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Orientation and fatigue improvement of PZT thin films on cubic textured CaRuO3 electrode

Paik, H; Hong, J; Jeon, YA; Kim, SK; Kim, Y; Kim, YS; No, Kwangsooresearcher, Seventeenth International Symposium on Integrated Ferroelectrics, ISIF-17, v.75, pp.115 - 121, ISIF, 2005-04-17

Orientation and Microstructure of Self-Assembled Amphiphilic Liquid Crystal

Jung, HeeTaeresearcher, Kyushu(Japan)-Taejon/Chungnam(Korea), pp.0 - 0, 2002-12-01

Orientation based multi-scale corner detection for mobile robot application

Kweon, In-Soresearcher; Kim, Sungho; Lee, Wangheon, 2012 12th International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems (ICCAS2012), ICROS, 2012-10

Orientation characteristics with Process Parameters of PLZT(x/0/100) thin Films Prepared by rf-magnetron Sputtering

No, Kwangsooresearcher, MRS, MRS, 1996-01-01

Orientation Column 특징을 갖는 대뇌시각피질에서의 Decoding 분석을 위한 최적의 공간해상도 규명에 관한 연구

남승규; 박선미; 장민수; 최한솔; 김대식researcher, HCI 2012: Crowd and Cloud(경험의 새 지평), HCI 2012: Crowd and Cloud(경험의 새 지평), 2012-01-11

Orientation Control of a Crane’s Spreader: Application on Mobile Harbor

Ngo, Quang Hieu; Yu, Yonggyun; Kim, Eun Ho; Jang, In Gwunresearcher; Hong, Keum-Shik, The 11th International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems (ICCAS 2011), pp.510 - 515, International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems, 2011-10-26

Orientation Control of Linear Perfluorinated Supramolecule

정희태researcher, HANARO Symposium 2006, HANARO Symposium, 2006

Orientation Control of Low Molecular Weight Supramolecule

Jung, HeeTaeresearcher, IUPAC International Symposium on Advanced Polymers for Emerging Technologies, pp.0 - 0, 2006-10-01

Orientation Control of Synthetic Cylindrical Perfluorinated Supramolecular Dendrimers

Jung, HeeTaeresearcher; Yoon, Dong Ki, HANARO Workshop, HANARO, 2005

Orientation Control of Synthetic Cylindrical Perfluorinated Supramolecular Dendrimers:Surface Anchoring and Magnetic Field Induced Alignments

Jung, HeeTaeresearcher, International Conference on Neutron Scattering 2005, pp.0 - 0, 2005-11-01

Orientation maps as moiré interference of retinal ganglion cell mosaics

Paik, Se-Bumresearcher; Dario L Ringach, Computational and Systems Neuroscience 2010, COSYNE, 2010-02-26

Orientation relationships and atomic arrangements of GaN nanorods grown on Al2O3(0001) substrates by using hydride vapor phase epitaxy

Lee, Jeong Yongresearcher; Lee, KJ; Kwon, YH; Ryu, SY; Kang, TW; Yoo, CH; Kim, TW, 2008 International Conference on Nano Science and Nano Technology, 2008-11-06

Orientation selection in self-seeded epitaxial growth of gold nanowires by deposition flux control

Lee, Hyuck Moresearcher, 2008 MRS Fall Meeting, 2008-12-01

Orientation-dependent deformation mechanisms and the role of twin boundaries in face-centered cubic Fe-Mn-C TWIP steel micro-pillars

Choi, Wonseok; Stefanie, Sandlobes; Nataliya, Malyar; Christoph, Kirchlechner; Sandra, Korte-Kerzel; Gerhard, Dehm; Choi, Pyuck-Paresearcher; et al, 4th International Conference on Medium and High Manganese Steel, RWTH Aachen University and Max-Planck-Institut fuer Eisenforschung, 2019-04-01

Orientation-dependent Deformation Mechanisms and Twin Boundary-associated Strengthening in Fe-Mn-C TWIP steel Micro-pillar

Choi, Wonseok; Sandlobes, S; Malyar, N; Kirchlechner, C; Korte-Kerzel, S; Dehm, G; Choi, Pyuck-Paresearcher; et al, TMS 2019 Annual Meeting & Exhibition, The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, 2019-03-12

Orientational Photorefractive Effect of Nematic Liquid Crystal/C60 Mixture between PVK Layers

Kim, Jong-Dukresearcher, International conference on Frontiers of Polymers and Advanced Materials, pp.0 - 0, 1999-06-01

Orientational Photorefractive Effect of Nematic Liquid Crystals/C60 Mixture between PVK Layers

Choi, SA; Kim, HW; Kim, Jong-Dukresearcher, 10th ME&D, pp.0 - 0, 1999-05-01

Orientational photorefractivity in C60-doped liquid crystals injected at nematic phase

Kim, HW; Min, W; Jung, S; Yoon, Choon Supresearcher; Kim, Jong-Dukresearcher, Organic Photofefractive and Photosensitive Materials for Holographic Applications, v.4802, pp.138 - 145, SPIE, 2002-07

Orientational photorefreactive effect of nematic liauid crystal/C60 mixture between PVK layer

Kim, Jong-Dukresearcher, 10 MED'99, pp.0 - 0, 10 MED'99, 1999-05-08

Oriented growth of SrTiO3 thin films by RF magnetron sputtering

김호기researcher, Materials research society of Korea, 1992



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