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International Symposium on Noise and Clutter Rejection in Radars and Imaging Sensors

임굉수researcher; 장재훈, 제3회 한국반도체학술대회, pp.91 - 92, 1996-01-01

International Thin Film Transistors Conference 2005 (ITS 2005)

Ahn, Byung Taeresearcher, International TFT Conference Organizing Committee, 2005-03-01

Internationalization and Localization

전길남, Proc. Conf. Korean Language Infomation Association, 1991

Internet control of personal robot between KAIST and UC Davis

Han, K.-H.; Kim, Y.-J.; Kim, Jong-Hwanresearcher; Hsia, S., 2002 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, v.2, pp.2184 - 2189, IEEE, 2002-05-11

Internet Exposition in Asia-Pacific

Chon, Kil Nam, Asia-Pacific Networking Group, 1997

Internet Metadata framework for plug and play wireless sensor networks

Sung, J.; Kim, Y.; Kim, T.; Kim, Y.-J.; Kim, Daeyoungresearcher, IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium, SAS 2009, pp.320 - 324, IEEE, 2009-02-17

Internet of Things 기술 및 발전 방향

김대영researcher; 김성훈; 하민근; 김태홍; 이요한, 한국통신학회지, v.28, no.9, pp.49 - 57, 한국통신학회, 2011-08

Internet of Vehicles: From Intelligent Grid to Autonomous Cars and Vehicular Clouds

Gerla, Mario; Lee, Eun-Kyu; Pau, Giovanni; Lee, Uichinresearcher, IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things, pp.241 - 246, IEEE, 2014-03-08

Internet On-line Testing and Analysis and Higher Education

Yun, Chung Bangresearcher, APEC-EqTAP Seminar on Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Reduction, pp.0 - 0, 2005-09-01

Internet Sibilla: Utilizing DNS for Delay Estimation Service

Jang, Keon; Lee, DK; Moon, Sue Bokresearcher; Iannaccone, Gianluca, 2008 ACM CoNEXT Conference - 4th International Conference on Emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies, CoNEXT '08, ACM SIGCOMM, 2008-12-09

Internet-Based Perception System for Navigation of Mobile Robots at Remote Site

Cho, Hyungsuckresearcher, Proceeding of 2002 FIRA Robot World Congress, pp.97 - 101, 2002

Internet-Based Personal Robot System using Map-Based Localization

Kim, Jong-Hwanresearcher, International Symposium on Robotics, pp.1282 - 1287, ISR, 2001-04

Internet/Intranet-based Systems for Condition-based Maintenance

Lee, JH; Yum, Bong-Jinresearcher, 한국보전공학회 2000년도 춘계학술대회 및 정기총회 개최, pp.143 - 152, 학국보전공학회, 2000-07-06

Interoperability Test Generation for Communication Protocols based on Multiple Stimuli Principle

Seol, Soonuk; Kim, Myungchulresearcher; Chanson, Samuel T., TestCom, 2002

Interoperability Test Suite Derivation for Symmetric Communication Protocols

Kim, Myungchulresearcher; Kang, Sungwonresearcher, Int'l Conf. on FORTE/PSTV, pp.57 - 72, 1997

Interoperability Test Suite Derivation for the TCP

Seol, Soonuk; Kim, Myungchul; Kang, Sungwon; Park, Yongbum; Choe, Younghan, FORTE/PSTV, pp.357 - 376, 1997

Interoperability Test Suite Derivation of the ATM/B-ISDN Signaling Protocol

Shin, J; Kang, Sungwonresearcher, IFIP TC6/WG6.1 The 11th International Workshop on Testing of Communicating Systems (IWTCS'98), pp.0 - 0, 1998-08-31

Interoperability Test Suite Generation for the TCP Data Part using Experimental Design Techniques

Ryu,Jiwon; Kim, Myungchulresearcher; Kang, Sungwonresearcher; Seol, Soonuk, DAVIC at New York, pp.127 - 142, 2000

Interoperation of Continuous Simulator and Discrete Event Simulator

Kim, Tag-Gonresearcher, 4th ROK-US DM&S Workshop, 2002-01

Interoperation of Distributed MCU Emulator/Simulator for Operating Power Simulation of Large-Scale Internet of Event-Driven Control Things (IoEVCT)

Lee, Sanghyun; Kang, Bonggu; Kim, Tag-Gon; Cho, Jeonghun; Park, Daejin, The 16th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and Technologies (PDCAT-15), KIPS, 2015-07-08



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