Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of a High-Aspect-Ratio Wing Considering Structural Nonlinearity

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In this study, nonlinear aeroelastic analysis considering effents of geometric structural nonlinearity are performed. To achieve these aims, the transonic small disturbance (TSD) theory for the aerodynamic analysis and the large deflection beam theory for the structural analysis results are compared for nonlinear beam experimental results. For the coupling betweenfluid and structure, the transformation of a displacement from the structural mesh to the aerodynamic grid is performed by a shape function which is used for ghe finite element and inverse transformation of force by work equivalent load method. To validate the method, the present aeroelastic analysis results of a wing are compared with the experimental results. Static deformations in the verical and twist deflections caused by an angle of attack and gravity loading are also compared with experimental . From the analysis results, efforts of structural nonlinear on static aeroelastic characteristics are investigated.
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Nonlinear aeroelasticity; High-aspect-ratio wing; Large deflection beam


2nd International Symposium on Physics of Fluids

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