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Kim, Myung-Chul (김명철)
교수, (전산학부)
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    FIT: Design and Implementation of Fast ID Tracking System on Chip for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks

    Lee, Bongsoo; Lee, Il-Gu; Kim, Myungchulresearcher, WIRELESS PERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS, v.124, no.2, pp.1645 - 1659, 2022-05

    Design and Implementation of Secure Cryptographic System on Chip for Internet of Things

    Lee, Bongsoo; Lee, Il-Gu; Kim, Myungchulresearcher, IEEE ACCESS, v.10, pp.18730 - 18742, 2022-02

    Secure video transmission framework for battery-powered video devices

    Go, Kyungmin; Lee, Ilgu; Kang, Sungwonresearcher; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON DEPENDABLE AND SECURE COMPUTING, v.19, no.1, pp.275 - 287, 2022-01

    Rcryptect: Real-time detection of cryptographic function in the user-space filesystem

    Lee, Seungkwang; Jho, Nam-su; Chung, Doyoung; et al, COMPUTERS & SECURITY, v.112, 2022-01

    Table Redundancy Method for Protecting Against Fault Attacks

    Lee, Seungkwang; Jho, Nam-su; Kim, Myung-Chulresearcher, IEEE ACCESS, v.9, pp.92214 - 92223, 2021-07

    Design and Implementation of Hardware-Based Remote Attestation for a Secure Internet of Things

    Ahn, Jaehwan; Lee, Il-Gu; Kim, Myungchulresearcher, WIRELESS PERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS, v.114, no.1, pp.295 - 327, 2020-09

    A Temporal Synchronization Scheme to reduce and compensate for temporal asynchrony in wireless 3D video streaming

    Yoon, Yohaan; Go, Kyung Min; Kim, Myung-Chulresearcher, JOURNAL OF HIGH SPEED NETWORKS, v.25, no.4, pp.395 - 411, 2019-11

    MoHoP: A protocol providing for both mobility management and host privacy

    Park, Jaehyun; Ha, Jaehee; Kang, Brent Byunghoonresearcher; et al, COMPUTER NETWORKS, v.148, pp.20 - 33, 2019-01

    Preventing State-Led Cyberattacks Using the Bright Internet and Internet Peace Principles

    Shin, Young Yung; Lee, Jae Kyuresearcher; Kim, Myung-Chulresearcher, JOURNAL OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS, v.19, no.3, pp.152 - 181, 2018-03

    Invi-server: Reducing the attack surfaces by making protected server invisible on networks

    Park, Jaehyun; Noh, Jiseong; Kim, Myung-Chulresearcher; et al, COMPUTERS & SECURITY, v.67, pp.89 - 106, 2017-06

    A systematic reallocation and prioritization scheme for error-resilient transmission of video packets

    Go, Kyung Min; Kim, Myung-Chulresearcher; Kang, Sungwonresearcher; et al, MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS, v.76, no.5, pp.6755 - 6783, 2017-03

    Persistent jamming in wireless local area networks: Attack and defense

    Lee, Il-Gu; Kim, Myung-Chulresearcher, COMPUTER NETWORKS, v.109, pp.67 - 83, 2016-11

    Interference-aware self-optimizing Wi-Fi for high efficiency internet of things in dense networks

    Lee, Il-Gu; Kim, Myung-Chulresearcher, COMPUTER COMMUNICATIONS, v.89-90, pp.60 - 74, 2016-09

    Pairwise testing for systems with data derived from real-valued variable inputs

    Go, Kyungmin; Kang, Sungwonresearcher; Baik, Jongmoonresearcher; et al, SOFTWARE-PRACTICE EXPERIENCE, v.46, no.3, pp.381 - 403, 2016-03

    Construction of indoor floor plan and localization

    Abadleh, Ahmad; Han, Sangyup; Hyun, Soon-Jooresearcher; et al, WIRELESS NETWORKS, v.22, no.1, pp.175 - 191, 2016-01

    IAPS: Interference Aware Power Saving for High-Efficiency Wireless LANs in Dense Networks

    Lee, Il-Gu; Kim, Myungchulresearcher, IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS, v.19, no.12, pp.2238 - 2241, 2015-12

    An IP mobility management framework based on handover type differentiation and distributed location management

    Han, Sang Yup; Kim, Myung-Chulresearcher; Lee, Kyounghee; et al, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, v.10, no.13, pp.33583 - 33586, 2015-08

    Fast Directional Handoff and lightweight retransmission protocol for enhancing multimedia quality in indoor WLANs

    Han, Sang Yup; Kim, Myung-Chulresearcher; Lee, Ben; et al, COMPUTER NETWORKS, v.79, pp.133 - 147, 2015-03

    Scanless fast handoff technique based on global Path-Cache for WLANs

    Wanalertlak, Weetit; Lee, Ben; Yu, Chansu; et al, JOURNAL OF SUPERCOMPUTING, v.66, no.3, pp.1320 - 1349, 2013-12

    Architecture-based testing of service-oriented applications in distributed systems

    Keum, Chang-Sup; Kang, Sung-Wonresearcher; Kim, Myung-Chulresearcher, INFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY, v.55, no.7, pp.1212 - 1223, 2013-07

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