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Urban green space and happiness in developed countries

Kwon, Oh-Hyun; Hong, Inho; Yang, Jeasurk; Wohn, Donghee Y.; Jung, Woo-Sung; Cha, Meeyoungresearcher, EPJ DATA SCIENCE, v.10, no.1, 2021-05

Location-Based Web Service QoS Prediction via Preference Propagation to Address Cold Start Problem

Ryu, Duksan; Lee, KwangKyu; Baik, Jongmoonresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SERVICES COMPUTING, v.14, no.3, pp.736 - 746, 2021-05

Classification of Diffuse Glioma Subtype from Clinical-Grade Pathological Images Using Deep Transfer Learning

Im, Sanghyuk; Hyeon, Jonghwan; Rha, Eunyoung; Lee, Janghyeon; Choi, Ho-Jinresearcher; Jung, Yuchae; Kim, Tae-Jung, SENSORS, v.21, no.10, 2021-05

GraphShop: Graph-based Approach for Shop-type Recommendation

An, GuoYuan; Yoon, Sung-Euiresearcher; Kim, Jae Yoon; Wang, Lin; Kim, Myoung Horesearcher, 2021 SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM), pp.55 - 63, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), 2021-04-29

Bug Report Summarization using Believability Score and Text Ranking

Koh, Youngji; Kang, Sungwonresearcher; Lee, Seonah, 2021 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Information and Communication (ICAIIC), pp.117 - 120, IEEE, 2021-04-13

Sequential Depth Completion With Confidence Estimation for 3D Model Reconstruction

Giang, Khang Truong; Song, Soohwan; Kim, Daekyum; Choi, Sungheeresearcher, IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LETTERS, v.6, no.2, pp.327 - 334, 2021-04

I/O Efficient Structural Clustering and Maintenance of Clusters for Large-scale Graphs

Seo, Junghyuk; Kim, Myoung Horesearcher, EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, v.168, pp.114221, 2021-04

Predicting just-in-time software defects to reduce post-release quality costs in the maritime industry

Kang, Jonggu; Ryu, Duksan; Baik, Jongmoonresearcher, SOFTWARE-PRACTICE & EXPERIENCE, v.51, no.4, pp.748 - 771, 2021-04

Towards Interoperability of Entity-Based and Event-Based IoT Platforms: The Case of NGSI and EPCIS Standards

Tolcha, Yalew; Kassahun, Ayalew; Montanaro, Teodoro; Conzon, Davide; Schwering, Georg; Maselyne, Jarissa; Kim, Daeyoungresearcher, IEEE ACCESS, v.9, pp.49868 - 49880, 2021-04

Automatic Detection and Update Suggestion for Outdated API Names in Documentation

Lee, Seonah; Wu, Rongxin; Cheung, Shing-Chi; Kang, Sungwonresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, v.47, no.4, pp.653 - 675, 2021-04

동적 함수 관련도를 이용한 퍼징 커버리지 향상 기법

이아청; 김윤호; 김문주researcher, 정보과학회논문지, v.48, no.4, pp.391 - 397, 2021-04

ECC-United Cache: Maximizing Efficiency of Error Detection/Correction Codes in Associative Cache Memories

Farbeh, Hamed; Delshadtehrani, Leila; Kim, Hyeonggyu; Kim, Soontaeresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTERS, v.70, no.4, pp.640 - 654, 2021-04

GPrimer: a fast GPU-based pipeline for primer design for qPCR experiments

Bae, Jeongmin; Jeon, Hajin; Kim, Min-Sooresearcher, BMC BIOINFORMATICS, v.22, no.1, 2021-04

TAP: Temporal Relation represented Transformer for Predicting Activity in Collaborative Tasks”, The 17th International Workshop on Context and Activity Modeling and Recognition

Kim, Hyunju; Lee, Dongmanresearcher, 2021 IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops and other Affiliated Events (PerCom Workshops), IEEE, 2021-03-23

ADELA: Attention based Deep Ensemble Learning for Activity Recognition in Smart Collaborative Environments

Kim, Hyunju; Lee, Dongmanresearcher, 36th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, SAC 2021, pp.436 - 444, ACM, 2021-03-22

Explaining CNN and RNN Using Selective Layer-Wise Relevance Propagation

Jung, Yeon-Jee; Han, Seung-Ho; Choi, Ho-Jinresearcher, IEEE ACCESS, v.9, pp.18670 - 18681, 2021-03

Mind control attack: Undermining deep learning with GPU memory exploitation

Park, Sang-Ok; Kwon, Ohmin; Kim, Yonggon; Cha, Sang Kilresearcher; Yoon, Hyunsooresearcher, COMPUTERS & SECURITY, v.102, 2021-03

Learning to Detect Incongruence in News Headline and Body Text via a Graph Neural Network

Yoon, Seunghyun; Park, Kunwoo; Lee, Minwoo; Kim, Taegyun; Cha, Meeyoungresearcher; Jung, Kyomin, IEEE ACCESS, v.9, pp.36195 - 36206, 2021-03

Classification Score Approach for Detecting Adversarial Example in Deep Neural Network

Kwon, Hyun; Kim, Yongchul; Yoon, Hyunsooresearcher; Choi, Daeseon, MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS, v.80, no.7, pp.10339 - 10360, 2021-03

HASPO: Harmony Search-Based Parameter Optimization for Just-in-Time Software Defect Prediction in Maritime Software

Kang, Jonggu; Kwon, Sunjae; Ryu, Duksan; Baik, Jongmoonresearcher, APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, v.11, no.5, 2021-03



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