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Visualization of Zoomable Network for Multi-Compounds and Multi-Targets Analysis

Park, Jaesub; Kim, Jaeho; Park, Junseok; Bae, Sunghwa; Kim, Hyungseok; Lee, Doheonresearcher, the ACM 8th International Workshop on Data and Text Mining in Bioinformatics - DTMBIO '14, pp.45, ACM Press, 2014-11

Visualization on selective evaporation of binary mixture droplets

Kim, Hyoungsooresearcher; Stone, Howard, 5th International Conference on Experimental Fluid Mechanics, Bundeswehr University Munich, 2018-07-05

Visualization Tool for Protein-Protein Interaction Network Analysis with Gene Ontology

Park, Jinahresearcher, The 7th Korea-Singapore Workshop on Bioinformatics and Natural Language Proecssing, 2008-02-15

Visualized Graphene Domains by Aligned Nematic Liquid Crystals

김대우; 정현수; 정희태researcher, 대한화학회 제107회 총회 및 학술발표회, 대한화학회, 2011-04-28

Visualizing a Personal Timeline By Adding Multiple Social Contexts

Kwak, Haewoon; Hong, Yoonsung; You, Jinyoung; Moon, Sue Bokresearcher, 2012 International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media, ICWSM 2012 Workshop, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), 2012-06-04

Visualizing and Correlating Ontology Evaluations with Treemap and Network Displays

Choi, Key-Sunresearcher; Ahn, J; Moon, IC, The 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Ontology Alignment and Visualization, 2009

Visualizing spray paint deposition in VR training

Kim, Daeseok; Yoon, Youngwoo; Hwang, Sunyu; Lee, Geehyukresearcher; Park, Jinahresearcher, 2007 IEEE Virtual Reality Conference, VR'07, pp.307 - 308, 2007-03-10

Visualizing the Perceived Discomfort of Stereoscopic Video

Jung, Youg Ju; Lee, Seong Il; Sohn, Hosik; Ro, YongManresearcher, IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM 2012), IEEE, 2012-12-10

Visualizing the temporal distribution of terminologies for biological ontology development

Kim, Takeun; Lee, Hodong; Park, Jinahresearcher; Park, Jong Cheolresearcher, Visualization and Data Analysis 2008, Visualization and Data Analysis 2008, 2008-01-28

Visualizing Why Methyl Acetate Production Decreases with Increasing Reflux

Lee, Jae Wooresearcher, AIChE annual meeting, AIChE, 2000-11-12

Visually Guided Spine Biopsy Simulator with Force Feedback

Ra, Jong Beomresearcher, SPIE Medical Imaging 2001, pp.36 - 45, 2001-02

Visually similar 이미지와 visually dissimilar 이미지를 통한 이미지 태그 정제 기술

노용만researcher; 이시형; Neve, W, 2011 전자공학회 추계학술대회, 전자공학회, 2011-11-26

Visually Weighted Neighbor Voting을 이용한 이미지 태그 정제 기술

노용만researcher; 이시형; De Neve, W, 한국방송공학회 하계학술대회 , 한국방송공학회, 2011-07-07

Visuomotor Understanding for Representation Learning of Driving Scenes

Lee, Seokju; Kweon, In-Soresearcher; Oh, Tae-Hyun; Yoo, Donggeun; Lin, Stephen; Kim, Junsik; Jeong, Yongseop, British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC), British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC), 2019-09-11

Visuotactile object representations in the human ventral stream

Misun Kim; Kim, Dae-Shikresearcher, Organization for Human Brain Mapping 2013, Organization for Human Brain Mapping 2013, 2013-06-17

Visuotactile Objects Representation in Human Ventral Stream

김미선; 남승규; 곽기욱; 박선미; 김대식researcher, 대한뇌공학회 2013 뇌와 인공지능 심포지엄, 대한뇌공학회 2013 뇌와 인공지능 심포지엄, 2013-02-20

Vital Area Identification of Nuclear Installations Based on PSA Methodology

Kang, Hyun Gookresearcher, 한국위험통제학회 2003학술발표회, 한국위험통제학회, 2003-11-29

Viterbi Algorithm을 이용한 최소 대역폭 선호 부호의 decoding

김재균, 한국 통신 학회 추계 학술 발표회, pp.267 - 271, 1989

Viterbi 탐색 특성을 이용한 미등록어휘 제거에 관한 연구

김규홍; 김회린researcher, 대한음성학회 봄학술대회, pp.95 - 98, 대한음성학회, 2005-04

Vitrification and Phase Separation Behavior of ATBN Modified Epoxy Resin

김성철researcher, 한국복합재료학회 춘계학술발표회, pp.12 -, 1990



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