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Workshop Report: Group C, Information

Nam, Tek-Jinresearcher; Jung, JiHong, ICSID Educational Seminar, pp.260 - 269, 2001

World, Asia and Design Culture

Kim, Myung-Sukresearcher, International Design Symposium '94, 1994

Worst Case Eye Estimation Method considering Power Noise on Tx Output Driver and Channel Crosstalk & ISI in Interposer-based 2.5D Interfaces

Kim, Joung-Horesearcher; Kim, Jingook; Kim, Heegon; Lee,Junho, 2014 Design Con, DesignCon 2014, 2014-01-28

wound generation Mechanism of Fibroblast induced by UV Irradiation

김필남researcher, 2013 한국바이오칩학회추계학술대회, (사)한국바이오칩학회, 2013-11-13

Wound recovery volume prediction using laser line profiler

강주형; 안상현; 이준희; 유홍기researcher, Anuual Biophotonics Conference 2017, 한국광학회 바이오포토닉스 분과, 2017-10-27

Wound scanning and Recovery Volume Prediction

Kang, Jue Hyung; Yoo, Hongkiresearcher, EMBC 2017 / 39th Annual international conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and biology Society, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2017-07-13

WPAN 기반 ranging system에서의 super resolution 기술비교

김나영; 공승현researcher, The 17th GNSS workshop , 2010-11

Wrinkle Effect and Prevention at Leading Edge of Airfoil Applied to a Radar Absorbing Structure Based on Glass/Epoxy Composites

Song, Tae Hoon; Choi, Won Ho; Shin, Jae Hwan; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher; Joo, Young-Sik; Lee, Won Jun, APISAT 2013, Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences, 2013-11-20

Wrinkled Graphene-AgNWs Hybrid Electrode for Stretchable Devices

Jun, Ki Woo; Oh, Il Kwonresearcher, AsiaNano 2014, Asian Research Network, Korea Printed Electronics Association, Korea Nano Technology Research Society, 2014-10-28

Wrinkled Microwell Platform for Adressable and Highly Efficient Reverse Transfection

주현우; 박현지; 조승우; 김필남researcher, 2015 한국바이오칩 춘계학술대회, 한국바이오칩학회, 2015-05-20

Wrinkling behaviors of graphene films adhered to a polymer substrate

Im, Seyoungresearcher; Kim, Moonhong, Advances in Functional Materials 2017, Advances in Functional Materials, 2017-08-16

Wrinkling Control of Inflatable Booms Using Smart Material Patch

Han, Jae-Hungresearcher; Yoo, E.-J.; Roh, J.-H., 13th SPIE International Symposium Smart Structures and Materials, International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), 2006-02-27

Wrist-located pulse detection using IR reflection due to pulse added volume of arterial blood

Hwang, J.-M.; Park, J.-M.; Park, SeongOokresearcher, ICCEA 2004 - 2004 3rd International Conference on Computational Electromagnetics and its Applications, pp.438 - 441, 2004-11-01

WRIST: Watch-Ring Interaction and Sensing Technique for Wrist Gestures and Macro-Micro Pointing

Yeo, Hui-Shyong; Lee, Juyoung; Kim, Hyung-il; Gupta, Aakar; Bianchi, Andrearesearcher; Vogel, Daniel; Koike, Hideki; et al, The 21st International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services - MobileHCI '19, ACM Press, 2019-10-01

WristLens: Enabling Single-Handed Surface Gesture Interaction for Wrist-Worn Devices Using Optical Motion Sensor

Yeo, Hui-Shyong; Lee, Juyoung; Bianchi, Andrearesearcher; Samboy, Alejandro; Koike, Hideki; Woo, Woontackresearcher; Quigley, Aaron, 2020 Augmented Humans International Conference, AHs 2020, pp.27:1 - 27:8, Association for Computing Machinery, 2020-03

Write buffer-oriented energy reduction in the L1 data cache of two-level caches for the embedded system

Kim, Soontaeresearcher; Lee, Jongmin, 20th Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI, GLSVLSI 2010, pp.257 - 262, 2010-05-16

Write-Once-Read-Many times (WORM) type Memory Behavoir by Particles in Polymer Thin Film

Lee, Hee Chulresearcher, 제16회 반도체 학술대회, 2009-02-01

Writer dependent online handwriting generation with bayesian network

Choi, H.; Cho, S.J.; Kim, JinHyungresearcher, Proceedings - Ninth International Workshop on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition, IWFHR-9 2004, pp.130 - 135, IEEE, 2004-10-26

WRS: Waiting Room Sampling for Accurate Triangle Counting in Real Graph Streams

Shin, Kijungresearcher, IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM), IEEE Computer Society, 2017-11-20

WSe2 light-emitting diode coupled to optical bowtie antennas

Han, Kevin; Amani, Matin; Ahn, Geun Ho; Yu, Kyoungsikresearcher; Yablonovitch, Eli; Javey, Ali; Wu, Ming C, Microoptics conference, Japan Society of Applied Physics, 2016-10-14



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