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Graph Structure-based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping with Iterative Closest Point Constraints in Uneven Outdoor Terrain

Oh, Taekjun; Kim, Hyongjin; Lee, Donghwa; Roh, Hyunchul; Myung, Hyunresearcher, RiTA 2014 (Int'l Conf. on Robot Intelligence Technology), International Robot Olympiad Committee, 2014-11-08

Graph theoretical analysis of large-scale voltage sensitive dye imaging data in vivo.

Kang, Minseok; Lee, Young Beom; Gohel, Bakul C.; Jeong, Yong, The 2015 Meeting on on Wiring the Brain, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2015-03-25

Graph-Based Algorithm for Technology Mappint Under Timing Constraints

Kyung, Chong-Minresearcher; Jeong, J.C., Joint Technical Confernece on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications, 1990-12

Graph-based Object Detection and Tracking in H.264/AVC Bitstreams for Surveillance Video

Sabirin, H; Kim, J; Kim, MunChurlresearcher, International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME 2011), pp.1 - 6, IEEE, 2011-07-12

Graph-based perceptual quality model for audiovisual contents

Thang, T.C.; Kang, J.W.; Ro, YongManresearcher, IEEE International Conference onMultimedia and Expo, ICME 2007, pp.312 - 315, IEEE, 2007-07-02

Graph-based retrieval model for semi-structured data

Park, Juneyoung; Yi, Mun Yongresearcher, 2016 International Conference on Big Data and Smart Computing (BigComp), pp.361 - 364, 한국정보과학회, 2016-01-19

Graph-Based Robust Shape Matching for Robotic Application

Joo, Hanbyul; Jeong, Yekeun; Duchenne, Olivier; Kweon, In-Soresearcher, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, IEEE, 2009-05

Graph-based Shape Matching for Deformable Objects

Kweon, In-Soresearcher; Joo, Hanbyul; Jeong, Yekeun; Duchenne, Olivier, IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2011), IEEE, 2011-09

Graph-based SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) for Bridge Inspection Using UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

Oh, Taekjun; JUNG, SUNGWOOK; Song, Seungwon; Myung, Hyunresearcher, World Congress on Advances in Structural Engineering and Mechanics (ASEM), IASEM Conferences, 2017-08-28

Graph-based SLAM Approach for Environments with Laser Scan Ambiguity

Oh, Taek Jun; Kim, Hyong Jin; Jung, Kwang Yik; Myung, Hyun, Int'l Conf. on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence (URAI), Korea Robotics Society, 2015-10-29

Graph-theoretic approach to optimal synthesis of supply networks: Distribution of gasoline from a refinery

Kim, Young; Fan, LT; Yun, Choamun; Park, Seung Bin; Park, Sunwonresearcher; Bertok, Botond; Friedler, Ference, ESCAPE 18, 18th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering, v.25, pp.247 - 252, ESCAPE, 2008-06

Graph-theoretical analysis on foraging strategy of subterranean termites

Jeon, Wonjuresearcher; Lee, Sang-Hee, The 3rd China-Japan Colloquium of Mathematical Biology, -, 2010-10

Graphen-Based EMI Shielding for Vertical Noise Coupling Reduction in 3D Mixed-Signal System

Kim, Jounghoresearcher; Kyoungchoul Koo; Seulki Hong; Jonghoon Kim; Byungjin Cho, 21th Conference on Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging and Systems, EPEPS2012, 2012-01

Graphene Aerogel type Fe/N/C Catalysts for electro-reduction of Oxygen in an Acidic Condition

Roh, Chi Woo; Lee, Hyunjoo, The 14th International Nanotech Symposium & Nano-Convergence Expo in Korea, Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning and Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy, 2016-07-13

Graphene and 2D Materials for Display Applications,

Park, Ick Joon; Youngjun Woo; Shim, Gi Woong; Hong, Woonggi; Yang, SangYoon; Choi, Sung-Yoolresearcher, IUMRS-ICEM 2018, IUMRS-ICEM 2018, 2018-08-22

Graphene and 2D Materials for Display Technology

Park, Ick Joon; Woo Youngjun; Shim, Gi Woong; Hong, Woonggi; Yang, SangYoon; Choi, Sung-Yoolresearcher, Graphene 2018, Graphene 2018, 2018-06-26

Graphene and 2D Materials for Flexible Display Application

Park, Ick Joon; Park, Hamin; Jung, Dae Yool; Woo,Youngjun; Yang, SangYoon; Choi, Sung-Yoolresearcher, IMID 2019, IMID 2019, 2019-08-27

Graphene and 2D materials for future electronics and displays

Choi, Sung-Yoolresearcher, Graphene 2016, Graphene 2016, 2016-04-20

Graphene and 2D Materials for Future Electronics(Invited)

Choi, Sung-Yoolresearcher, GRAPCHINA 2015, GRAPCHINA 2015, 2015-10-29

Graphene as an effective tunnel barrier for spin injection into n-Ge

백승헌; 서유진; 오중건; 박민규; 봉재훈; 윤성준; 서민수; et al, 한국자기학회 2014년 하계학술연구발표회, 한국자기학회, 2014-05-30



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