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Wind Shear Effects on Aerodynamic and Aeroelastic Behavior of a HAWT Blade

Lee, Inresearcher; Jeong, Min-Soo; Yoo, Seung-Jae, International Computational Mechanics Symposium 2012, Compuational Mechanics Division (CMD)/ Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME), 2012-10-10

Wind Tunnel Experiments for Long-Span Bridges : The Case of Young-Heung Bridge

Choi, Chang Koon, Proceedings of International Symposium on Public Infrastructure Sstems Research, 1995

Wind Tunnel Tests for a Flapping Wing Model with Changeable Camber Using Macro-Fber Composite Actuators (Invited Paper)

Han, Jae-Hungresearcher; Kim, Dae-Kwan; Kwon, Ki-Jung, International Conference on Smart Materials and Nanotechnology in Engineering, The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2007-07

Wind Turbine Aerodynamics Prediction Using Free-wake Method in Axial Flow

Jeong, Min-Soo; Yoo, Seung-Jae; Lee, Inresearcher, The 4th International Symposium on Physics of Fluids, 2011-06-14

Wind-blaster: A wearable propeller-based prototype that provides ungrounded force-feedback

Je, Seungwoo; Lee, Hyelip; Kim, Myung Jin; Bianchi, Andrearesearcher, ACM SIGGRAPH 2018 Emerging Technologies - International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, SIGGRAPH 2018, pp.1 - 2, Association for Computing Machinery, Inc, 2018-08-12

Wind-Turbine Vibration Reduction Using Flow Control Devices

Kim, Ho-Young; Han, Jae-Hungresearcher, ASME 2017 Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting, ASME, 2017-08-02

Window Capturing-based Application Sharing under Heterogeneous Window Systems

Jung, JH; Park , HJ; Yang, Hyun-Seungresearcher, WebNet97, 1997

Window Class Virtual Terminal Service

전길남, Proc. of KISS, Seoul, 1985

Window-based congestion control for wireless TCP

Lim, Jong-Taeresearcher; Byun, HJ, International Conference on Control, Automation and System (ICCAS 2003), pp.2405 - 2407, ICCAS, 2003-10

Window-based Congestion Control in TCP with Explicit Congestion Notication: Multiple Congestion

Byun, H.-J.; Lim, Jong-Taeresearcher, The 7th World Multiconference on Systematics, Cybernetics and Informatics, pp.60 - 62, 7th World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, 2003-07

Window-based congestion control to improve TCP fairness and utilization for wide-bandwidth networks

Lim, Jong-Taeresearcher; Lee, JS, ICCAS 2008, pp.401 - 405, 2008-10-15

Windows Command and Control System using Word Recognizer and Trainable TTS

Lee, HS; Kim, HoiRinresearcher; Yi, SH; Kang, DG, Proc. of ICSP" 9, 1999

Windows PE 파일의 임포트 테이블에 기반한 소프트웨어 버스마킹(Birthmarking)기법

박희완; 임현일; 최석우; 한태숙researcher, 한국정보과학회 34회 추계학술발표대회, pp.546 - 551, 한국정보과학회, 2007

Wing kinematics optimization of hawkmoth Manduca sexta for hovering and translational flight modes

이준성; 김중관; Han, Jae-Hungresearcher, BAMN2013, KSME, KSB, KSCM, KAIST, KIMM, NRF, KIST, 2013-08-28

Wing kinematics optimization of insects using multi-objective evolutionary algorithm

Lee, Jun-Seong; Kim, Joong-Kwan; Han, Jae-Hungresearcher, International Symposium on Nature Inspired Technology (ISNIT 2013), KAIST, KIMM, KSME, 2013-01-07

Wing-sails의 공력 해석과 최적 설계

이학진; 조영민; 최성임researcher; 권종오; 안성목, 한국항공우주공학회 2012년도 추계학술대회 및 정기총회, 한국항공우주공학회, 2012-11-16

Wing-sails의 공력 해석과 최적 설계

이학진; 조영민; 최성임researcher; 권종오; 안성목, 한국전산유체공학회 2012년도 추계학술대회 및 Korea-Japan CFD Workshop, pp.350 - 363, 한국전산유체공학회, 2012-11-23

Wing-wake interaction of insect-like flapping wing in hover: Effect of aspect ratio and kinematics at Re ~104

Addo-Akoto, Reynolds; Han, Jong-Seob; Han, Jae-Hungresearcher, ASME-JSME-KSME 2019 8th Joint Fluids Engineering Conference, AJKFluids 2019, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), 2019-07-31

Winner take all strategy for a diploid genetic algorithm

Lee, Kwang-Hyungresearcher, pp.143 - 150, 1996

Winning by Industrial Design

Chung, Kyung-Wonresearcher, Design Forum Asia 1994, Nagoya Design Center, 1994-11-05



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