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스핀-궤도 토크 기반 자구벽 다수결 소자

고산; 이근희; 김갑진researcher; 박병국researcher, 한국자기학회지, v.31, no.5, pp.208 - 213, 2021-10

Magnetic Control and Real-Time Monitoring of Stem Cell Differentiation by the Ligand Nanoassembly

Lee, S.; Kim, M.S.; Patel, K.D.; Choi, H.; Thangam, R.; Yoon, J.; Koo, T.M.; et al, SMALL, v.17, no.41, 2021-10

High Energy Density Shape Memory Polymers Using Strain-Induced Supramolecular Nanostructures

Cooper, Christopher B.; Nikzad, Shayla; Yan, Hongping; Ochiai, Yuto; Lai, Jian-Cheng; Yu, Zhiao; Chen, Gan; et al, ACS CENTRAL SCIENCE, v.7, no.10, pp.1657 - 1667, 2021-10

Self-Powered Flexible Full-Color Display via Dielectric-Tuned Hybrimer Triboelectric Nanogenerators

Kang, Seung-Mo; Lee, Han Eol; Wang, Hee Seung; Shin, Jung Ho; Jo, Woosung; Lee, Yung; Lee, Hyunhwan; et al, ACS ENERGY LETTERS, v.6, no.11, pp.4097 - 4107, 2021-10

Ni diffusion in ceria lattice: A combined experimental and theoretical study

Lim, Dae-Kwang; Kwak, No Woo; Kim, Ji-Su; Kim, Hyunseung; Kim, Byung-Kook; Kim, Yeong-Cheol; Jung, WooChulresearcher, ACTA MATERIALIA, v.219, 2021-10

Binder-free printed PEDOT wearable sensors on everyday fabrics using oxidative chemical vapor deposition

Clevenger, Michael; Kim, Hyeonghun; Song, Han Wook; No, Kwangsooresearcher; Lee, Sunghwan, SCIENCE ADVANCES, v.7, no.42, 2021-10

Recent Progress on Structurally Ordered Materials for Electrocatalysis

Sun, Hainan; Song, Sanzhao; Xu, Xiaomin; Dai, Jie; Yu, Jie; Zhou, Wei; Shao, Zongping; et al, ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS, v.11, no.37, pp.2101937, 2021-10

Universal vertical standing of block copolymer microdomains enabled by a gradient block

Song, Seung Won; Hur, Yoon Hyung; Park, Yemin; Cho, Eugene N.; Han, Hyeuk Jin; Jang, Hanhwi; Oh, Jisoo; et al, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C, v.9, no.39, pp.14021 - 14029, 2021-10

Fully Bottom-Up Waste-Free Growth of Ultrathin Silicon Wafer via Self-Releasing Seed Layer

Hong, Ji-Eun; Lee, Yonghwan; Mo, Sung-In; Jeong, Hye-Seong; An, Jeong-Ho; Song, Hee-eun; Oh, Jihunresearcher; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.33, no.41, pp.2103708, 2021-10

Metal-polyphenol Complexes as Versatile Building Blocks for Functional Biomaterials

Kim, Jeonga; Lee, Kimoon; Nam, Yoon Sungresearcher, BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOPROCESS ENGINEERING, v.26, no.5, pp.689 - 707, 2021-10

Unconventional grain growth suppression in oxygen-rich metal oxide nanoribbons

Han, Hyeuk Jin; Lee, Gyu Rac; Xie, Yujun; Jang, Hanhwi; Hynek, David J.; Cho, Eugene N.; Kim, Ye Ji; et al, SCIENCE ADVANCES, v.7, no.41, 2021-10

Uncovering the encapsulation effect of reduced graphene oxide sheets on the hydrogen storage properties of palladium nanocubes

Koh, Jinseok; Choi, Eunho; Sakaki, Kouji; Kim, Daeho; Han, Seung Minresearcher; Kim, Sangtae; Cho, Eun Seonresearcher, NANOSCALE, v.13, no.40, pp.16942 - 16951, 2021-10

Regulating Te Vacancies through Dopant Balancing via Excess Ag Enables Rebounding Power Factor and High Thermoelectric Performance in p-Type PbTe

Jang, Hanhwi; Park, Jong Ho; Lee, Ho Seong; Ryu, Byungki; Park, Su-Dong; Ju, Hyeon-Ah; Yang, Sang-Hyeok; et al, ADVANCED SCIENCE, v.8, no.20, pp.2100895, 2021-10

Reduced Graphene-Oxide-Encapsulated MoS2/Carbon Nanofiber Composite Electrode for High-Performance Na-Ion Batteries

Cho, Su-Ho; Kim, Jong-Heon; Kim, Il-Gyu; Park, Jeong-Ho; Jung, Ji-Won; Kim, Hyun-Suk; Kim, Il-Dooresearcher, NANOMATERIALS, v.11, no.10, 2021-10

Atom Probe Tomography Investigations of Ag Nanoparticles Embedded in Pulse-Electrodeposited Ni Films

Jun, Hosun; Jang, Kyuseon; Jung, Chanwon; Choi, Pyuck-Paresearcher, MICROSCOPY AND MICROANALYSIS, v.27, no.5, pp.1007 - 1016, 2021-10

Synergistic SERS Enhancement in GaN-Ag Hybrid System toward Label-Free and Multiplexed Detection of Antibiotics in Aqueous Solutions

Lee, Kang Hyun; Jang, Hanhwi; Kim, Yoon Seok; Lee, Chul-Ho; Cho, Seunghee H.; Kim, Minjoon; Son, Hoki; et al, ADVANCED SCIENCE, v.8, no.19, pp.2100640, 2021-10

Intimate atomic Cu-Ag interfaces for high CO2RR selectivity towards CH4 at low over potential

Choi, Chungseok; Cai, Jin; Lee, Changsoo; Lee, Hyuck Moresearcher; Xu, Mingjie; Huang, Yu, NANO RESEARCH, v.14, no.10, pp.3497 - 3501, 2021-10

Microstructure Modification of Liquid Phase Sintered Fe-Ni-B-C Alloys for Improved Mechanical Properties

You, Jinsu; Kim, Hyoung Gyun; Lee, Jongwon; Kang, Ku; Lee, Hyuck Moresearcher; Kim, Miyoung; Hong, Seong-Hyeon, METALLURGICAL AND MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS A-PHYSICAL METALLURGY AND MATERIALS SCIENCE, v.52, no.10, pp.4395 - 4401, 2021-10

Rationally Designed Window Layers for High Efficiency Perovskite/Si Tandem Solar Cells

Park, Ik Jae; Kim, Dong Hoe; Ji, Su Geun; Ahn, You Jin; Park, So Jeong; Kim, Daehan; Shin, Byungharesearcher; et al, ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS, v.9, no.20, pp.2100788, 2021-10

Chemiresistive acetylene sensor fabricated from Ga-doped ZnO nanofibers functionalized with Pt catalysts

Park, Seyeon; Bulemo, Peresi Majura; Koo, Won-Tae; Ko, Jaehyun; Kim, Il-Dooresearcher, SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL, v.343, 2021-09



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