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Lee, Hyunjae; Cho, Sangyoung; Lee, Jiwoo; Lee, Geehyuk; Lee, Woohun, SIGGRAPH 2014 (Emerging Tech), ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (SIGGRAPH), 2014-08-10

Janus: Supporting heterogeneous power management in virtualized environments

Kim, Daehoon; Alian, Mohammad; Huh, Jaehyuk; Kim, Nam Sung, 2017 Symposium on Cloud Computing, SoCC 2017, pp.652, Association for Computing Machinery, 2017-09

Japanese Term Extraction Using Dictionary Hierarchy and Machine Translation System

Oh, J-H.; Lee, J.; Lee, K-S.; Choi, Key-Sun, TERMINOLOGY, v.6, no.2, pp.287 - 311, 2001-01

Jasmine: A PSP supporting tool

Shin, Hyunil; Choi, Ho-Jin; Baik, Jongmoon, International Conference on Software Process, ICSP 2007, pp.73 - 83, 2007-05-19

Jasmine: A PSP supporting tool

Shin, H.; Choi, H.-J.; Baik, Jongmoon, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), v.4470 LNCS, pp.73 - 83, 2007

Jasmine: A PSP Supporting Tool

Shin, Hyunil; Choi, Hojin; Baik, Jongmoon, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol.4470, pp.73-83, 2007

Jasmine: PSP 지원도구

신현일; 최호진; 백종문, 2007 한국 소프트웨어공학 학술대회 (KCSE-2007), pp.0 - 0, 2007-02-01

Java Real Time Publish-Subscribe Middleware for Distributed Embedded Systems

Kim, Daeyoung; Doh, Y; Lee, YH, pp.0 - 0, 2000-10

Java 다중 스레드 프로그램을 위한 오토마타 기반 테스팅 환경의 설계 및 구현

서희석; 정인상; 김병만; 권용래, 정보과학회논문지:소프트웨어 및 응용, v.29, no.12, 2002-12

Java-MaC: A run-time assurance approach for Java programs

Kim, Moonzoo; Viswanathan, M; Kannan, S; Lee, I; Sokolsky, O, FORMAL METHODS IN SYSTEM DESIGN, v.24, pp.129 - 155, 2004-03

Java-MaC: a Run-time Assurance Tool for Java Programs

Kim, Moonzoo; Kannan, S.; Lee, I.; Sokolsky, O., Runtime Verification, pp.218 - 235, Runtime Verification, 2001-07-23

JavaOS를 위한 확장가능한 운영체계의 설계 = Extensible OS design for JavaOSlink

김철기; Kim, Cheol-Gi; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1998

JavaScript Module System: Exploring the Design Space

Cho, Junhee; Ryu, Sukyoung, 13th International Conference on Modularity, MODULARITY 2014 (Formerly AOSD), pp.229 - 240, Association for Computing Machinery, 2014-04-24

JavaScript static analysis for evolving language specifications = 성장하는 프로그래밍 언어 명세를 위한 자바스크립트 정적 분석link

Park, Jihyeok; Ryu, Sukyoung; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2022

JEST: N+1-version Differential Testing of Both JavaScript Engines and Specification

Park, Jihyeok; An, Seungmin; Youn, Dongjun; Kim, Gyeongwon; Ryu, Sukyoung, 43rd IEEE/ACM International Conference on Software Engineering - Software Engineering in Practice (ICSE-SEIP) / 43rd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering - New Ideas and Emerging Results (ICSE-NIER), pp.13 - 24, IEEE COMPUTER SOC, 2021-05

Jigsaw Puzzle Image Retrieval via Pairwise Compatibility Measurement

Jin, Sou-Young; Lee, Suwon; Nur Aziza Azis; Choi, Ho-Jin, The International Conference on Big Data and Smart Computing (BigComp2014), pp.123 - 127, Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers, 2014-01-15

JINSIL: A middleware for presentation of composite multimedia objects in a distributed environment

Song, Junehwa; Dan, A; Sitaram, D, MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS, v.8, no.4, pp.295 - 314, 2002-07

JISET: JavaScript IR-based Semantics Extraction Toolchain

PARK, JIHYEOK; Park, Jihee; An, Seungmin; Ryu, Sukyoung, 35th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, ASE 2020, pp.647 - 658, IEEE/ACM, 2020-09-23

JMC : Jitter-based mixed-criticality scheduling for distributed real-time systems = JMC : 실시간 분산 시스템을 위한 지터 기반의 혼합 임계 스케줄링 기법link

Kim, Minsu; Shin, Insik; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2019

JMC: Jitter-Based Mixed-Criticality Scheduling for Distributed Real-Time Systems

Lee, Kilho; Kim, Minsu; Kim, Hayeon; Chwa, Hoon Sung; Lee, Jaewoo; Lee, Jinkyu; Shin, Insik, IEEE INTERNET OF THINGS JOURNAL, v.6, no.4, pp.6310 - 6324, 2019-08



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