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주유동 기체의 비열과 분자량이 초음속 이젝터 성능에 미치는 영향

진정근; 김세훈; 권세진researcher, 한국항공우주학회 2004년도 춘계학술발표회, 한국항공우주공학회, 2004-04-16

마이크로 추력기를 위한 이차원 노즐의 성능 평가

이종광; 이대훈; 진정근; 권세진researcher, 한국항공우주학회 2003년도 추계학술발표회 , 한국항공우주학회, 2003-11-14

마이크로 연료 개질기 개발을 위한 마이크로 촉매 반응기 및 분리막의 제작 및 성능 평가

김태규; 이대훈; 박대은; 이상운; 윤의식; 윤천호; 권세진researcher, 한국 수소 및 신에너지학회 2004 추계학술대회, 한국 수소 및 신에너지학회, 2004-10-26

VOF 법을 이용한 수중 제트의 수치해석

박근홍; 김형준; 권세진researcher, 2004년 한국전산유체공학회 춘계학술대회, 한국전산유체공학회, 2004-03-26

The effect of heat loss on the burning velocity in a micro combustor

Na, Han Bee; Lee, Dae Hoon; Choi, Won Young; Kwon, Sejinresearcher, 1st international conference on flow dynamics, 2004-11-11

Visualization of flame propagation in a constant volume micro combustor

Kim, Se Hoon; Na, Han Bee; Lee, Dae Hoon; Kwon, Sejinresearcher, 7th FLUCOME, Triennial International Symposium on Fluid Control, Measurement and Visualization, 2003-08-25

Micromachined Heater for a Micro Solid Rocket Igniter

Lee, Dae Hoon; Lee, Jong Kwang; Kwon, Sejinresearcher, 10th International Space Conference of Pacific-Basin Societies, 2003-01

Optimal guidance law for impact angle control

Song, C.H.; Ryoo, C.K.; Tahk, Min-Jearesearcher; Cho, H., 16th IFAC Symposium on Automatic Control in Aerospace, pp.91 - 96, 2004-06

Opening and Closure Motion of an Artificial Heart Valve in a Pulsatile Blood Flow

Chang, Keun Sickresearcher, BK21 KAIST-University of Michigan Mechanical Engineering Worksop, 2003

Active and Passive Opening and Closure of a Prosthetic Heart Valve

Chang, Keun Sickresearcher, International Symposium on Fluid Control, Measurement and Visualization, 2003

CFD Study on Particle Effect and Erosion in the Axial Compressor Blades and Shroud of Turbomachinery

Chang, Keun Sickresearcher, Asian Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference, 2003

An Euler Solution Using Moving Least Square Reproducing Kernel Method

Chang, Keun Sickresearcher, 5th Asian CFD Conference, 2003

Cavitating Flow Simulation Using the Two-fluid Two-phase Model and HLL Scheme

장근식researcher, 한국전산유체공학회, 2005

The Dilemma and Breakthrough for Aerodynamics /Aerospace Engineeringin the Free Trade Era

장근식researcher, 공기역학부문 워크샵, 2006

비정렬 격자계에서 격자점 중심과 격자 중심 유한체적법의 수치적인 거동에 관한 비교 연구

김주성; 이희동; 권오준researcher, 한국전산유체공학회 추계학술발표회, pp.57 - 60, 한국전산유체공학회, 2006-10-13

Effect of Nano Particulate Catalyst on Combustion Process within 2D Narrow Wall by Modification of Surface Reaction

Choi, Wonyoung; Kwon, Hyuckmo; Lee, Daehoon; Kwon, Sejinresearcher, The 5th Joint Symposium on Nanocomposites and Nanoporous Materials, 2004

Calculation of Hydrogen-Helium Flow with Nonequilibrium Ionization and Radiation

Chang, Keun Sickresearcher, AIAA general sciences Meeting, AIAA 2005-0586, 2005

Investigation of boosting nozzle at downstream of supersonic cavity with transitional behavior obser

Kim, Sehoon; Kim, Hyungjun; Kwon, Sejinresearcher, 7th Asian Symposium on Visualization, 2003

Feedback linearization controller for semi station keeping of the unmanned airship

Lee, S.-J.; Kim, D.-M.; Bang, Hyochoongresearcher, AIAA 5th Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations Conference, ATIO and the AIAA 16th Lighter-than-Air Systems Technology Conference and Balloon Systems Conference, v.1, pp.390 - 397, 2005-09-26

An Efficient and Robust Implicit Operator for the Point Gauss-Seidel Method on Unstructured Meshes

Kim, J. S.; Kwon, Oh Joonresearcher, Asian Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference, 2005-10

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