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Integration of heterogeneous biological data in syntactic and semantic way

Kim, Sangwoo; Jung, Sungwon; Koo, Nam-Jin; Lee, Kwang-Hyungresearcher; Lee, Doheonresearcher; Jung, Hyun Chul, Proceedings of the 8th Int'l Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Systems, ISIS, 2007-09

Integration of Heterogeneous CAD Database Using STEP and the Internet

Shin, Yongjae; Han, Soonhungresearcher; Bae, Doo-Hwan, International Conference on Electronic Commerce '98, pp.295 - 300, 1998

Integration of high-K gate dielectric into high mobility substrate

Cho, Byung Jinresearcher; Loh, WP; Zang, H; Dalapati, GK; Tong, Y; Choi, KJ, 2006 International Workshop on DIELECTRIC THIN FILMS FOR FUTURE ULSI DEVICES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, pp.8 - 10, 2006-11-10

Integration of highly focusing AlGaAs microlensed LED and double heterojunction bipolar transistors.

Kwon, Young Seresearcher, International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors, 1996

Integration of history-based parametric translators using the Automation API

Han, Soonhungresearcher; Kim, Byungchul, PLM 2005 Conference, 2005

Integration of IEEE1451 sensor networks and UPnP

Sung, J.; Kim, T.; Kim, Daeyoungresearcher, 2010 7th IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference, CCNC 2010, IEEE, 2010-01-09

Integration of immune models using Petri nets

Na, Dokyun; Park, Inho; Lee, Kwang-Hyungresearcher; Lee, Doheonresearcher, ICARIS2004, pp.205 - 216, ICARIS2004, 2004-09-01

Integration of lot dispatching and AMHS control in a 300mm wafer FAB

Sun, D.-S.; Park, N.-S.; Lee, Y.-J.; Jang, Y.-C.; Ahn, C.-S.; Lee, Tae-Eogresearcher, 2005 IEEE/SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference and Workshop - Advancing Semiconductor Manufacturing Excellence, pp.270 - 274, IEEE/SEMI, 2005-04-11

Integration of low level linguistic information for clinical document semantic tagging

Jang, H; Jin, Y; Myaeng, Sung Hyonresearcher, 2006 IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration, IRI-2006, pp.292 - 297, IEEE, 2006-09-16

Integration of Magnetoresponsive Microspheres into Microfluidic System for Pumpless Fluid Handling

심재영; 김주현; 양승만researcher, 한국화학공학회 춘계학술발표회, 한국화학공학회, 2013-04-25

Integration of metabolic databases for the analysis of metabolism

Kim, J.S; Lee, SangYupresearcher, Annual spring meeting of KIChE, Annual spring meeting of KIChE, 2003-04

Integration of Metaphase and CAD Systems based on STEP

Oh, Youchon; Han, Soonhungresearcher; Lee, Seung-Kuh; Shin, SooHyun, Metaphase Symposium and International Users Forum, 1999

Integration of micro-optical elements on an optical fiber tip using DMD-based maskless lithography

Kim, Jae Beom; Jeong, Ki Hunresearcher, IEEE MEMS 2016, MEMS association, 2016-01-26

Integration of microfluidic channel device and planar microelectrode array for study of axonal propagation

홍나리; 주성훈; 남윤기, Brain Conference 2014, 한국뇌신경과학회, 2014-11-07

Integration of microwave tunable (Ba,Sr)TiO3 based thin films with high-resistivity silicon substrates

Kim, Ho Giresearcher, 2005 International Symposium on Electrical Insulating Materials, ISEIM 2005, v.1, pp.193 - 194, 2005-06-05

Integration of Novel Yolk-shell Structured Catalysts with Ceramic Ultrafiltration Membrane for Highly Efficient Removal of Micropollutants from Aquatic Environment

Do Cuong Quoc; Kang, Seoktaeresearcher; Tak, Hyelyeon; CHUNG, YOUNGKUN; Jang, Duk Soo; Ko, Seok-Oh, The 28th Joint KAIST-KU-NTU-NUS Symposium on Environmental Engineering, National Taiwan University (Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering), 2019-07-05

Integration of numerical methods and analytic approaches for effective solution of metal forming problems

Yang, Dong-Yolresearcher; Seong, D.-Y., NUMIFORM 2010, pp.39 - 54, AIP, 2010-06-13

Integration of Onboard Sensors and Local Area DGNSS to Support High Integrity Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Navigation

Lee, Jinsil; Kim, Minchan; Lee, Jiyunresearcher, 29th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of The Institute of Navigation (ION GNSS+ 2016), pp.1477 - 1484, Institute of Navigation, 2016-09

Integration of optical devices on a transparent substrate for chip levels optical interconnection.

Cho, HS; Eo, JY; Kang,S; Chu, KM; Rho, BS; Park, HyoHoonresearcher; Kim, JS; et al, COIN/ACOFT, pp.0 - 0, 2003-07-13

Integration of Solenoid-Type 3D Micro-Coils by 3D Photolithography and Electroplating

김충기, 대한전기학회 MEMS 연구회 학술발표회, pp.93 - 99, 1998



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