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Multi-dimensional Verification Methodology of Ionospheric Gradient Observation during Plasma Bubble Events in the Brazilian Region

Yoon, Moonseok; Kim, Dongwoo; Lee, Jiyunresearcher; Pullen, Sam, ION 2015 Pacific PNT Meeting, pp.748 - 762, Institute of Navigation, 2015-04

Multi-functional aramid/epoxy composite considering stealth space shielding system

Nam, Young-Woo; Sathish Kumar Sarath Kumar; Venkat Akhil Ankem; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, 2nd International Conference on Advances in Mechanics of Composite Materials and Structures, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), 2017-10-23

Multi-Point Aerodynamic Design Optimization Using Tightly Coupled Algorithm

Kim, S.; Kwon, Jang-Hyukresearcher, JSME-KSME Fluids Engineering Conference, pp.68 - 68, 2002

Multi-point Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of Rotor Blades Using Unstructured Meshes

Lee, S.W.; Kwon, Oh Joonresearcher, 30th European Rotorcraft Forum, v.2005, pp.81 - 91, 2004-09-14

Multi-Point Reliability based Flexible Wing Shape Design Optimization

Kim, Suwhan; Lee, Jaehun; Kwon, Jang-Hyukresearcher, ParCFD, pp.259 - 262, 2006-05

Multi-scale coronary simulation model for the design of a transmyocardial bypass shunt

Shim E.B.; Kamm R.D.; Chang, Keun Sickresearcher, Proceedings of the 2001 Bioengineering Conference, v.50, pp.535 - 536, 2001-06-27

Multi-source energy harvesting for wireless SHM systems

Park, G; Choi, M; Farinholt, KM; Anton, S; Lee, Jung Ryulresearcher, Industrial and Commercial Applications of Smart Structures Technologies 2013, SPIE, 2013-03

Multi-target Geolocation for Real-time UAV Applications using On-board GPU

LEE, SEONGHEON; Bang, Hyochoongresearcher, Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Aerospace Technology (APISAT 2016), Toyama International Conference Center, Toyama, Japan, 2016-10-26

Multi-Target Rendezvous Planning for Active Debris Removal

Bang, Jun; Ahn, Jaemyungresearcher, 2017 Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Aerospace Technology, APISAT, 2017-10-16

Multibody Acoustic Scattering by Using a BEM

Lee, Duck-Jooresearcher; Lee, K. D., pp.123 - 129, 1991-05

Multiclass Welding Defect Detection and Classification using Convolutional Neural Network in Radiographic Image

Ahn, JH; Lee, Jung-Ryulresearcher, SMASIS 2019, ASME, 2019-09

Multifunctional structural cell using glass fiber fabrics as a separator and packaging layer reinforcements

Park, HyunWook; Choi, Joo-seung; Lee, JungMin; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, 11th Asian-Australasian Conference on Composite Materials, The Asian-Australasian Association for Composite Materials, 2018-07-31

Multigrid Diagonalized -ADI Method for Compressible Flows

Sung, C.H.; Park, S.H.; Kwon, Jang-Hyukresearcher, AIAA CFD Conference, v.15, no.17, pp.266 - 273, AIAA, 2001-06

Multiple aerial vehicle formation using swarm intelligence

Park, C.S.; Tahk, Min-Jearesearcher; Bang, H.C., AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, AIAA, 2003-08

Multiple UAV Tracking Algorithm for the Multi-Camera System

Won, D.-Y.; Oh, H.; Huh, S.-S.; Shim, D.H.; Tahk M.-J.researcher, International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems, ICCAS 2010, pp.2357 - 2360, KINTEX, 2010-10-27

Multiple-channel PZT-Excited Active Sensing Based on A Wireless Ultrasonic Device for Damage Detection

Shrestha,MM; Lee, Jung-Ryulresearcher, Advances in Structural Health Management and Composite Structures 2014, Chonbuk National University, 2014-08-29

Multiplexed Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring Sensor Using Hard-Polymer-Clad Fiber and An Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer

Kim, HC; Lee, Jung Ryulresearcher, ASME 2013 Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems, AIAA, 2013-09

Multiplxed Strain Monitoring of Composite Structures Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors

Hong, Chang-Sun; Ryu, Chi-Young; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, 6th Japan Int. SAMPE Conference, pp.951 - 954, SAMPE, 1999-10-26

Multivariable flight control design using co-evolutionary algorithm

Koo, K.M.; Chi, H.S.; Tahk, Min-Jearesearcher, JSASS Aircraft Symposium, JSASS, 1999-10

Multivariate Mutual Information of Interferometric Radar Altimeter

Kim, Youngjoo; Bang, Hyochoongresearcher, 2017 International Conference on Signal and Systems, ICSigSys, 2017-05-16

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