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Selective multi-nanosoldering for fabrication of advanced solution-processed micro/nanoscale metal grid structures

Oh, Yong Suk; Lee, Jaeho; Choi, Dong Yun; Lee, Hyunwoo; Kang, K; Yoo, Seunghyupresearcher; Park, Inkyuresearcher; Sung, Hyung Jinresearcher, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.10, no.1, pp.6782, 2020-04

Soft, skin-interfaced microfluidic systems with integrated immunoassays, fluorometric sensors, and impedance measurement capabilities

Kim, Sungbong; Lee, Boram; Reeder, Jonathan; Seo, Seon Hee; Lee, Sung-Uk; Hourlier-Fargette, Aurelie; Shin, Joonchul; Sekine, Yurina; Jeong, Hyoyoung; Oh, Yong Suk; Aranyosi, Alexander J.; Lee, Stephen P.; Model, Jeffrey B.; Lee, Geumbee; Seo, Min-Ho; Kwak, Sung Soo; Jo, Seongbin; Park, Gyungmin; Han, Sunghyun; Park, Inkyuresearcher; Jung, Hyo-Il; Ghaffari, Roozbeh; Koo, Jahyun; Braun, Paul V.; Rogers, John A., PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.117, no.45, pp.27906 - 27915, 2020-10

Low-temperature large-area fabrication of ZnO nanowires on flexible plastic substrates by solution-processible metal-seeded hydrothermal growth

Yoo, Kangeun; Lee, Wonseok; Kang, Kyungnam; Kim, Inhwan; Kang, Daehun; Oh, Dong Kyo; Kim, Min Cheol; Choi, Hyunsik; Kim, Kwangjun; Kim, Minwook; Kim, Jeong Dae; Park, Inkyuresearcher; Ok, Jong G., NANO CONVERGENCE, v.7, no.1, 2020-07

Wirelessly controlled, bioresorbable drug delivery device with active valves that exploit electrochemically triggered crevice corrosion

Koo, Jahyun; Kim, Sung Bong; Choi, Yeon Sik; Xie, Zhaoqian; Bandodkar, Amay J.; Khalifeh, Jawad; Yan, Ying; Kim, Hojun; Pezhouh, Maryam Kherad; Doty, Karen; Lee, Geumbee; Chen, Yu-Yu; Lee, Seung Min; D'Andrea, Dominic; Jung, Kimin; Lee, KunHyuck; Li, Kan; Jo, Seongbin; Wang, Heling; Kim, Jae-Hwan; Kim, Jeonghyun; Choi, Sung-Geun; Jang, Woo Jin; Oh, Yong Suk; Park, Inkyuresearcher; Kwak, Sung Soo; Park, Ji-Hyeon; Hong, Doosun; Feng, Xue; Lee, Chi-Hwan; Banks, Anthony; Leal, Cecilia; Lee, Hyuck Moresearcher; Huang, Yonggang; Franz, Colin K.; Ray, Wilson Z.; MacEwan, Matthew; Kang, Seung-Kyun; Rogers, John A., SCIENCE ADVANCES, v.6, no.35, 2020-08

Real-Time Internal Steam Pop Detection during Radiofrequency Ablation with a Radiofrequency Ablation Needle Integrated with a Temperature and Pressure Sensor: Preclinical and Clinical Pilot Tests

Park, Jaeho; Cha, Dong Ik; Jeong, Yongrok; Park, Hayan; Lee, Jinwoo; Kang, Tae Wook; Lim, Hyo Keun; Park, Inkyuresearcher, ADVANCED SCIENCE, v.8, no.19, pp.2100725, 2021-10

All-soft multiaxial force sensor based on liquid metal for electronic skin

Kim, Kyuyoung; Ahn, Junseong; Jeong, Yongrok; Choi, Jungrak; Gul, Osman; Park, Inkyuresearcher, MICRO AND NANO SYSTEMS LETTERS, v.9, no.1, 2021-01

Wearable and Stretchable Strain Sensors: Materials, Sensing Mechanisms, and Applications

Souri, Hamid; Banerjee, Hritwick; Jusufi, Ardian; Radacsi, Norbert; Stokes, Adam A.; Park, Inkyuresearcher; Sitti, Metin; Amjadi, Morteza, ADVANCED INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS, v.2, no.8, 2020-08

Battery-free, wireless soft sensors for continuous multi-site measurements of pressure and temperature from patients at risk for pressure injuries

Oh, Yong Suk; Kim, Jae-Hwan; Xie, Zhaoqian; Cho, Seokjoo; Han, Hyeonseok; Jeon, Sung Woo; Park, Minsu; Namkoong, Myeong; Avila, Raudel; Song, Zhen; Lee, Sung-Uk; Ko, Kabseok; Lee, Jungyup; Lee, Je-Sang; Min, Weon Gi; Lee, Byeong-Ju; Choi, Myungwoo; Chung, Ha Uk; Kim, Jongwon; Han, Mengdi; Koo, Jahyun; Choi, Yeon Sik; Kwak, Sung Soo; Kim, Sung Bong; Kim, Jeonghyun; Choi, Jungil; Kang, Chang-Mo; Kim, Jong Uk; Kwon, Kyeongharesearcher; Won, Sang Min; Baek, Janice Mihyun; Lee, Yujin; Kim, So Young; Lu, Wei; Vazquez-Guardado, Abraham; Jeong, Hyoyoung; Ryu, Hanjun; Lee, Geumbee; Kim, Kyuyoung; Kim, Seunghwan; Kim, Min Seong; Choi, Jungrak; Choi, Dong Yun; Yang, Quansan; Zhao, Hangbo; Bai, Wubin; Jang, Hokyung; Yu, Yongjoon; Lim, Jaeman; Guo, Xu; Kim, Bong Hoon; Jeon, Seokwooresearcher; Davies, Charles; Banks, Anthony; Sung, Hyung Jinresearcher; Huang, Yonggang; Park, Inkyuresearcher; Rogers, John A., NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.12, no.1, 2021-08

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