functional abnormalities of cilia

    Kim, Yong Joon; Kim, Joonresearcher, CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR LIFE SCIENCES, v.76, no.19, pp.3695 - 3709, 2019-10

    Clinicopathological and Preclinical Findings of NUT Carcinoma: A Multicenter Study

    Jung, Minsun; Kim, Soyeon; Lee, June Koo; et al, ONCOLOGIST, v.24, no.8, pp.E740 - E748, 2019-08

    Extraciliary roles of the ciliopathy protein JBTS17 in mitosis and neurogenesis

    Hong, Hyowon; Joo, Kwangsic; Park, Sang Min; et al, ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY, v.86, no.1, pp.99 - 115, 2019-07

    Loss of Primary Cilia Results in the Development of Cancer in the Murine Thyroid Gland

    Lee, Junguee; Yi, Shinae; Chang, Joon Young; et al, MOLECULES AND CELLS, v.42, no.2, pp.113 - 122, 2019-02

    Loss-of-function of IFT88 determines metabolic phenotypes in thyroid cancer

    Lee, Junguee; Yi, Shinae; Won, Minho; et al, ONCOGENE, v.37, no.32, pp.4455 - 4474, 2018-08

    Eupatilin rescues ciliary transition zone defects to ameliorate ciliopathy-related phenotypes

    Kim, Yong Joon; Kim, Sungsoo; Jung, Yooju; et al, JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION, v.128, no.8, pp.3642 - 3648, 2018-08

    Regulation of Hippo signaling by actin remodeling

    Seo, Jimyung; Kim, Joonresearcher, BMB REPORTS, v.51, no.3, pp.151 - 156, 2018-06

    YAP-Induced PD-L1 Expression Drives Immune Evasion in BRAFi-Resistant Melanoma

    Kim, Min Hwan; Kim, Chang Gon; Kim, Sang-Kyum; et al, CANCER IMMUNOLOGY RESEARCH, v.6, no.3, pp.255 - 266, 2018-03

    Export of membrane proteins from the Golgi complex to the primary cilium requires the kinesin motor, KIFC1

    Lee, Si-Hyung; Joo, Kwangsic; Jung, Eunji; et al, FASEB JOURNAL, v.32, no.2, pp.957 - 968, 2018-02

    Clonal History and Genetic Predictors of Transformation Into Small-Cell Carcinomas From Lung Adenocarcinomas

    Lee, June Koo; Lee, Junehawk; Kim, Sehui; et al, JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY, v.35, no.26, pp.3065 - +, 2017-09

    Role of YAP/TAZ transcriptional regulators in resistance to anti-cancer therapies

    Kim, Min Hwan; Kim, Joonresearcher, CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR LIFE SCIENCES, v.74, no.8, pp.1457 - 1474, 2017-04

    Defective ciliogenesis in thyroid hurthle cell tumors is associated with increased autophagy

    Lee, Junguee; Yi, Shinae; Kang, Yea Eun; et al, ONCOTARGET, v.7, no.48, pp.79103 - 79116, 2016-11

    KIF3A binds to beta-arrestin for suppressing Wnt/beta-catenin signalling independently of primary cilia in lung cancer

    Kim, Min-Suh; Suh, Young-Ah; Oh, Ju-Hee; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.6, 2016-09

    Targeted exome sequencing resolves allelic and the genetic heterogeneity in the genetic diagnosis of nephronophthisis-related ciliopathy

    Kang, Hee Gyung; Lee, Hyun Kyung; Ahn, Yo Han; et al, EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE, v.48, 2016-08

    MCRS1 associates with cytoplasmic dynein and mediates pericentrosomal material recruitment

    Lee, Si-Hyung; Lee, Mi-Sun; Choi, Tae-Ik; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.6, 2016-06

    Genome-wide screen identifies novel machineries required for both ciliogenesis and cell cycle arrest upon serum starvation

    Kim, Ji Hyun; Ki, Soo Mi; Joung, Je-Gun; et al, BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR CELL RESEARCH, v.1863, no.6, pp.1307 - 1318, 2016-06

    Actin remodeling confers BRAF inhibitor resistance to melanoma cells through YAP/TAZ activation

    Kim, Min Hwan; Kim, Jongshin; Hong, Hyowon; et al, EMBO JOURNAL, v.35, no.5, pp.462 - 478, 2016-03

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