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Mechanism mediated by a noncoding RNA, nc886, in the cytotoxicity of a DNA-reactive compound

Kunkeaw, Nawapol; Lee, Yeon-Su; Im, Wonkyun Ronny; Jang, Jiyoung Joan; Song, Min-Ji; Yang, Bobae; Park, Jong-Lyul; et al, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.116, no.17, pp.8289 - 8294, 2019-04

Importance of Purcell factor for optimizing structure of organic light-emitting diodes

Cho, Hyunsu; Chung, Jin; Song, Jinouk; Lee, Jaeho; Lee, Hyunkoo; Lee, Jonghee; Moon, Jaehyun; et al, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.27, no.8, pp.11057 - 11068, 2019-04

An Ionic Capacitor for Integrated Iontronic Circuits

Janson, Per; Gabrielsson, Erik O.; Lee, Keon Jaeresearcher; Berggren, Magnus; Simon, Daniel T., ADVANCED MATERIALS TECHNOLOGIES, v.4, no.4, 2019-04

Prediction of binding property of RNA-binding proteins using multi-sized filters and multi-modal deep convolutional neural network

Chung, Taesu; Kim, Dongsupresearcher, PLOS ONE, v.14, no.4, 2019-04

Meta-path Based Prioritization of Functional Drug Actions with Multi-Level Biological Networks

Yoon, Seyeol; Lee, Doheonresearcher, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.9, 2019-04

Model-Based Design of Defense Cyber-Physical Systems to Analyze Mission Effectiveness and Network Performance

Kang, Bong Gu; Seo, Kyung-Min; Kim, Tag Gonresearcher, IEEE ACCESS, v.7, pp.42063 - 42080, 2019-04

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Hong, Seungbumresearcher; Jung, WooChulresearcher; Lee, Hyuck-Moresearcher; Weiss, Paul S.; Kim, Il-Dooresearcher, ACS NANO, v.13, no.4, pp.3741 - 3745, 2019-04

Growth Kinetics of Individual Co Particles Ex-solved on SrTi0.75Co0.25O3-delta Polycrystalline Perovskite Thin Films

Jo, Yong-Ryun; Koo, Bonjae; Seo, Min-Ji; Kim, Jun Kyu; Lee, Siwon; Kim, Kyeounghak; Han, Jeong Woo; et al, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.141, no.16, pp.6690 - 6697, 2019-04

HPanal: A framework for analyzing tradeoffs of huge pages

Choi, Gunhee; Son, Juhyung; Choi, Jongmoo; Cho, Seong-Je; Won, Youjipresearcher, 34th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, SAC 2019, pp.1438 - 1443, Association for Computing Machinery, 2019-04

Slice Finder: Automated Data Slicing for Model Validation

Chung, Yeounoh; Kraska, Tim; Polyzotis, Neoklis; Tae, Ki Hyun; Whang, Steven Euijongresearcher, 35th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, ICDE 2019, pp.1550 - 1553, IEEE Computer Society, 2019-04

Energy efficient IO stack design for wearable device

Kim, Junghoon; Kim, Sundoo; Yun, Juseong; Won, Youjipresearcher, 34th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, SAC 2019, pp.2152 - 2159, Association for Computing Machinery, 2019-04

Millimeter Wave Wireless Link for On-board Chip to Chip Communication

JANG, TAEHWAN; Jun, Seongbae; Kim, SeungHun; Son, Hyuk Su; Kang, Dong Min; Park, Hyuncheolresearcher; Park, Chul Soonresearcher, 2019 Wireless Days (WD), IEEE, 2019-04

Mobile Deep Learning Processors on the Edge

Yoo, Hoi-Junresearcher, 40th Annual IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, CICC 2019, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2019-04

Understanding Body Channel Communication A review from history to the future applications

Jang, Jaeeun; Bae, Joonsung; Yoo, Hoi-Junresearcher, 40th Annual IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC), IEEE, 2019-04

Orientation-dependent deformation mechanisms and the role of twin boundaries in face-centered cubic Fe-Mn-C TWIP steel micro-pillars

Choi, Wonseok; Stefanie, Sandlobes; Nataliya, Malyar; Christoph, Kirchlechner; Sandra, Korte-Kerzel; Gerhard, Dehm; Choi, Pyuck-Paresearcher; et al, 4th International Conference on Medium and High Manganese Steel, RWTH Aachen University and Max-Planck-Institut fuer Eisenforschung, 2019-04-01

소프트웨어 정의 네트워크에서의 악성 프로그램 탐지 장치, 방법 및 컴퓨터 프로그램

신승원researcher; 이찬희; 윤창훈; 차상길researcher, 2019-04-01

그래핀계 액정 분산액, 액정복합탄성섬유 및 이의 제조방법

김상욱researcher; 양갑승; 임규관; 윤태영; 김인호, 2019-04-01

인시츄 강화 고엔트로피 합금 분말, 합금 및 이의 제조방법

홍순형researcher; 류호진researcher; 이빈; 이준호; 강병철, 2019-04-01

액정복합탄소섬유 및 이의 제조방법

김상욱researcher; 양갑승; 임규관; 윤태영; 김인호, 2019-04-01

Forward and inverse discovery of solid-state materials using data-driven models

Jung, Yousungresearcher, 2019 National Meeting of the American-Chemical-Society (ACS), American Chemical Society, 2019-04-01



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