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Update Policies for Network Caches

Chon, Kil Nam, WebNet'98, 1998

Updating the focusing matrix for the DOA estimation of moving sources

Cho, M; Chun, Joohwanresearcher, IEEE 2000 National Aerospace and Electronics Conference (NAECON 2000), v.1, pp.723 - 727, 2000-10-10

Upgrading of Bitumen by Ultrasonic treatment

석승환; 박견주; 김도현researcher, 한국화학공학회 봄 총회 및 학술대회, 한국화학공학회, 2014-04-25

Upgrading of Low Rank Coals for CWM(Coal-Water Mixture) Applications

Kim, DoHyunresearcher, pp.237 - 238, 1998-10

Uplink Capacity Evaluation of CDMA-TDD Using Smart Antenna System

Sung, Dan Keunresearcher; Yun, JY, KICS, 2001-11

Uplink inter-cell Interference Management in OFDMA Cellular Networks

Sung, Dan Keunresearcher; Jeong, S.H.; Jung, B.C., JCCI 2007, 2007-05

Uplink Performance Evaluation for WCDMA/FDD System

Sung, Dan Keunresearcher; Cho, KH; Park, S; Shin, KS, JCCI, 2001-04

Uplink Quasi-Dedicated Access Scheme for Future Broadband Wireless Access

권태수; 조동호researcher, 한국통신학회 하계종합학술발표회, pp.400 - 403, 한국통신학회, 2005-07

Uplink Quasi-Dedicated Access Scheme in Wireless Communication System

권태수; 조동호researcher, 통신정보합동학술대회, pp.70 - 70, 한국통신학회, 2006-04

Uplink rate and power allocation at mobile stations for multimedia services

Koumadi, K.M.; Sohaib, K.; Chirwa, W.; Han, Youngnamresearcher, 2007 IEEE 66th Vehicular Technology Conference, VTC 2007-Fall, pp.1757 - 1761, IEEE, 2007-09-30

Uplink transmit power control during soft handoff in DS/CDMA systems

Park, S.; Sung, Dan Keunresearcher; Kang, C.S.; Shin, S.M., IEEE VTS 53rd Vehicular Technology Conference (VTS SPRING 2001), v.4, pp.2913 - 2917, 2001-05-06

UPnP based intelligent multimedia service architecture for digital home network

Sung, J; Kim, Daeyoungresearcher; Song, H; Kim, J; Lim, SY; Choi, JS, First International Conference on COMmunication System softWAre and MiddlewaRE (COMSWARE 2006), IEEE, 2006-01-08

UPnP based intelligent multimedia service architecture for digital home network

Sung, J.; Kim, Daeyoungresearcher; Song, H.; Kim, J.; Lim, S.Y.; Choi, J.S., Proc. - The Fourth IEEE Workshop on Software Technol. for Future Embedded and Ubiquitous Syst., SEUS 2006 andthe Second Int. Workshop on Collaborative Comput., Integr., and Assur., WCCIA 2006, v.2006, pp.157-162, IEEE, 2006-04-27

UPnP Sensor Network Architecture and Context Aware Services

Kim, Daeyoungresearcher; Song, H.; Kim, J.; Sung, J., Korea Conference on Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (UKC2005), pp.0 - 0, 2005-08

UPnP-Based Sensor Network Management Architecture

Kim, Daeyoungresearcher; Song, H.; Lee, K.; Sung, J., Second International Conference on Mobile Computing and Ubiquitous Networking, pp.0 - 0, ICMU, 2005-04

Upper and lower consolute solution temperature of the polydispersed polymethylmethacrylate and n0butylchloride

Kim, Jong Dukresearcher; Lee HO; Ban YB, KAIST-Kyushu Chemical engineering student, KAIST-Kyushu Chemical engineering student, 1988-08-09

Upper and lower consolute solution temperatures of polydispersed PMMA-n-butylchloride solutions

Lee, HO; Kim, JDresearcher; Ban, YB, Polymer Society Spring, Polymer Society, 1986-04-01

Upper body gesture recognition for human-robot interaction

Oh, C.-M.; Islam, M.Z.; Lee, J.-S.; Lee, C.-W.; Kweon, In-Soresearcher, 14th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCI International 2011, pp.294 - 303, 14th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCI International 2011, 2011-07-09

Upper body motion interpolation for humanoid robots

Heo, Jung Woo; Oh, Jun Horesearcher, Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM), 2011 IEEE/ASME International Conference on, IEEE/ASME International Conference on, 2011-07-05

Upper bound for the loss factor of energy detection of random signals in multipath fading cognitive radios

Yirang Lim; Sung, Youngchulresearcher, 2009 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, ICASSP 2009, pp.2537 - 2540, IEEE Signal Processing Society, 2009-04-19



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