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Experimental and numerical investigations on continuous pressure drop characteristic of tube-in-tube recuperative heat exchanger for 1.8 K cooler

Kim, Kyoung Joong; Bae, Jun Hyuk; Lingxue, Jin; Jeong, Sangkwonresearcher; Choi, Yeon Suk, CRYOGENICS, v.118, pp.103345, 2021-09

Optimal design of experiments for optimization-based model calibration using Fisher information matrix

Jung, Yongsu; Lee, Ikjinresearcher, RELIABILITY ENGINEERING & SYSTEM SAFETY, v.216, pp.107968, 2021-12

A channel layout of a micro pulsating heat pipe for an excessively localized heating condition

Lim, Jonghyun; Kim, Sung Jinresearcher, APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING, v.196, 2021-09

Prediction of ballooning and burst for nuclear fuel cladding with anisotropic creep modeling during Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA)

Kim, Jinsu; Yoon, Jeong Whanresearcher; Kim, Hyochan; Lee, Sung-Uk, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, v.53, no.10, pp.3379 - 3397, 2021-10

Hygroscopic properties of particulate matter and effects of their interactions with weather on visibility

Won, Wan-Sik; Oh, Rosy; Lee, Woojoo; Ku, Sungkwan; Su, Pei-Chen; Yoon, Yong-Jinresearcher, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.11, no.1, 2021-08

On-site hydrogen production using heavy naphtha by maximizing the hydrogen output of a membrane reactor system

Yoo, Jae Young; Lee, Jaemyung; Han, Gwangwoo; Harale, Aadesh; Katikaneni, Sai; Paglieri, Stephen N.; Bae, Joongmyeonresearcher, JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES, v.508, 2021-10

Robust and easy-to-operate stretched-pulse mode-locked wavelength-swept laser with an all-polarization-maintaining fiber cavity for 10 MHz A-line rate optical coherence tomography

Joo, JongYoon; Kim, Tae Shik; Vakoc, Benjamin J.; Oh, Wang-Yuhlresearcher, OPTICS LETTERS, v.46, no.16, pp.3857 - 3860, 2021-08

Engineering 3D Cortical Spheroids for an In Vitro Ischemic Stroke Model

Ko, Eunmin; Poon, Mong Lung Steve; Park, Eunyoung; Cho, Youngbin; Shin, Jennifer Hyunjongresearcher, ACS BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING, v.7, no.8, pp.3845 - 3860, 2021-08

Inkjet-printed Ag@SDC core-shell nanoparticles as a high-performance cathode for low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells

Kamlungsua, Kittiwat; Lee, Tsung-Han; Lee, Suhan; Su, Pei-Chen; Yoon, Yong Jinresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY, v.46, no.60, pp.30853 - 30860, 2021-09

High-performance simulations of turbulent boundary layer flow using Intel Xeon Phi many-core processors

Kang, Ji-Hoon; Hwang, Jinyul; Sung, Hyung Jinresearcher; Ryu, Hoon, JOURNAL OF SUPERCOMPUTING, v.77, no.9, pp.9597 - 9614, 2021-09

Uniqueness of gait kinematics in a cohort study

Park, Gunwoo; Lee, Kyoung Min; Koo, Seungbumresearcher, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.11, no.1, pp.15248, 2021-07

Hydrodynamic benefit of cephalic fins in a self-propelled flexible manta ray

Zhao, Jiazhen; Mao, Qian; Pan, Guang; Huang, QiaoGao; Sung, Hyung Jinresearcher, PHYSICS OF FLUIDS, v.33, no.8, 2021-08

Simultaneous Enhanced Efficiency and Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells Using Adhesive Fluorinated Polymer Interfacial Material

Lyu, Mei; Park, Sungmin; Lee, Hyeonju; Ma, Boo Soo; Park, So Hyun; Hong, Ki-Ha; Kim, Hyungjunresearcher; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.13, no.30, pp.35595 - 35605, 2021-08

Programmable Liquid Crystal Defect Arrays via Electric Field Modulation for Mechanically Functional Liquid Crystal Networks

You, Ra; Kang, Sumin; Lee, Changjae; Jeon, Jisoo; Wie, Jeong Jae; Kim, Taek-Sooresearcher; Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.13, no.30, pp.36253 - 36261, 2021-08

Starting jet formation through eversion of elastic sheets

Jung, Cheolgyun; Song, Minho; Kim, Daegyoumresearcher, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, v.924, pp.A7, 2021-10

Mitigation of pressure fluctuation in two-phase slug flow by rib geometry

Kang, Sohyeun; Kim, Hyeonseong; Kim, Daegyoumresearcher, International Journal of Multiphase Flow, v.143, pp.103753, 2021-10

How the saline water intrusion has reshaped the agricultural landscape of the Vietnamese Mekong Delta, a review

Loc, HH; Low, Lixian M; Park, E; Dung, TD; Shrestha, S; Yoon, Yong Jinresearcher, SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, v.794, pp.148651, 2021-11

Biocompatible Nanotransfer Printing Based on Water Bridge Formation in Hyaluronic Acid and Its Application to Smart Contact Lenses

Ko, Jiwoo; Kang, Hyeok Joong; Ahn, Junseong; Zhao, Zhi-Jun; Jeong, Yongrok; Hwang, Soon Hyoung; Bok, Moonjeong; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.13, no.29, pp.35069 - 35078, 2021-07

Continuous-wave upconversion lasing with a sub-10 W cm(-2) threshold enabled by atomic disorder in the host matrix

Moon, Byeong-Seok; Lee, Tae Kyung; Jeon, Woo Cheol; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Kim, Young-Jinresearcher; Kim, Dong-Hwan, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.12, no.1, 2021-07

Non-periodic nanoscale structuring of crystalline silicon surface by using ultrashort laser pulses

Kim, Byunggi; Nam, Han Ku; Ryu, Jeongchun; Kim, Young-Jinresearcher; Kim, Seung-Wooresearcher, APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, v.565, 2021-11



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