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Ni Nanoparticles on Ni Core/N-Doped Carbon Shell Heterostructures for Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution

Seok, Sujin; Choi, Minseon; Lee, Yeunhee; Jang, Dawoon; Shin, Yunseok; Kim, Yong-Hyunresearcher; Jo, Changbum; et al, ACS APPLIED NANO MATERIALS, v.4, no.9, pp.9418 - 9429, 2021-09

Switching interlayer magnetic order in bilayer CrI3 by stacking reversal

Kong, Xiangru; Yoon, Hongkee; Han, Myung Joonresearcher; Liang, Liangbo, NANOSCALE, v.13, no.38, pp.16172 - 16181, 2021-10

Organic THz Generators: A Design Strategy for Organic Crystals with Ultralarge Macroscopic Hyperpolarizability

Seok, Jin-Hong; Kim, Deokjoong; Kim, Won Tae; Kim, Seung-Jun; Yoon, Woojin; Yoon, Ga-Eun; Yu, In Cheol; et al, ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS, v.9, no.19, pp.2100324, 2021-10

N,N-Dimethylformamide-Assisted Shape Evolution of Highly Uniform and Shape-Pure Colloidal Copper Nanocrystals

Lee, Da Won; Woo, Ho Young; Lee, Dong Hyun David; Jung, Myung-Chul; Lee, Donguk; Lee, MinJi; Kim, Jong Bae; et al, SMALL, v.17, no.40, pp.2103302, 2021-10

First-passage dynamics by aggregating particles

Choi, Myeongseon; Kim, Yong Woonresearcher, JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY, v.79, no.7, pp.653 - 659, 2021-10

Robust squeezed light against mode mismatch using a self imaging optical parametric oscillator

Roh, Chan; Gwak, Geunhee; Ra, Young-Sikresearcher, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.11, no.1, pp.18991, 2021-09

Sub-100 fs mode-locked Tm:CLTGG laser

Wang, Li; Chen, Weidong; Pan, Zhongben; Loiko, Pavel; Bae, Ji Eun; Rotermund, Fabianresearcher; Mateos, Xavier; et al, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.29, no.20, pp.31137 - 31144, 2021-09

Reagent- and actuator-free analysis of individual erythrocytes using three-dimensional quantitative phase imaging and capillary microfluidics

Ryu, DongHun; Nam, Hyeono; Jeon, Jessie Sungyunresearcher; Park, YongKeunresearcher, SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL, v.348, 2021-12

Orbital angular momentum and current-induced motion of a topologically textured domain wall in a ferromagnetic nanotube

Lee, Seungho; Kim, Se Kwonresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.104, no.14, 2021-10

Characterization of an A3G-Vif(HIV-1)-CRL5-CBF beta Structure Using a Cross-linking Mass Spectrometry Pipeline for Integrative Modeling of Host-Pathogen Complexes

Kaake, Robyn M.; Echeverria, Ignacia; Kim, Seung Joongresearcher; Von Dollen, John; Chesarino, Nicholas M.; Feng, Yuqing; Yu, Clinton; et al, MOLECULAR & CELLULAR PROTEOMICS, v.20, 2021-08

Tunable Berry curvature and transport crossover in topological Dirac semimetal KZnBi

Song, Junseong; Park, Byung Cheol; Sim, Kyung Ik; Bang, Joonho; Kim, Sunghun; Yang, Zhuo; Kohama, Yoshimitsu; et al, NPJ QUANTUM MATERIALS, v.6, no.1, 2021-09

Hidden phases born of a quantum spin liquid: Application to pyrochlore spin ice

Yang, Hyeok-Jun; Shannon, Nic; Lee, SungBinresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.104, no.10, 2021-09

Racetrack memory based on current-induced motion of topological Bloch lines

Yang, Jiseok; Moon, Kyoung-Woong; Park, Albert Min Gyu; Lee, Soogil; Kang, Doo Hyung; Shin, Mincheolresearcher; Kim, Sanghoon; et al, APPLIED PHYSICS EXPRESS, v.14, no.10, 2021-10

Doping-Mediated Lattice Engineering of Monolayer ReS2 for Modulating In-Plane Anisotropy of Optical and Transport Properties

Ghimire, Ganesh; Dhakal, Krishna P.; Choi, Wooseon; Esthete, Yonas Assefa; Kim, Seon Je; Trang Thu Tran; Lee, Hyoyoung; et al, ACS NANO, v.15, no.8, pp.13770 - 13780, 2021-08

Antiperovskite Gd3SnC: Unusual Coexistence of Ferromagnetism and Heavy Fermions in Gd Lattice

Bang, Joonho; Park, Jongho; Lee, Kimoon; Kim, Minsoo; Kyung, Wonshik; Denlinger, Jonathan D.; Kim, Yeongkwanresearcher; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.33, no.37, pp.2102958, 2021-09

Complementary study of anisotropic ion conduction in (110)-oriented Ca-doped BiFeO3 films using electrochromism and impedance spectroscopy

Suh, Jeonghun; Lim, Ji Soo; Park, Heung-Sik; Yang, Chan-Horesearcher, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.119, no.2, 2021-07

High-Density Organic Electro-Optic Crystals for Ultra-Broadband THz Spectroscopy

Seok, Jin-Hong; Puc, Uros; Kim, Seung-Jun; Yoon, Woojin; Yun, Hoseop; Yu, In Cheol; Rotermund, Fabianresearcher; et al, ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS, v.9, no.17, pp.2100618, 2021-09

Coherent Many-Body Spin Dynamics in a Long-Range Interacting Ising Chain

Zeiher, Johannes; Choi, Jae-yoonresearcher; Rubio-Abadal, Antonio; Pohl, Thomas; van Bijnen, Rick; Bloch, Immanuel; Gross, Christian, PHYSICAL REVIEW X, v.7, no.4, 2017-02

Tailored growth of single-crystalline InP tetrapods

Kim, Youngsik; Choi, Hyekyoung; Lee, Yeunhee; Koh, Weon-kyu; Cho, Eunhye; Kim, Taewan; Kim, Hamin; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.12, no.1, 2021-07

Enhancing sensitivity in absorption spectroscopy using a scattering cavity

Oh, Jeonghun; Lee, KyeoReh; Park, YongKeunresearcher, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.11, no.1, 2021-07



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