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Unassisted overall water splitting with a solar-to-hydrogen efficiency of over 10% by coupled lead halide perovskite photoelectrodes

Rhee, Ryan; Kim, Tae G.; Jang, Gyu Y.; Bae, Gwangmin; Lee, Jung H.; Lee, Sunje; Kim, Sungsoon; et al, CARBON ENERGY, v.5, no.1, 2023-01

Skin-like Omnidirectional Stretchable Platform with Negative Poisson's Ratio for Wearable Strain-Pressure Simultaneous Sensor

Kim, Min Seong; Lee, Yung; Ahn, Junseong; Kim, Seonggi; Kang, Kyungnam; Lim, Hyuneui; Bae, Byeong-Sooresearcher; et al, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, v.33, no.3, 2023-01

Boosted Heterogeneous Catalysis by Surface-Accumulated Excess Electrons of Non-Oxidized Bare Copper Nanoparticles on Electride Support

Han, Sung Su; Thacharon, Athira; Kim, Jun; Chung, Kyungwha; Liu, Xinghui; Jang, Woo-Sung; Jetybayeva, Albina; et al, ADVANCED SCIENCE, v.10, no.2, 2023-01

Silicon-protected, vertically grown MoS2 nanosheets for high-performance thin-film Li-ion batteries

Park, Jun-Seob; Kim, Jong Heon; Cho, Su-Ho; Kim, Jung Hyun; Cheong, Jun Young; Kim, Il-Dooresearcher; Jung, Ji-Won; et al, CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL, v.49, no.3, pp.5538 - 5542, 2023-02

Artificial photosynthetic biohybrids for CO2 and N-2 fixation

Kim, Jinhyun; Park, Chan Beumresearcher, CHEM CATALYSIS, v.2, no.10, pp.2425 - 2427, 2022-10

On-skin and tele-haptic application of mechanically decoupled taxel array on dynamically moving and soft surfaces

Kwon, Se Young; Park, Gyeongsuk; Jin, Hanbit; Gu, Changyeon; Oh, Seung Jin; Sim, Joo Yong; Youm, Wooseup; et al, NPJ FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS, v.6, no.1, 2022-12

Linnaeite Mineral for NIR Light-Triggered Disruption of Alzheimer's Pore-Forming A beta Oligomers

Jang, Jinhyeong; Park, Chan Beumresearcher, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.15, no.1, pp.48 - 56, 2023-01

Toward Sustainable Wearable Electronic Textiles

Dulal, Marzia; Afroj, Shaila; Ahn, Jaewan; Cho, Yujang; Carr, Chris; Kim, Il-Dooresearcher; Karim, Nazmul, ACS NANO, v.16, no.12, pp.19755 - 19788, 2022-12

Biochar from Cyperus alternifolius Linn.: from a waste of phytoremediation processing to efficient depolluting agent

Nguyen, Linh T. T.; Le, Phuong T.; Nguyen, Tien A.; Doan, Nhuan N.; No, Kwangsooresearcher, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH, v.30, no.1, pp.1898 - 1907, 2023-01

Wearable Surface-Lighting Micro-Light-Emitting Diode Patch for Melanogenesis Inhibition

Lee, Jae Hee; Ahn, Yuri; Lee, Han Eol; Jang, You Na; Park, A. Yeon; Kim, Shinho; Jung, Young Hoon; et al, ADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS, v.12, no.1, 2023-01

산소-아세틸렌 토치의 조사각이 ZrB2-SiC UHTC 복합체 삭마 특성에 미치는 영향

이승용; 공정훈; 송정환; 손영일; 김도경researcher, KOREAN JOURNAL OF MATERIALS RESEARCH, v.32, no.12, pp.553 - 559, 2022-12

Thickness Dependence of Interface-Generated Spin Currents in Ferromagnet/Ti/CoFeB Trilayers

Choi, Gaeun; Ryu, Jeongchun; Lee, Sungjun; Kang, Jaimin; Noh, Namgyu; Yuk, Jong Minresearcher; Park, Byong-Gukresearcher, ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES, v.9, no.36, 2022-12

Carbon nanotube-titanium dioxide nanocomposite support for improved activity and stability of an iridium catalyst toward the oxygen evolution reaction

Kim, Eom Ji; Kim, Ki hyun; Bak, Junu; Lee, KwangHo; Cho, EunAeresearcher, RSC ADVANCES, v.12, no.55, pp.35943 - 35949, 2022-12

Spontaneous heteroassembly of 2D semiconducting van der Waals materials in random solution phase

Padmajan Sasikala, Suchithra; Kim, Sung Hyun; Park, Cheolmin; Kim, Dong-Ha; Jung, Hong Ju; Jung, Juhyung; Lee, Hojin; et al, MATERIALS TODAY, v.58, pp.18 - 29, 2022-09

Protocol on the fabrication of monocrystalline thin semiconductor via crack-assisted layer exfoliation technique for photoelectrochemical water-splitting

Lee, Yonghwan; Gupta, Bikesh; Tan, Hark H.; Jagadish, Chennupati; Oh, Jihunresearcher; Karuturi, Siva, STAR Protocols, v.3, no.1, 2022

Nanopixelated Cuprous Oxide Photocathodes for Durable Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting

Lee, Juho; Oh, Jihunresearcher, ACS ENERGY LETTERS, v.7, no.10, pp.3244 - 3250, 2022-10

Pulsed direct current magnetic energy harvesting by robotic spot-welding in smart automotive factory

Kim, Dong Hyun; Lee, Bo-Yeon; Min, Seongwook; Joe, Daniel J.; An, Jaehun; Kim, Byung Woo; Park, Yong Hyun; et al, NANO ENERGY, v.104, 2022-12

Atom-Scale Chemistry in Chalcopyrite-Based Photovoltaic Materials Visualized by Atom Probe Tomography

Kim, Kihwan; Jung, Chanwon; Yim, Kanghoon; Jeong, Inyoung; Shin, Donghyeop; Hwang, Inchan; Song, Soomin; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.14, no.47, pp.52825 - 52837, 2022-11

Tough-interface-enabled stretchable electronics using non-stretchable polymer semiconductors and conductors

Kang, Jiheongresearcher; Mun, Jaewan; Zheng, Yu; Koizumi, Masato; Matsuhisa, Naoji; Wu, Hung-Chin; Chen, Shucheng; et al, NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.17, no.12, pp.1265 - 1271, 2022-11

Nanoscale Visualization of the Electron Conduction Channel in the SiO/Graphite Composite Anode

Park, Gun; Choi, Youngwoo; Shin, Sunyoung; Lee, Yongju; Hong, Seungbumresearcher, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.14, no.27, pp.30639 - 30648, 2022-06



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