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Dynamic Flux Balance Analysis Model for Chlamydomonas reinhardtii under The Heterotrophic Condition

전민규; 김보은; 손승범; 이재형researcher, 2013년 한국화학공학회 춘계학술대회, 한국화학공학회, 2013-04-24

Dynamic Footprint-based Person Identification Methods and Its Application to Intelligent Sweet Home

정진우; 이상완researcher; 변증남, Human-Computer Interaction Conference (HCI 2004), 한국 HCI학회, 2004-02

Dynamic footprint-based Person Recognition Method and Application to Intelligent Residential Space

변증남researcher, HCI2004 학술대회, 2004

Dynamic formation of diffraction grating in a photorefractive liqud crystal cell with mesoporous TiO2 layers

Jang, K.-S.; Cho, S.-H.; Kim, Jong-Dukresearcher, 2006 IEEE Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference, NMDC, pp.364 - 365, IEEE, 2006-10-22

Dynamic formulations for kinematically redundant manipulator: a comparative study

Pyung-Hun Changresearcher, HWRS, pp.129 - 164, 2000-01-01

Dynamic Forwarding Table Management for High-speed GPU-based Software Routers

Kim, J; Han, S; Jang, K; Park, KyoungSooresearcher; Moon, Sue Bokresearcher, USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI'10) Poster, OSDI'10, 2010

Dynamic frictional contact analysis by a Newton-type method and an application to low velocity impact

Kwak, Byung Manresearcher, pp.0 - 0, 1998-06-01

Dynamic Full Wave Equation 을 이용한 RF Coil 의 자기장 분포 해석 프로그램을 이용한 3T RF Coil 의 성능 비교

김정호researcher; 김종훈; 박준서; 고선화; 이종오; 박부식; 정관진, KSMSM 99, pp.93 -, 1999

Dynamic full-scalability conversion in scalable video coding

Lee, D.S.; Bae, T.M.; Thang, T.C.; Ro, YongManresearcher, Multimedia on Mobile Devices 2007, v.6507, pp.1 - 10, 2007-01-29

Dynamic Geospatial and Social Network Simulation: Dynet

Moon Il-Chulresearcher; Kathleen M. Carley, The 28th Annual International Sunbelt Social Network Conference, INSNA, 2008-01-22

Dynamic Grid Adaptation for Panel-Based Bathymetric SLAM

Jang, Junwoo; Kim, Jinwhanresearcher, 2019 IEEE International Underwater Technology Symposium, UT 2019, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2019-04-17

Dynamic Hardening Equation of Nickel-based Superalloy Inconel 718

Kwanghyun Ahn; Huh, Hoonresearcher, AEPA 2012, AEPA, 2012-12-05

Dynamic Hardening Equations of Metallic Materials with the Variation of Crystalline Structures

Kwanghyun Ahn; Huh, Hoonresearcher; Lee Ju Park, DAPS 2012, DAPS, 2012-06-19

Dynamic Hopfield-like network using a holographic lenslet array and a photorefractive crystal

Jang, JS; Shin, SG; Shin, Sang Yungresearcher; Lee, SY, 1990 International Topical Meeting on Optical Computing - OC '90, v.1359, pp.325 - 326, 1990-04-08

Dynamic Indentation Damage of Ceramics

Kim, Do Kyungresearcher, Pac Rim IV International Conference on Advanced Ceamics, pp.261 - 267, 2002

Dynamic Informative Link Annotation for Biological Text over Heterogeneous Databases

Lee, Hodong; Park, Jong Cheolresearcher, The 16th International Conference on Genome Informatics, pp.0 - 0, International Conference on Genome Informatics, 2005-12-01

Dynamic interface selection using policy routing for multihoming in mobile router with dual interfaces

Lee, G.M.; Jeon, B.-C.; Yoon, J.; Jin, J.; Choi, JunKyunresearcher, 2008 IEEE Region 10 Conference, TENCON 2008, 2008-11-19

Dynamic interference forwarding in interference limited cellular networks

Hong, Jun Pyo; Song, Hojin; Choi, Wanresearcher, IEIE/IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Information and Communication, IEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC, 2015-01-29

Dynamic kinetic resolution of styrene oxide by metabolically engineered Escherichia coli

Lee, S.H; Lee, SangYupresearcher, Annual meeting of Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering Symposium, Annual meeting of Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering Symposium, 2003-10

Dynamic kinetic resolution using cell surface displayed biocatalysts

Lee, S.H; Choi, J.H; Lee, SangYupresearcher, Biochemical Engineering (XIII) 2003, Biochemical Engineering (XIII) 2003, 2003-07



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