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Kim, Sang-Kyu (김상규)
교수, Department of Chemistry(화학과)
Research Area
physical chemistry, reaction dynamics, chemical kinetics
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    Multidimensional characterization of the conical intersection seam in the normal mode space

    Lee, Heesung; Kim, So-Yeon; Kim, Sang-Kyuresearcher, CHEMICAL SCIENCE, v.11, no.11, pp.6856 - 6861, 2020-07

    Real-Time Observation of Fermi Resonances in the S-1 State of Phenol

    Woo, Kyung Chul; Kim, Sang Kyuresearcher, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS, v.11, no.1, pp.161 - 165, 2020-01

    Mode-specific excited-state dynamics of N-methylpyrrole Electronic supplementary information (ESI) available. See DOI: 10.1039/c9cp00113a

    Woo, Kyung Chul; Kim, Sang Kyuresearcher, PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, v.21, no.26, pp.14387 - 14393, 2019-07

    Photodissociation Dynamics of Ortho-Substituted Thiophenols at 243 nm

    Lim, Jean Sun; You, Hyun Sik; Han, Songhee; et al, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A, v.123, no.13, pp.2634 - 2639, 2019-04

    Experimental observation of nonadiabatic bifurcation dynamics at resonances in the continuum

    Lim, Jean Sun; You, Hyun Sik; Kim, So-Yeon; et al, CHEMICAL SCIENCE, v.10, no.8, pp.2404 - 2412, 2019-02

    Multidimensional H-Atom Tunneling Dynamics of Phenol: Interplay between vibrations and tunneling

    Woo, Kyung Chul; Kim, Sang-Kyuresearcher, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A, v.123, no.8, pp.1529 - 1537, 2019-02

    Spatial Isolation of Conformational Isomers of Hydroquinone and Its Water Cluster Using the Stark Deflector

    You, Hyun Sik; Kim, Junggil; Han, Songhee; et al, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A, v.122, no.5, pp.1194 - 1199, 2018-02

    Femtosecond-Resolved Excited State Relaxation Dynamics of Copper(II) Tetraphenylporphyrin (CuTPP) After Soret Band Excitation

    Jeong, Dahyi; Kang, Dong-gu; Joo, Taiha; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.7, no.16865, 2017-12

    Real-Time Observation of Nonadiabatic Bifurcation Dynamics at a Conical Intersection

    Woo, Kyung Chul; Kang, Dohyung; Kim, Sang-Kyuresearcher, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.139, no.47, pp.17152 - 17158, 2017-11

    Delayed Triplet-State Formation through Hybrid Charge Transfer Exciton at Copper Phthalocyanine/GaAs Heterojunction

    Lim, Hee Seon; Kwon, Hyuksang; Kim, Sang Kyuresearcher; et al, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS, v.8, no.19, pp.4763 - 4768, 2017-10

    Engineering Reaction Kinetics by Tailoring the Metal Tips of Metal Semiconductor Nanodumbbells

    Choi, Ji Yong; Jeong, Da-Hyi; Lee, Seon Joo; et al, NANO LETTERS, v.17, no.9, pp.5688 - 5694, 2017-09

    Conformer specific nonadiabatic reaction dynamics in the photodissociation of partially deuterated thioanisoles (C6H5S-CH2D and C6H5S-CHD2)

    Kim, So-Yeon; Lee, Jeongmook; Kim, Sang Kyuresearcher, PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, v.19, no.29, pp.18902 - 18912, 2017-08

    Nonplanar structure of C6H5SCF3 facilitates pi sigma*-mediated photodissociation reaction on the S-1 state

    Kim, So-Yeon; Lee, Jeongmook; Kim, Sang-Kyuresearcher; et al, CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, v.659, pp.43 - 47, 2016-08

    Structure and dynamic role of conical intersections in the pi sigma*-mediated photodissociation reactions

    You, Hyeon Sik; Han, Songhee; Yoon, Jun Ho; et al, INTERNATIONAL REVIEWS IN PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY, v.34, no.3, pp.429 - 459, 2015-10

    (pi pi*/pi sigma*) Conical Intersection Seam Experimentally Observed in the S-D Bond Dissociation Reaction of Thiophenol-d(1)

    You, Hyun Sik; Han, Songhee; Lim, Jean Sun; et al, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS, v.6, no.16, pp.3202 - 3208, 2015-08

    H/D Substitution Makes Difference in Photochemical Studies: the Case of Dimethylamine

    Kim, Soyeon; Lee, Jeong-Mook; Kim, Sang-Kyuresearcher, Rapid Communication in Photoscience, v.4, no.3, pp.63 - 66, 2015

    Dynamic Role of the Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding in Nonadiabatic Chemistry Revealed in the UV Photodissociation Reactions of 2-Fluorothiophenol and 2-Chlorothiophenol

    Han, Songhee; You, Hyun Sik; Kim, Soyeon; et al, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A, v.118, no.34, pp.6940 - 6949, 2014-08

    Spectroscopic Separation of the Methyl Internal-Rotational Isomers of Thioanisole Isotopomers (C6H5S-CH2D and C6H5S-CHD2)

    Lee, Jeongmook; Kim, Soyeon; Kim, Sangkyuresearcher, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A, v.118, no.10, pp.1850 - 1857, 2014-03

    Tip-enhanced Electron Emission Microscopy Coupled with the Femtosecond Laser Pulse

    Jeong, Dahyi; Yeon, Ki Young; Kim, Sangkyuresearcher, BULLETIN OF THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.35, no.3, pp.891 - 894, 2014-03

    Conical intersection seam and bound resonances embedded in continuum observed in the photodissociation of thioanisole-d(3)

    Han, Songhee; Lim, Jeong Sik; Yoon, Junho; et al, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, v.140, no.5, 2014-02

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