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Numerical Analysis and Optimal Stud Arrangement of Steel-Concrete Sandwich Panel

LEE, WONHO; Kwak, Hyo-Gyoungresearcher, ACEX 2019 (13th International Conference on Advanced Computational Engineering and Experimenting), ICC – INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES AND COURSES LIMITED, 2019-07-03

Numerical Analysis at the Particulate Scale of Sand Erosion Under Impinging Jet

Zhang, Kun; Petrie, John; Ham, Soo-Min; Muhunthan, B; Kwon, Tae-Hyukresearcher, Civil Infrastructures Confronting Severe Weathers and Climate Changes Conference, pp.24 - 36, GeoChina, 2018-07

Numerical Analysis Behavior of Energy Pile using Coil Type Heat Exchanger

Lee, Seung Raeresearcher; Park, Skhan; Yoon, Seok, Geotech Hanoi, 2011

Numerical Analysis for CFT Columns Applied an Improved Bond-slip Model

Hwang, Ju Young; Lee, Won Ho; Kwon, Yang Su; Kwak, Hyo Gyoungresearcher, The Twenty-Eight-KKHTCNN Symposium on Civil Engineering, KKHTCNN, 2015-11-17

Numerical Analysis for conductance Probes for the Measurement of Liquid Film Thickness in Two-Phase Flow

No, Hee Cheonresearcher; Mayinger, F, 한국원자력학회 추계발표회, pp.450 - 455, 1995

Numerical Analysis for Impact Behavior of CFRP Composite Structures

Lee, Inresearcher; Kim, Eun-Ho, 2010 JSME 23rd Computational Mechanics Conference, 2010-09-24

Numerical Analysis for Impact Behavior of CFRP Composite Structures

Lee, Inresearcher; Kim, Eun-Ho, 15th Composite Durability Workshop, 2010-10-18

Numerical Analysis for Impact Response and Damage of Composite Plates

Lee, Inresearcher; Kim, Eun-Ho, International Conference on Engineering Mechanics and Automation 2010, pp.36 - 36, 2010-07-02

Numerical Analysis in the Flow Field of a Labyrinth Seal

Lee, K.S.; Lee, S.U.; Kim, C.H.; Song, Tae-Horesearcher, Proc. 1990 Int'l Compressor Engineering Conference at Purdue, pp.835 - 844, 1990-06

Numerical analysis of a blast wave using CFD-CAA hybrid method

Lee, C.; Lee, Duck-Jooresearcher, 12th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, pp.3873 - 3881, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2006-05-08

Numerical Analysis of a Hybrid-Type Rotary Steerable System

Oh, Seong Eun; Hong, Jung Wukresearcher, The Fifteenth International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing, Civil-Comp Press, 2015-09-04

Numerical analysis of aerodynamic noise from feedback phenomena using computational aeroacoustics(CAA)

Lee, Duck-Jooresearcher; lee, In Cheol; Heo, DN; Kim, Young Nam, 12th Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics, 12th Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics, 2008-08-18

Numerical Analysis of an Inductively Coupled Plasma Process

Kim, Dong Ho; Kim, DoHyunresearcher, 12th Intern. Symposium on Chemical Engineering, pp.153 - 154, 1999-10

Numerical Analysis of Backward-Facing Step Flows

Rhee, G.H.; Lee, S.S.; Sung, Hyung Jinresearcher, Workshop of CFD Depart of KSME, pp.51 - 60, Workshop of CFD Depart of KSME, 1995

Numerical Analysis of Characteristics of a Particulate Debris Bed Coolability with Single Phase Flow

Lee, J.; Chang, Soon-Heungresearcher, 한국원자력학회 춘계학술발표대회, 한국원자력학회, 2008-05-29

Numerical analysis of chromium deposition through the SOFC cathode channel

Park, Joonguen; Bae, Joongmyeonresearcher; Lee, Shinku; Nabielek, Heinz, KSNRE 2006 Annual Fall Conference, v.0, no.0, pp.0 - 0, 한국신재생에너지학회, 2006-11

Numerical Analysis of Coined Eutectic Solder Bumps

Hwang, Tae-Kyung; Nah, Jae-Woong; Paik, Kyung-Wook; Lee, Soon-Bokresearcher, KSME 2002 Conference of Materials and Fracture Division, KSME 02MF025, pp.158 - 163, 2002

Numerical Analysis of Cold Recycle in Cold Storage for Liquid Air Energy Storage System

김종권; 정상권researcher, 2019 한국초전도저온 학술연합회 하계학술대회, 한국 초전도 저온공학회, 2019-07-08

Numerical Analysis of Combustion of a Single Aluminum Droplet in Water Vapor

Won, Jong-Han; Baek, Seung-Wookresearcher, International Conference Data Mining, Civil and Mechanical Engineering (ICDMCME' 2015), International Conference Data Mining, Civil and Mechanical Engineering (ICDMCME' 2015), 2015-02-01

Numerical analysis of dynamic behavior and steady state characteristics of methane autothermal reformer

이신구; 박중근; 배중면researcher, KSNRE 2007 Annual Spring Conference, KSNRE, 2007-06



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