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Convex clustering analysis for histogram-valued data

Park, Cheolwooresearcher; Choi, Hosik; Delcher, Chris; Wang, Yanning; Yoon, Young Joo, BIOMETRICS, v.75, no.2, pp.603 - 612, 2019-06

Model Averaging via Penalized Regression for Tracking Concept Drift

Yeon, Kyupil; Song, Moon Sup; Kim, Yongdai; Choi, Hosik; Park, Cheolwooresearcher, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL AND GRAPHICAL STATISTICS, v.19, no.2, pp.457 - 473, 2010-06

Penalized expectile regression: an alternative to penalized quantile regression

Liao, Lina; Park, Cheolwooresearcher; Choi, Hosik, ANNALS OF THE INSTITUTE OF STATISTICAL MATHEMATICS, v.71, no.2, pp.409 - 438, 2019-04

Regularized aggregation of statistical parametric maps

Wang, Li-Yu; Chung, Jongik; Park, Cheolwooresearcher; Choi, Hosik; Rodrigue, Amanda L.; Pierce, Jordan E.; Clementz, Brett A.; et al, HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING, v.40, no.1, pp.65 - 79, 2019-01

Regularized boxplot via convex clustering

Choi, Hosik; Poythress, J. C.; Park, Cheolwooresearcher; Jeon, Jong-June; Park, Changyi, JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL COMPUTATION AND SIMULATION, v.89, no.7, pp.1227 - 1247, 2019-05

Tracking concept drift using a constrained penalized regression combiner

Wang, Li-Yu; Park, Cheolwooresearcher; Yeon, Kyupil; Choi, Hosik, COMPUTATIONAL STATISTICS & DATA ANALYSIS, v.108, pp.52 - 69, 2017-04

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